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Hi & Dry Backup Sump Pump Kits

Backup sump pumps are an inexpensive flood insurance. They are fully automatic and will kick on during a power outage or whenever the primary pump fails or is overwhelmed by the inflow of water.

The unique design of Hi & Dry backup pumps provides unmatched reliability, longevity, and pumping capacity thanks to their location out off the sump water. Other back-up sump pumps are exposed to the grime, debris, and corrosion inside the sump pit and should be replaced every 3 or 4 years.

Hi & Dry sump pumps do not interfere with the primary sump pump or its float inside the sump pit, which is a frequent cause of basement flooding. They are the ideal solution for today's tight sump basins.

The complete pump installation kits are designed for an easy do-it-yourself installation by homeowners or plumbers. Except for batteries, each kit includes all the needed accessories like a charger and alarm. Available in residential and commercial sizes.

Choose from our Water-Powered or Battery-Powered pump models.

For more information on backup sump pumps visit our Hi & Dry Back-up Sump Pump web page.