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Battery Backup Sump Pump RH1400

Battery Backup Sump Pump RH1400 Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $349.00

Unique "Hi & Dry" design. Placed outside the sump pit for unbeatable reliability. For minimal interference, only the suction pipe and a vertical float are inside the pit. Avoids float entanglement in small or busy sump pits.

Installation is a breeze! A complete D-I-Y pump installation kit. Alarm and all accessories (except battery) included.

Double the pumping capacity of other battery pumps. Lasts several times longer than other battery pumps. Nominal capacity 1,400 GPH with a 9-ft. lift. Lift up to 15 ft.

Adds shipping by courier to the lower 48 states ($20/pump).

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