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Problem: Leaky Foundation Crack Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I had 1 vertical crack in my basement that leaked water after a heavy rain. I got quotes from local concrete repair companies to injection seal the crack and the quotes averaged about $1000. I searched online and found your crack seal kit for $125.00. I must admit I was a skeptic at first. If a contractor quoted $1000, your product COULDN’T work for 1/10 the cost! After reading the testimonials on your website, I felt that I owed it to myself (and my budget) to give it a try. I began by removing the drywall around the leak area. I received the kit with the easy to follow directions and went to work. I was impressed that EVERYTHING I needed was in the package from the wire brush to clean the crack to the gloves and even the garbage bag to throw away the waste! I began with the lowest port and SLOWLY added the polyurethane with a standard caulk gun. Patience was key here to ensure that I didn’t fill the crack too quickly. I filled each port until the top and product flowed out the top. It was as easy as you show it to be. We recently had 3 inches of rain in 24 hours and the only puddles of water I see are OUTSIDE in the yard! My basement is bone dry and no longer smells musty and moldy. I am VERY pleased to use a product that works as advertised. I will recommend Radon Seal Crack Injection Kits to ANYONE who needs to fill and seal a problem crack in their foundation. Thanks for making a satisfied customer out of this skeptic!" – Summit Brands, Ben, IN


Problem: Leaky floor-to-wall joint Product Used: ElastiPoxy

"I just want to thank you for your product, it was a no brainer to mix and apply. The first picture is with the epoxy first and the second one is with sand mix appied in the basement of my doughters home in Mullica Hill, New Jersey on Thursday 3rd of Oct (2013). Her basement has always been wet and leaked every time it rained. I waited until it rained where she lives to find out what the basement looked like, and lo and behold her basement is still dry after a heavy rain on Friday night Oct.4th. " – Charles Y., NJ


Problem: Water Seepage Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I have to tell you what an incredible product you have in your Concrete Crack Injection Kit! It is the absolute best thing on the market for repairing leaking cracks in poured foundations. I recently purchased the kit to repair a crack I had in my basement, making it unusable due to water seepage at the slightest bit of rain. The kit not only gives you everything you need to complete the job (something unheard of nowadays!) but was thoroughly explained in the accompanying DVD. No kidding, I'm very confident my 12-year old son could've performed this repair the DVD was so thorough! I've had problems with this crack for several years and with one on the other side of the basement I did the old "back cutting and fill with hydraulic cement" repair only to find water again seeping through only 6 months later. What a mess cutting cement makes! So I searched the net looking for alternatives and yours seemed to be the answer. It was inexpensive, easy, didn't make a mess of my basement, and lo and behold we've had two torrential rain storms within three weeks and NOT A DROP of water!!!!! BONE DRY!!!! And the cost is really not that bad when you consider what a dry basement is worth to you!
I am truly impressed and will tell everyone I know about your products. Your product works, plain and simple, a concept that is harder to find these days!" – Al D., Western NY


Problem: Foundation Crack, Leaking Pipe Penetration, Radon Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit, PipeTite, RadonSeal

"Dear Radonseal, I am writing to share the amazing results from using your products. Last year I injected several cracks in my foundation, as well as a leaking pipe perforation. My basement has been completely dry. I'm still pleasantly surprised and I can hardly believe these products work as well as promised. Because of that positive experience, I decided to tackle my high radon problem. I applied Radonseal concrete sealer to my basement floor and walls. I waited awhile and then did a radon test. Just as expected, it reduced my radon levels below the limit. I am a very satisfied customer, and I thank you for all the assistance you have given me as I nervously tackled these projects." – Bob B., MO


Problem: Crack in Garage Floor Product Used: CrackWeld Concrete Floor Repair Kit

"I live in San Juan Capistrano, CA and a few days ago we had a small 3.6 earthquake and this is about a week after I used the CrackWeld to fill small and large cracks in my garage concrete.  I checked the cracks after I got home from work and no separation and the seal looked just like it was before the quake.  I was impressed that it help up to the stress of a small earth quake.  Thanks for a great product." – Romeo F., CA


Problem: Garage Floor Crack Product Used: ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler Kit

Epoxy Floor Crack Filler"Your Elasti Epoxy Crack Filler Kit worked perfectly. The crack in my garage floor was quite large, but dormant. Average width about 0.5" up to 1" wide. I'm very happy with your ElastiPoxy Crack Filler. Using a grinder with masonry wheel, I leveled the edges of the crack so they were in the same plane. Removed dust and debris with air compressor and shop vacuum. Filled the crack with sand to within about 2 inches of surface. Sealed sand with a layer of concrete caulk and let dry to prevent epoxy from seeping into sand. I expected to do multiple pours of epoxy to fill the crack but just two pours were needed. I sliced away excess epoxy with single edge razor blade held securely in small vise grip pliers. Remaining low spots and bubbles were filled using a paint brush dipped in epoxy. This technique worked nicely. Once set completely, I used a 36 grit grinding disc in my Baby Makita to level and match the epoxy with crack edges. This worked perfectly. Grinding discs lasted for 6' to 8' of crack length. Note that cured epoxy did not clog the grinding disc. Filled about 20 feet of small crack, too. Average width about 3/16" plus or minus 1/8". For me, the easiest way to get epoxy to crack was with a 2" wide plastic putty knife. Dipped the knife in epoxy and let it drain from the edge (held vertically) into the crack. Then, I sprinkled masonry sand onto epoxy to keep it from draining away. Once set, I returned to fill gaps. When completely cured, I used the same grinding technique to finish the crack.
Results are very satisfactory and pleasing. Your product is the best!" – Louis H., WA


Problem: Leaking Hairline Crack Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I had to fix a crack in my poured cement basement wall. It is a very small, hairline crack that runs the height of the wall (about 8 feet). I was getting a small amount of water seeping through the crack after heavy rainfall. Radon Seal sealer solved the problem all by itself – what a great product! Things are thawing up here now and we've had a couple of bouts of heavy rainfall, but I am not getting any seepage through the crack at all." – Joe D., MI


Problem: Leaking Cracks in Concrete Slab Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit, DIY Crack Injection Kit (epoxy)

"Thank you for providing a solution to a very unigue water leak/problem. I ordered the Concrete Crack Polyurethane Injection Repair kit and the Concrete Crack Injection Epoxy Repair Kit. They both worked exactly as described and saved me several thousand dollars in repair costs in that I did not have to dig up a 10'x20' concrete slab which also acts as our basement ceiling." – Rick H., WA


Problem: Crack In Concrete Block Wall Product Used: ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler Kit

"I would like to take the time to thank you very much for an excellent product for repairing cracks in my basement block walls. My basement walls started getting cracks after a few years. I used many supposedly miracle products to fix the cracks and none worked. All I ever ended up with is a mess and the cracks always coming back. I purchased your epoxy crack filler kit and followed the instructions that your friendly sales staff gave me for applying the crack filler and it has worked perfect. I have not had so much as a hairline crack since applying your product several years ago. Thanks again!" – Brent H, Illinois


Problem: Hairline Cracks in Basement Walls Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kits

crack in concrete wall

"You definitely have a wonderful product. I used one crack injection kit at first to see how well the product really does work on poured cement wall cracks (hairline vertical) to stop water leaking into my finished cellar. This is by far the best DO IT YOURSELF product I've ever came across. Without hesitation I ordered my second kit for one more crack. This product works Fantastic!!!! No digging outside, but penetrated all the way through to the outside. Instructions were plain and simple and if needed, there is phone support to help with all questions. Contractors quoted me $650.00 a piece to fix them but with your product both cracks were fixed for much less than one by a contractor. Thanks Radon Seal" – Ray B., NY


Problem: Seeping Hairline Cracks Product Used: DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kits

"I don’t normally write testimonials, but I had such  amazing results  with this product that I felt compelled to share my experience. I had drains installed in my basement this year which I hoped would resolve all my water issues. Much to my surprise, I still had water through tiny cracks in my poured concrete foundation. I got three estimates to fix the crack. The lowest estimate was $600 per crack. Doing my research I came across your company. After speaking with a representative, I  ordered my DIY crack repair kit. The instructions and application was so easy. I repaired the cracks 1 day before Hurricane Irene hit. I was so happy to see that no water came into my basement from the cracks I repaired. Unfortunately, other cracks which were not an issue before Irene, leaked. I quickly ordered 3 more repair kits and have had no problems with water in my basement since. I have told all my family, friends and neighbors about this product.  It is so nice to find a product that is simple to use and works exactly as it claims. I am a customer for life. Thanks for providing a great product and excellent customer service support." – Lydia H., CT


leak around a pipeProblem: Leak Around Pipe Product Used: PipeTite Gap Filler Kit

"Your PipeTite Injection Kit has successfully fixed the leak around a pipe through my basement wall. It has been leaking for several years. Caulk and hydraulic cement did not work but PipeTite has held over two years now. Thanks!" – Charles M., NY


Problem: Leaking Stress Cracks in Floor Product Used: CrackWeld Floor Repair Kit

"Thank you for your great product! It has saved me hundreds of dollars in repairs. The Radon Seal CrackWeld sealed the stress cracks that were previously leaking water. I will most definitely be purchasing more seal in the future. Thanks again." – Greg G., GA


Problem: Leaking Foundation Cracks Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I purchased you DIY kit for a 6ft crack on my basement wall which would leak when we have a heavy rain. I was quoted $600.00 by 3 companies to have the crack fixed and paid $148.00 with shipping from Radon Seal. First and the most important, a first grader can use this product. It took me 20 minutes to clean the crack and remove all the paint from the wall, 20 minutes to attach the injector cups and epoxy the wall. After 2 1/2 hours, I started injecting the sealant which took about 20 minutes. That was it, simple, fast and yesterday no leak with the snow melt. I will be buying another kit to fix one more crack on my wall. I will let everyone I know about Radon Seal. Thanks for a great product. P.S. This is my second crack that I did. After doing the first crack last week, I think a 2-year old could do this. My first crack has already worked after completion, (we had a thaw) and no leak. Doing the second job, I could have done it blind folded. This is so simple and saved me over $1200.00 for both cracks. I will be back this spring to buy your cleaner and concrete sealer. Thanks again for the fast shipping and response. Your a class act company" – Mike K., NY


Problem: Cracks In Driveway Product Used: CrackWeld Concrete Floor Repair Kit

"I used your CrackWeld 4-pack to fill many hairline cracks and several 1/4 inch cracks on my driveway and garage. I read your instruction sheet several times and watched the on line video. Once I did a couple areas, I got better at it. I bought a 50 lb bag of Silica Sand from Menards. It was only $4.00 and it sure came in handy. I had about a total 150 feet of cracks and having the extra sand made it much easier. Also, instead of getting down on my knees and scraping with a putty knife and sand paper, I used my ice scrapper that I use in the winter time to scrape ice from my porch and sidewalk. The ice scraper has a long pole on it like a shovel and I was able to scrape down the lines very easy with it. I did get down on some areas and hit it with sand paper but not really much. My driveway and garage are over 30 years old and some of my neighbors, in the last few years had spent thousands of dollars to have their driveway repaired because of cracks. I am glad I found your product and was able to use it effectively while my cracks were still pretty small. I was able to do all this with your product all by myself. I will be buying more CrackWeld to do some hairline cracks in my basement too." – Dan B., WI


Problem: Large Cracks In Garage Wall Product Used: Easy-Peel DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I have just repaired two large cracks in my garage walls with your Easy-Peel Crack Injection Kit. Thank you for a great product, quality materials, extensive package contents and superior customer service! I will definitely let everyone know who to go to for injection repair." – Chip M., NH


Problem: Crack In Pool Deck Product Used: ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler Kit

"I am totally satisfied with RadonSeal’s Elastic Epoxy Crack Filler Kit. I appreciate your service and rapid delivery. The included application guidelines provided all necessary information needed to develop individual application techniques for repairing gouges, spalls, chipped edges, control joints, and cracks in a swimming pool deck. Quality of repairs made with Epoxy Crack Filler is excellent! Play sand, which is available in many colors, could be mixed with Epoxy Crack Filler to closely match the color of my “PolyPave” finish. Small batches with a 2:1 ratio of sand to Epoxy Crack Filler were conducted to test the results. A hairline to 1/8” wide crack was a great concern. I mixed only enough Crack Filler at a time to halfway fill a squeeze bottle (mustard). By repeated passes, I filled the entire length of the crack to within ½ inch of the surface. The repair was completed with a 1:1 ratio of sand to Epoxy Crack Filler Mix and followed by sprinkling it with sand." – William C S., IN

Detailed Customer Feedback With Photos


Problem: Black Mold, Foundation Wall Cracks Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit (epoxy)

"I was in the process of remodeling our basement when I discovered black mold behind drywall that covered the outer-wall foundation. Upon further demo, I discovered 2 vertical cracks in the foundation wall allowing water to seep in. I called a well-known local basement sealer company and was quoted $650 to seal one crack. I ordered your epoxy crack repair kit for $190 and sealed the first crack myself in about 4 hours. It worked just as described in the easy-to-follow instructions. Your product really sells itself and I'll be ordering a 2nd kit to seal the other crack. Many thanks for making our basement dry & mold-free, my children can now play down there without going into an asthmatic attack. Thanks again for a superior product." – John, Woodridge, IL


Problem: Diagonal Crack, Water Seepage Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

corner of window crack"Dear RadonSeal, after extensive research, I have decided to order the RadonSeal DIY injection kit from your company to fix a diagonal crack in my basement. On rainy days, water would seep through the crack leaving a huge puddle on the floor. I have now fixed the crack and the basement has been completely dry ever since. Attaching a picture. Thanks," – Ole A., CT


Problem: Severe Leaks through Cracks Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"This is my third time ordering the D-I-Y Concrete Crack Sealer from Radon Seal to fix severely leaking basement walls. I tried it the first time on my worst leaking crack to see how it would work. It was easy and it worked great. After a year, I did my next wall and waited a while before finishing my basement. I've had no problems at all since fixing my first crack in 2006. I highly recommend it... The professional crack sealers wanted $550 per crack!. Thanks Radon Seal" – Festus A., MA


Problem: Foundation Crack Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"We have used your product, D-I-Y foundation crack repair kit. What a wonderful product and great service! We had some questions and called the toll free number twice for extra information, the answers were very helpful and the crack is fixed completely. Thank you for all the help. We priced having this crack fixed professionally, the lowest bid was $500! We did it ourselves and saved over $300! We were worried about the odors from the product, they were minimal, and it was easy to use. Thank you for such a great product. Thanks Radon Seal" – John F., CO


Problem: Foundation Crack Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I just finished a repair on my poured concrete foundation… What a product… works great, just like the CD said it would… It was worth the money… The urethane went right up the crack to the window... sealed everything… Have a 10 inch foundation and it oozed though the inside to the outside... The secret is in the slowness of the application… or the slow squeezing of the caulk gun… Thanks!" – Dan R., NH


Problem: Water Infiltration through Cracks in Crawlspace Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

repaired crack in crawlspace wall

"I have been living with water infiltration from leaking foundation wall cracks for 20 years. Once I found the RadonSeal website and discovered I could repair these cracks myself, I jumped at the opportunity. I have repaired five cracks, and have three more to go. The attached photo is one of the two repaired cracks in my crawl space. After I repaired these cracks, I covered the crawlspace floor with a concrete slab, and I can now use this space for storage! You have a great, easy to use system. I only wish I repaired these cracks years ago!! Thanks for everything!" – Dan


Problem: Foundation Cracks Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I am writing to say how pleased we are with the crack repair kit. The product installed exactly as shown in the DVD included with the kit. Our homeowner is thrilled that the foundation crack no longer leaks, despite the heavy rains and flooding we have had here in the midwest. And when the homeowner is happy, everyone is happy! You shipped the kit in record time as well, we will definitely order from RadonSeal again if the need arises." – Varl H., WI


Problem: Hairline Crack in Basement Wall Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I had a hairline, vertical crack in my poured concrete basement wall that leaked into the basement after some snow that piled up near the house melted. I purchased your low pressure polyurethane injection system. Everything that was needed came in the kit and the repair went exactly as described in your instructional video. The polyurethane foam expanded, filling the crack clear through to the opposite side of the wall and through parts of a temporary cement patch. So, I'm positive that the crack is now filled and sealed, and I have not had any water problems since the repair. I highly recommend RadonSeal's polyurethane injection system!" – Charles F., WI


Problem: Crack in Foundation Wall Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"In a day when people have to be on guard over rip offs or companies "overhyping" products, I must say yours worked flawlessly. A company wanted $720.00 to fill a crack in my foundation wall, needless to say I did for a lot less using your products. All one needs is patience. You were money well spent!" – Philip, Derry, NH


Problem: Foundation Crack Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"Cheryl, I had the chance to use my DIY crack injection kit this weekend and it worked great. I had my doubts that it could be as easy as the video but I was pleased to find out that it really was that easy. No problems at all. Great product! Thanks." – Marty H., MT


Problem: Water Seepage Due To Snow Melt Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I purchased and used your low pressure crack injection kit in my home. After last weekend, with melting snow and rain falling, I had no more leaks. Thank you for a product that does what it supposed to do. I have ordered another kit for my nephew. I am certain he will be as pleased as I am, with your product. Again, thank you. Your CD is great and your product definitely is worth the price. The kit was complete and made the task very easy, even for me!" – Gordon R., IL


Problem: Water Seepage Due Heavy Rainfall Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"Well, it's been a while since I installed the RadonSeal in the crack in my cellar, which ran from the cellar window to the floor. I wanted to wait a while to make sure it sealed with heavy rains. Every time it rained, I would get water in my cellar but now it is completely DRY. This stuff is GREAT! The only mistake I made was to not remove the epoxy seal that was over the crack. That stuff hardens like a rock – now I have to chisel it off if I want to remove it. But I don't care if it's on there as long as the cellar stays dry. Thank you so much for such a great product!" – Del B., MA


Problem: Basement Water Seepage Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I had a thin vertical crack in my poured concrete basement walls and every time it rained I would get water seeping in through this hole. I initially thought about using hydraulic cement to fix this leak because I would soon be finishing my basement but after reading about all of the products out there I decided to go with the crack injection system by radon seal. It is not the cheapest way to go but I am now convinced it was the smartest way to spend my money! Everything that I needed arrived in a box neatly arranged. It was very simple to follow the directions provided and even included a CD-ROM with a video for directions. A week later we had a huge round of downpours and thunderstorms and I was so pleasantly surprised to find that everything in my basement was dry this time thanks to this product! A few months later we started finishing off our new dry basement and haven't looked back since!" – Matthew L., IN


Problem: Leaky Basement Crack Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

crack injectioncrack in concrete wall

"Just finished repairing a crack in my basement wall using your D-I-Y Concrete Crack Injection Kits and am quite impressed with the results. The "how to do it" information provided in the kit was easy to understand and the product application was straightforward as depicted in the video. I have included a few pictures of the repairs. Outstanding product and a perfect solution to a leaky crack in our basement. The process worked well and I had only one mishap, the caulking gun slipped out of my hand and broke off the injection port. I just held the port back over the crack until the liquid started coming out of the next higher port. A little messy but worked anyway, just as your video said. Thanks again for such a good product." – Tim O., OR


Problem: Basement Leak Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"Many thanks for the ultra fast shipment of the concrete crack repair kit ordered the other day and received yesterday. Also one several months ago. The instructions are really great. Almost anyone can do the repairs themselves. A few months ago I used the first kit and this was the first time I even tried to repair my own basement leaks. Many thanks." – John L.P., IL


Problem: Leaking Corner Crack Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit, RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Thank you so much for a great product!!!! I have used both the Radon Seal upon completion of my basement and later the poly crack injection kit, to address a leak on the corner of a 14" foundation wall (due to a horrible concrete pour). I had actually gone through all the headaches and steps you describe on your site, during my plight of wrestling with the leaking foundation wall. It was an exact description of what I was dealing with. The injection kit worked like a charm, two years now and NO MORE LEAKING. I am actually doing the other side of the house now, as a preventative measure. Thank you again." – Scott K., PA


Problem: Foundation Crack Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I received your crack injection kit at my home during the week and performed the application over this past weekend. As advertised, the application went off without a hitch. The installation instructions were put together well and I was very pleased to have the added information available with the included computer CD. Opening the crack-injection kit was almost like unwrapping a present: the kit itself was packaged very well. All the items that I needed to complete the job were included in the kit. I was especially taken by the innovative, convoluted mixing nozzle. What a great way to ensure the 2-part contents of the foam cartridge was mixed!" – Daniel L., CT


Problem: Seeping Floor Crack Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"Just spent the day injecting a worrisome crack in my sub-floor with your crack injection kit – it worked flawlessly, just as advertised. The foam continued to expand and bubble out of numerous pinholes all along the crack over a period of many hours, an indication that the crack has filled completely with foam, which obviously means that it won’t be an available passage for moisture! The directions were easy to follow, and the process was surprisingly quick. Provided that the floor no longer leeched moisture, I am and will be a very happy customer; all other options were very expensive." – Jay W., CA


Problem: Foundation Crack Product Used: Easy-Peel DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product Easy Peel Crack Injection Kit. I repaired a crack in my basement wall and it is working excellent. The instructions were clear and easy to follow!" – Darrell N., MI


Problem: Leaking Crack, Black Mold Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I had a problem with a crack in my basement wall stretching from the window to the floor. It was a small crack approximately seven feet long and leaked water from the outside of the house into the basement. I ended up with some black mold on the wall studs, wall board, and floor. I ordered the DIY crack injection kit and received it in two days. I watched the video twice and followed the directions step by step. Your directions are very clear and very doable, even for an amateur. The materials acted exactly as described. The sealer penetrated the entire crack through the wall to the outside of the basement. I am confident from what I see at the top of the crack that it penetrated the entire crack as you advertised. It has been about three weeks since I completed the repair and my basement remains dry. I am a very happy customer and would recommend your products and procedures to anyone having a similar problem. Thanks very much for your support and your products" – Jeffrey A., MO


Problem: Leaking Wall Cracks Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"Just want to say thank you for the DIY Crack Injection Kit. I have used it on 2 cracks in my foundation which used to pour in water. Well we just got through with one of the largest rainstorm in over 100 years and both cracks where I used your product were bone dry! Anyone who ever goes to HD or Lowes and buys the hydraulic cement is wasting time and money. I'll be sure to pass your website around to everyone I know who basement walls leaked this past Nor'Easter." – John C., CT


Problem: Large Foundation Crack Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit (epoxy)

"Last year we started having trouble. Every time it rained, we ended up with a very large puddle of water in our basement bathroom. We took down the wall and found a large crack that ran from the top to the bottom of the foundation. We found your site online and purchased a D-I-Y Crack Repair Kits - Epoxy Injection kit. With the help of your easy instructions, my husband fixed the crack.We have had our share of heavy rain here in New England this summer and no leaks. We decided to buy two more kits for some smaller cracks we have to repair. Thank you!" – Rebecca J, MA


Problem: Foundation Cracks Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kits

"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with both your product and service. I purchased the Do-it-Yourself Foundation Crack Repair Kit (2 of them actually) and found it to be easy to use and the video instruction very useful. I would highly recommend your product to anyone considering a basement foundation repair. I am a first-timer doing anything like this so I was a bit intimidated at first, but I took my time, and the results were great. Your response time to my placing my order was excellent and I can't tell you how much work this product has saved me. Thank you again for your help!" – Darcy Q., Manitoba


Problem: Basement Wall Cracks Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I used your crack injection kit this weekend to seal a few cracks in my basement and found all the materials and information very useful, straightforward, and complete. Everything went very smoothly thanks to the comprehensiveness of the kit. You guys put together a great product. Hopefully it will do the trick and keep my basement dry." – Scott D., PA


Problem: Foundation Cracks Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"Hi, my name is Ron, Last year, I ordered one of your foundation crack repair kits to try on one of the four cracks I have in my foundation. I have just checked outside and inside to see if it is still in good shape and I am happy to say it is in the same shape as when I got done doing it and I have not had a drop of water since I fixed it. Thank you for a having such a good product! I'm going to be ordering soon to fix the other three cracks." – Ron F., WI


Problem: Foundation Crack Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"Thanks very much for your DIY Crack Kit. I was very impressed with the clarity and detail of the instructions! It was as easy to use as described and I would definitely recommend it to anyone I talk to." – Paul A., Calgary, Alberta


Problem: Concrete Foundation Cracks Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kits

"I wanted to let you know I have come back to you for a 2nd order of the foundation crack repair kit due to the fact that the first one I ordered from you worked great! Everything you said about how well this product works including easy installation was absolutely true. Thanks for bringing this product to Homeowners." – Donna M.N., MA


Problem: Basement Crack Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I just finished using your crack injection kit and am very pleased with the results. I had a new home built in 2007 with a full basement. There was a vertical crack under a corner of my basement window and it let moisture into the basement. I viewed your video online and it made perfect sense to be able to repair these cracks from the inside rather than try to seal them from the outside by digging under the window well and somehow re-applying sealer to the foundation. I found your instructions simple to follow and had no surprises when I put on the ports, applied the epoxy sealer and finally, applied water and injected the polyurethane into the crack. I know the foam penetrated, because the window well had a part of the foundation exposed and the foam expanded clear to the outside!" – David S., Utah


Problem: Foundation Cracks Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"Your “Do It Yourself Crack Injection Kit” worked very well. So well, in fact, that I plan to ad it as a service to my future customers. Not only does it work but you instruction guide and how to video were clear and easy to follow. I look forward to a continued business relationship with RadonSeal." – Vernon "Skip" Barnes, MD


Problem: Foundation Cracks Product Used: DIY Crack Injection Kit

"I just repaired two cracks in our poured concrete foundation using your Do-It-Yourself Crack Injection Kit. What a GREAT product! It was much easier to use than I anticipated and having done the work, I know it was done right so I'm not second guessing the repair. It was a painless project. :-)" – Mark G., OH


Problem: Hairline Crack in Basement Wall Product Used: LastiSeal Brick & Masonry Sealer

"I had hairline crack in basement wall. It is poured concrete. I coated the outside wall with LastiSeal Brick & Masonry Sealer and haven't had any leakage since." – Mike P., PA


Problem:Leak In Concrete Roof Product Used: ElastiPoxy, RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I'm very happy with your ElastiPoxy Crack Filler and Radon Seal. For years I've been trying to solve a leaking concrete roof problem by buying stuff from Home Depot, and finally I got something that does the job correctly." – Glen J., NJ


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BioZap™ All-Natural Laundry Pre-Soak

Problem: Mold Odor Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"Thanks for the follow up about my current order. This is my second time ordering as it was the only product that took the moldy smell out of the basement. We used the citrus and the eucalyptus about 5 years ago and the basement has been odor free until we had water two times in the last three weeks. Now it’s headache and stinging nostrils time if we have to go into the basement -- until we get this next shipment. We have an ionizer that really helps in the interim – it also kills the mold, but the combination with Biozap is literally so much faster. . .awesome. Thanks for a product of such great quality." – Michael C., Orland Park, IL


Problem: Musty Odor Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier & RadonSeal

"Since the Radon Seal Plus worked so well on my 59 year old basement floors to keep out the moisture; I decided to try your Bio Zap Air Purifier & Deodorizer to get the musty smell out. I purchased the "spicy-orange" scent. Now I love going down in the basement because it smells like the "creamsicle" ice cream bars they made when we were kids!! My house is for sale and when the people go down into the basement to look around they say, "MMMmm...it smells good down here!!" Sending you this testimonial because I am soooooo pleased with your products. I tell everybody I know, with similar needs to check out your site" – Susan K., NC


Problem: Damp Basement With Musty Odors Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier/BioZap Mold Cleaner

"I am so pleased with my experience with biozap products. I looked for a product online that could help us with a leaky, damp basement. I called and we chatted about my expectations. I was sold when they gave me a money back guarantee to try it. So I ordered 3. I thought one would not be enough (what a surprise I got). So we also ordered the spray and did the walls and floor. We put the 2 in the small 500 square basement and one upstairs. In 2 days I opened the door to our rental property, I could smell this new smell that didn't make me want to throw up and I could breathe. We quickly removed one from the basement, figuring that was overdoing it(finally some reality). Two days later we opened the door again and my eyes no longer felt heavy from the moldy, musty odor. I then closed the one in the upstairs. We only left one open.. I was able to go in and enjoy my small business again. The other 2 we opened as one was gone. I believe it was 1 year between replacements. I am ordering because it is worth every cent to have a clean smelling American made product. I have never given a testimonial before because I thought it was a joke... Well I am not joking IT WORKS !! " – Wanda S., MO


Problem: Damp Basement Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"This is the third time we have ordered BioZap Air Purifier and Deodorizer and we absolutely love this remarkable product. Our basement gets very damp and we have to run dehumidifiers to get rid of the moisture. With the help of BioZap we are able to reduce the use of our dehumidifier and the basement smells so much cleaner. It is truly amazing to go down 24 hours after your product arrives and smell such a difference. We have 3 small children and I can't stand the thought of using harsh chemicals. With BioZap I am confident our family is safe, especially when the heat kicks on and the air smells clean. Thank you for developing such a wonderful product that we use over and over again in our house. I have yet to try your other products, but if they work anything like BioZap I know we will be more than satisified." – Jessica M.


Problem: Musty Odor In Crawl Space Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I have used BioZap Air Purifier for one year and have just ordered a second jar. Our house was built on property that has a high water table, therefore we could only have a crawl space. The crawl space has been our nightmare for 13 years until my sister ordered the BioZap Air Purifier and told us to try it in the crawl space. We tried many products to get the musty odor out of our house. We had the crawl space sprayed with deodorizer products, we have several vents to circulate air, and also put a fan in one of the vents to keep the air circulating. Nothing we tried worked. The moment my husband put the BioZap Air Purifier in our crawl space the odor dissipated. The next day I walked into the house by the entrance to the crawl space, the odor was gone. Our house had a pleasant aromatic scent, not overbearing, just subtle. We have our second jar of BioZap in the crawl space after one year of use with the first jar. This is an inexpensive way to keep the musty odor out of our home one year at a time." – Gary and Melinda R., MI


Problem: Musty Smelling Cabinet Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I had a leak under my sink about two months ago that left a musty smell in the cabinet which was very noticeable when you opened the cabinet door. The plumber had told me to keep the door open as much as possible and to place a small fan where it could blow in fresh air to try to get rid of the musty smell. This was taking forever. I don't know how I came upon your product on the internet but I am so glad I did. After reading about your product I decided I would give it a try. I put some of the BioZap air purifier in a small container and placed it in the cabinet. I was amazed when I started to prepare my evening meal and opened the cabinet to get my cookware and there was a big improvement. The musty smell was almost gone. I will order more of your product because your claim is genuine and I want my entire home top smell this fresh and clean." – Gloria C., PA


Problem: Musty Odor/Crawlspace Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I have been using BioZap Air Purifier and Deodorizer for 9 years now. I live on the water and I have a crawl space. I put jars in the cold air return of my force air heating system. I also use it when I have my air condition running also. It gets rid of all mildew and musty oders. In the winter time I have a can of BioZap in my crawl space. It seems I have less spiders and and bugs in my crawl space. It seems that we do not get colds and flues in the winter time with BioZap air purifier and Deoderizer It a great disinfectant! and it natural! My wife also useses the BoiZap laundry pre - soak. is also a great product ! I now have a few friends that are using it also on regular bases. BIOZAP IS A GREAT PRODUCT!!!" – David F., MI


Problem: Must Odors In Clothing/Car/Home Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier/BioZap Pre-Soak

"Your BioZap products have given a new and clean sparkle and scent to my condo, my clothes, my car, and everything else I own. Tea tree oil is nature's answer to the assault by mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, and roaches that constantly invade life in Florida. Your products present a practical way of infusing protective tea tree oil into every aspect of living in paradise. I tell all my friends and family about the benefits and the convenience of incorporating the RadonSeal products into their own homes." – Len H., Pompano Beach, Florida


Problem: Mold Smell In Basement Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I have tried everything to rid my home of the musty, moldy smell in the basement. We tried ozone machines, de-humidifiers (really expensive ones), and tore the drywall off to find fuzzy studs. We also replaced the carpet with hardwood and still the smell. There isn't a water leak, just moisture wicking through the concrete. I know about tea tree oil being a natural fungicide so when I found your product it was a happy day. BioZap works like a miracle! My 19-yr old daughter is sensitive to mold (nosebleeds, headaches, nausea) and she's the one who could tell how clean the air is when we use your Bio Zap. She became ill again, that's how I know it was time to order a new supply. Its always a battle. Thanks for your great product! I would be happy to be a reference for you on the West Coast. We have lots of mold and mildew here!" – Dana Heiser, WA


Problem: Musty Smell/Moisture Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier/RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I purchased 3 pails of your RadonSeal Standard and some BioZap. We had low levels of radon detected and there was also a musty smell that I wanted to get rid of before finishing the basement for a bedroom and family room. I found the RadonSeal to be an excellent product to work with and used with the BioZap, it completely eliminated all of the musty odors. Your staff were also very helpful in deciding which products would help resolve these problems. I would recommend your products to anyone. Thank you!" – Scott M., Piedmont, MO


Problem: Musty Smell In Tug Boat Product Used:BioZap Air Purifier

"I put the Bio-Zap near the intake of the air handler on my tug boat. The musty smell was gone in a few days. I am a believer! Thanks," – Peter B., VA


Problem: Mold and Mildew Smell Product Used: BioZap Mold & Mildew Cleaner

"Dear RadonSeal, 4 years ago we used your product on our concrete floor in the basement. Our daughter had been on asthma meds for a few years and would cough during the night. After spraying the product she never coughed again through the night and we quit giving her the meds. Also, our house is over 110 years old and had water issues for years. For the past 4 years we have never had a problem with a mold or mildew smell. Thanks so much for Biozap. The only thing I would tell customers is the product does have a strong smell for the first few hours, but within 24 hours there was no longer an odor of Biozap or mildew. Our house smelled clean and fresh." – Renae S., ND


Problem: Moldy Smell Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"BioZap is a great natural product to get rid of moldy smell! I had a real bad mold problem this past summer when severe mold odor come out of all of the cold air return vents as well as heat registers of my house, upstairs as well as downstairs. This caused us to have severe respiratory problems. My nose ran almost non stop as long as I was in the house. I searched everywhere for a simple product to combat mold in the duct system. None of them seemed right, until finally I found BioZap. Its description seem to be too good to be true. But I bought one big jar of BioZap for around $50 to just give it a try. I placed the jar without its cover in my downstair cold air return duct. Its smell came out of my upstair heat register a few hours later. I closed or sealed off all cold air return vents and heat registers for the next three days. Then I got curious, so I opened one heat register cover. To my surprise, I could not smell a thing. Then I opened more and more and found only faint smell of tea tree oil from some, otherwise nothing. Later I found out to get rid of moldy smell in small space that is hard to place the whole jar in, a few spoonfuls of BioZap smeared onto its inside wall would do the job also." – Richard T., VA


Problem: Musty Odor Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I have tried many products (bioworld,odoban,nokout) for my musty odor problem and nothing was working.I then tried BioZap and noticed a difference right away. As an added benefit the tea tree oil doesn't bother my allergies like most synthetic products." – Doug N., FL


Problem: Mold Spots Product Used: BioZap Mold & Mildew Cleaner

"Thanks for your BioZap Mold Cleaner! After years of searching, I have finally found a product to remove unsightly mold from the walls in my car wash. It not only cleans the molds, but also prevents their return for two or three months even though the walls are almost constantly sprayed with water." – Fred B., TN


Problem: Moldy Smell Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I live in the New Orleans area and my home was a victim of Hurricane Katrina. Three large trees fell onto my home, and the large holes allowed much rain to get into my attic and flood the floor of my home. I was happy to be one of the fortunate people who was able to have my home repaired within six months, but not happy with the lingering moldy smell. I tried many products, some "professional," but could not rid my home of the moldy odor. I discovered BioZap on line, and thought I would give it a try. Boy, was I glad I did !!! Within a couple of weeks, I could tell that it was working. Within a short time after that, there was no more odor, as BioZap had done the job. Thank you for a product that lives up to its description." – Claire C., New Orleans, LA


Problem: Germs/Odors Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I just had to share my thoughts on the Biozap product. I have been using it for over a year now and it is GREAT! I am a school teacher being exposed to germs and odors can be sickly– so I use some Biozap in my classroom. I keep it in a safe place, stirring it weekly, and it does a wonderful job. My husband and I use it at home, and when we run the heater/AC, it really helps with the musty/moldy smells. I would recommend this product to others. I plan to continue purchasing the product every time I run low, I place the call for more .... thanks!" – Carol H., VA


Problem: Mustiness Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"We first heard of your BioZap product in 2005. Since I have a host of breathing problems, we decided to try your air purifier in our air conditioning vents (we chose the lemon scented). What a difference!! The mustiness is gone, and stays gone for the entire season! Nothing will make my emphysema go away but using BioZap does make it easier to breathe in my house...for everyone. We can't thank you enough." – Linda B., MY


Problem: Musty Odor Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I highly recommend BioZap Air Purifier as a very efficient and effective way to CLEAN your air; it doesn’t’ just mask the musty order, but actually seems to disable the mold spores. I know because I’m a stay-at-home mom who is allergic to what I call "everyday molds", that slight musty order  that is prevalent in many of our older buildings, basements, and closets. BioZap cleans the air out in minutes, and I can breathe easier. I even pack a small amount to take with me to hotels, cottages, wherever I may be uncertain of the air quality." – Sherry M., VA


Problem: Damp Smell In Crawl Space Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"Thank you for such good service and a wonderful product. I have a crawl space under my Great room that was always smelling of dampness. Since I first purchased your product, BioZap Air Purifier, in May of 2006, I have not had any damp smell. It is a small miracle." – Jane H., NY


Problem: Rank Smell In Home Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"BioZap is terrific! I live in Florida, known for mold. I had one extremely moldy screened-in porch. The house had been empty for more than a year and the roof had leaked. It was rank! I used Biozap and now it's as sweet as can be. I was amazed! I also used some in my duct work and it worked like a charm. It is so nice to have a mold-free home when I return." – Dana T., FL


Problem: Mold Smell In Crawl Space Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"BioZap Air Purifier & Deodorizer does work! I want to tell you. I live in Michigan on a lake and have a crawl space. I been using the BioZap Air Purifier & Deodorizer for 4 years now. I keep one under the house in the winter time after I close my outside vents and I put some in my return side on my heating and air condition. I don't have the moldy smell when I bought this place. I believe that this BioZap Air Purifier & Deodorizer does a beautiful job of keeping air fresh in my house and I don't have a spider problem in my house like my neighbors do. This is a great product!" – Dave F., MI


Problem: Musty Smelling Drapes/Carpets Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"Amazon reviews: I live in a high humidity coastal area where things can get musty smelling quite quickly. A jar of biozap will make musty smokey drapes and carpets smell fresh within hours of opening. The tea tree fragrance is quite pleasant, not overwhelming. Great for a closed camper or vacation cabin that has not been occupied for a while. Have been using this product for years and would recommend it." – E. Bailey, NJ


Problem: Musty Smell In Basement Product Used: BioZap Mold & Mildew Cleaner

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful BioZap products. We had two major storms here in the Northeast within a two week time period that dumped over 9 inches of water. Our french drains just couldn't keep up and our basement got an inch of standing water. We've used BioZap Cleaner with great results in cleaning the areas that got moldy. Not only that, they smell wonderful! I've just placed another order because I love the scent, and how well it cleans." – Theresa D, Long Island NY


Problem: Mold On Leather Product Used: BioZap Mold & Mildew Cleaner

"Sirs, I received your BioZap Mold Cleaner right on time as promised and it is doing a great job on eliminating mold on leather. I collect antique gun holsters and until now, could not find the right product that would remove the mold. Thanks," – Jerry B., CO


Problem: Mold & Mildew Smell Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the BioZap Air Purifier product. This is our second year using it. During the hot summer months, our basement always has a moldy mildew smell to it, not to mention the mold that is on anything it possibly can, including leather boots and shoes stored down there. Just one of the 16-oz. jars took care of the mold and mildew smell in our basement for the summer and there was no mold on the shoes and boots. I would highly recommend this product to any, especially those who have allergies and asthma like some of my family members. Thank you again!" – Michelle S., NJ


Problem: Mold and Fungi Product Used: BioZap Mold & Mildew Cleaner

"Several months ago, I helped rescue two sick and starving kittens. It turns out they had ringworm (which is fungal), but not just any ringworm – a very aggressive strain. Unfortunately, it spread to my other kitties. I was so distraught for a while, wondering how I would ever control it and get my kitties well. I am happy to say that they seem to be on the road to recovery, and I know it is due in part to your excellent products. Not only have I used the BioZap air cleaners, but also your all-natural BioZap Mold Cleaner. Mold and Fungi are so difficult to combat, because you can't see them, and they could be hiding anywhere. I know it has made a difference in my case to have a product that helps to clean the fungi from the air. Thank You for developing a product that I'm sure has been helpful to many people." – Lisa A., Texas


Problem: Must Odor Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"This summer we had a very bad rain and wind storm. It has flooded my basement with over 12 inches of water. After it was pumped out, it left behind a very strong musty odor. I tried using a large fan to blow the smell out of the window, but it did not work. Then, I purchased several containers of BioZap Purifier and after 1 to 2 weeks the terrible odor was completely gone. I thought you would like to know." – Earl F., IL


Problem: Unbearable Musty Odor Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about your BioZap Air Purifier. I bought it for my parents basement. Their home is 40 years old and the musty smell was really unbearable. After three days of having one BioZap tub set up in the basement and one in the fan area of the furnace, the smell is almost unnoticeable. I have placed an order for the spray cleaner to clean up the mold that is growing in the corners and I hope that will completely take care of the odor. Thank you!" – Donalda P., IL


Problem: Basement Musty Odor Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I have also used BioZap to eliminate the musty odor in my basement. What a great product! I used the Cleaner to get the bulk of the items that had mildew growing on them. Then I placed the Deodorizer throughout the basement to completely freshen up the basement. This is a natural deodorizer that does an awesome job on killing mold and mildew. I've been using your products for years and trust nothing else. I tell everyone who asks what I used to fix my radon and mold problem to visit radonseal.com." – Kevin C., OH


Hi & Dry™ Battery & Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps

Hi & Dry™ Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Hi & Dry™ Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps


Model: Hi & Dry Battery Powered Backup Sump Pump RH-1400

"The RH-1400 battery pump arrived and we have already installed it! Very easy to do, as promised! I love the security of not having to worry about a power failure again and not having my main pump be able to do its job!" – Paula C., RI


installed RH-1400 backup sump pump "Installed the RH-1400 day before yesterday. Followed your excellent directions. Job took a couple hours but went well. Pump has been tested and works well as advertised. When it rains, my main sump pump gets a workout. I have been concerned about power outs and main pump failure. But now I have peace of mind. RadonSeal has been a delight to work with and very professional. Thank you." – James A., VA


"Installed the battery back up sump pump RH-1400 today. Had no problem with the installation of the unit. Working fine. It was nice to receive a package that was complete with all parts need and good instructions, easy to follow. Was a pleasure doing business with you." – Robert P., NY


"My buddy and I installed the battery backup sump pump RH-1400 yesterday. We were both impressed with the unit and the fact that everything we needed came with the kit. What a smooth installation! Although a little more expensive than Home Depot models, this is such a more advanced system with many advantages. Glad to have the piece of mind that comes with the RH-1400!" – Glen G., MD


"Thanks much for your personal assistance and professional advice when I ordered your RH-1400 Battery Backup Sump Pump. Before calling you, I conducted extensive research on back-up sump pumps, reviewing dozens of your competitor’s pumps. The RH-1400 is the best on the market … period. I’ve risked a flooded basement for years by not having a back-up system. Not only is your pump the most reliable, it’s the easiest to install for mechanically-challenged do-it-yourselfers like me. Two bonuses with your system, that no other systems have: I don’t have to worry about filling the battery with special fluids each month (like the other second-rate back-up battery systems) or worry about the pump clogging or corroding from years of sitting in a muddy sump pit (how ingenious, the pump sits on dry concrete outside the sump!). I can assure anyone looking for peace of mind and reliability, this is the one. Thanks!" – Bob G. - Barrington, IL


installed RH1400 pumpbackup pump RH1400 installed

"I purchased the RH-1400 but used a plumber since I wanted to upgrade both a primary and battery back-up pump. It took about 1 ½ hrs. to complete the install. He tested both the primary and back up pump through a few on-off cycles with both working fine. I did considerable internet research on battery back up pumps before deciding on the RH -1400. In all honestly, I hope to never have a need for the back up pump but now I have greater “piece of mind”. Thanks again, Radon-Seal." – Eddie W., TN

"Just wanted to comment on the speedy delivery of the Battery Backup Sump Pump RH-1400.  The installation was very easy to do. This is a godsend, for we have just finished remodeling our basement. No more worries. Thank you very much!"

"Thank you for the quick shipment. I called the order in on Thursday afternoon and the pump kit was delivered to my door via UPS on Friday. I am very pleased with the RH-1400. Installation was pretty straight-forward and it works like a dream. I am very pleased with the unit itself and look forward to an "official" power-outage." – Alan C., NY


"Hello, My name is Don and purchased your Hi & Dry battery backup system RH1400 which was sent very quickly. I installed it with the instructions that were very easy to follow. The only thing i I did extra was put a Union on the suction line for easy removal of the screen and check valve. After completion I let the water rise to kick the pump on. I couldn't believe how quiet the pump was and how fast it pumped the water out with no problems at all. I would strongly advise anyone to get this unit especially if their is limited room in your pit. Thank you for a great product." – Don G., MI

"I purchased a RH1400 pump several years ago. It has served us very well during a sump failure and multiple power outages. I can sleep at night without listening for the sump to come on! Thanks for your help. This product was the best $400 I ever spent..." – Russ M., Ohio


Model: Hi & Dry Water Powered Backup Sump Pump RB-750

Hi & Dry Water Powered Sump Pump"Dear RadonSeal, Hi my name is Chris R..., I am an active duty soldier at FT Knox, Kentucky, and just installed a backup sump system RB-750. I moved into a home in July which had a finished basement and I was disclosed that the sump pump system was "newer", but the previous owner did not install a backup system. Well it began with a massive weather system that dumped over 7 inches of rain on Halloween, day 2013. All day and up to this point the sump pump system was working and keeping the basement dry. However around 7pm there was a power flicker and this was the straw which broke the camel's back.. It shut the sump pump off, and since it had been running almost constantly all day, (and later discovered the pump was over 4 years old, and a cheap model), it could not restart. I noticed around 10pm that I had not heard the pump discharge in a while and went downstairs. When I did, there was 1 inch of water through the entire basement soaking the rugs and all furniture. I was at a loss; all I could do was move stuff up higher and into the garage, and the water continued to pour out of the sump pit. I eventually got in touch with a friend at 1 AM who brought a utility pump to at least stop the water and start to get the water out, until the local stores could open so I could buy and install a new sump pump. But it was a big loss down stairs and had to contact Serve-Pro to extract and demolish the basement.

I knew I needed to have some other failsafe backup system but what was I going to do? My neighbor had a battery system, but even that failed on him after his main pump died and the backup worked until the battery died and he had no idea and flooded his basement, luckily his basement was not finished. That's when ironically I was watching an episode of "Ask This Old House" on PBS and one of the story lines was about a flooded basement that had a battery system that failed as a backup. I watch Richard Trethewy install a water powered backup system. This is when the light bulb when on and I researched water powered backup systems, and found RadonSeal and compared a few other manufactures and systems, and your system was the most complete, ease of use, and ease of installation. Simple design and the fact that it did not need electricity or battery and that it could run as long as I had water pressure I was sold, not to mention your company had the best warranty.

I ordered your system and received it quickly, it was ruggedly built, and truly was a compact design, and after careful review of my setup in the basement, was able to install it into the main water line utilizing 3/4" push fitting and PEX tubing, and 1" PVC piping for suction and discharge to the outside (photos 1-4). Now I have some experience with plumbing and this made the installation smooth, but I could see the average homeowner be able to do this as well with a friend. After testing, it was quieter than I thought but I watched the sump pit drain to the bottom in just a few minutes. This brought a big smile on my face and a huge peace of mind, and the confidence that my basement now that it has been refinished will be High & Dry! Not to mention my neighbor is also interested in your system and I can't wait to show it to him! Thank you so much for your system." – Chris R., KY


"I recently purchased your water-powered backup sump pump Hi & Dry RB-750. I had experienced a couple of power failures during recent strong nor-easter storms and was tired of bailing water out of my sump hole and carrying water in 5 gallon buckets outside. I checked out your web-site and found everything I needed to know about these pumps. A friend of mine (plumber by trade) installed it in less than 3 hrs. and then we tested it. I was VERY PLEASED with the results. I should have checked into this long ago. As you can see from the pictures (attached), we were able to tie in the discharge to the existing sump discharge, thus eliminating the need to drill another hole in the foundation wall. An existing city water line was close, making the tie in clean and simple. The whole unit is neat and compact. These are great units and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a back-up system. I have two neighbors, very much interested in checking out this new back-up system. I will strongly suggest to them ordering from you at RadonSeal. I'm sure they will be as equally pleased with the service and the results." – Wayne F., DE


"After fearing for my man cave's fate during huricane Sandy last year I decided I needed a backup sump pump. After much consideration I decided to go with a water powered unit. I purchased the RB-750 and finished installing it this past weekend. Went together great and I was very pleased with the quality of the pump. Also it came with the additional connections which added to the flexibility of the install. I figure it took me abound 2 days not including planning to install this pump. I am not a pro but I am fairly handy with things around the house. I opted to install a separate discharge pipe, but you don't have to if it is an issue, the pump comes with a tee for connecting to the main pump discharge. The flexible spa tubing is great I used it for an easy connection between the pump and the sump pit. I also put two unions at each end so it will be easy to remove and service the pit later. I would recommend reading the directions carefully. There is a lot going on with project, and while it is not difficult, when working with pvc glue you only get one chance. Overall I would say the most difficult part was the planning of where to mount the pump so that it would be in the best location for the water, discharge, and intake. I think that without using the included flex pipe this would have been even harder. As far as performance the pump worked great the first time in turned the water supply on. I did have to adjust the timing knob slightly for a longer run time (when it rains heavy my sump fills quickly). I did a lot of online research before choosing to buy this backup pump and I am very satisfied with with my purchase. I would like to thank all the other reviewers, their shared experience greatly helped me with this project." – John V., MD

pump RB-750 installed

"Thanks for a great pump! I installed the RB-750 which was quick and easy. It works like a champ! Attaching some pictures of the finished product." – Robert T., IL


"Just completed installation of a RB-750 and everything went smoothly. I was pleased to see that everything necessary was included and the instructions were clear. Pump operates normally and works as advertised.
Also, I want to thank you for using environmentally friendly packing material. I will never have to spend time picking up starch peanuts from my front lawn. Thanks for doing the right thing for the environment!" – Michael B., IL


"I installed the backup sump pump RB-750 myself and I am just a software engineer. It took me about 3.5 hours and it was not difficult at all. The hard part was going to the hardware store and picking up copper piping, a turn off valve and union. Made all the connections, turned the water on and the suction began and emptied the pit right away. I have ordered on Tuesday and installed in on Saturday morning! Thanks" – Brett R., IN


"Good morning. I recently purchased your Residential water-powered pump RB-750 and had it installed last night. I would first like to comment on what a wonderful product this is and I thank you for that. I am amazed how well it works!" – Michael D., IL


Model: Hi & Dry Water Powered Backup Sump Pump HB-1000

"It's been a while since we ordered the Hi & Dry HB1000 from you. We've been playing tag with the customer we purchased it for to get a good installation date. He insisted on being home when we installed it. Probably a good move so he could learn how it works. Two weeks ago, we installed it. And the rains came, and came, and came. Delaware has never seen the like of it. Last week everyone was on the lookout for the ark with the animals to float by. And the transformer to the development where the customer lives was hit by lightning, so he lost power. And Connectiv could not work on it because of the heavy rains. Power was out for 1-1/2 days.
Know what worked? His HB1000!!! Worked like a champ. Kept that nice home woodshop floor in his basement dry. He is VERY happy. I think he's holding tours in his basement for neighbors. We are happy too. Thanks. Product works very well. Installation was new to us, but instructions were excellent." – Tom D., Maintenance Troubleshooting, DE


"I put one in my house for piece of mind last year and shortly after I put it in our neighborhood lost power. I was sitting on my door step hearing my sump turn on and had such a good feeling knowing I didn’t have anything to worry about. Since then I have installed 2 others in my neighbors houses and just ordered the third one to put in. This system is the best insurance you can do to protect your finished lower level." – Bob, Eden Prairie MN


installed HB-1000 backup sump pumpHB-1000 backup sump pump "I purchased my HB-1000 last November and I am attaching a couple of pictures showing exactly how I installed my pump. I tested the performance of the pump and was blown away. It only takes about 20 seconds for the pump to remove all the water in my pit, almost as fast as the main pump. Your pump is great and I will recommend it to all my neighbors." – Tom O., MI


"Your service is excellent and I would recommend your company to anyone. The HB-1000 works well and only a few days after I installed it, we had 2" of rain and as luck would have it, the power was off for 3 hours. Needless to say the water driven pump did its job and saved my basement. It paid for itself already, since my basement flood of July 1, 2010, caused about $11,000.00 damage. This a very good product which I recommend to everyone. The initial cost of purchase and installation is a bit pricey (depending on your plumber) but, worth every penny and the beautiful part is there is no maintenance. Thank you. I'm so glad I found your product." – Michael S., Saskatchewan


"I installed the water-powered HB-1000 pump and expected when the pump was on, it would be loud. But the first time the water was turned on and the water in the sump lifted the float I actually got very worried because it was quiet and I didn't think it worked. Then, I noticed the water going down in the sump and had to get closer to the pump to hear it working. I then put batteries into the water alarm so it lets me know when the pump is working. Thanks again for the great and quiet pump" – Philip B., Ohio


"I am absolutely impressed with your Hi & Dry Water-Powered Backup Sump Pump. After at least two frustrating experiences over the years with electric sump pumps that failed when needed the most, resulting in a flooded basement I determined to solve the problem once and for all. I decided to renovate and completely remodel our basement, turning it into a movie room & entertainment center (Man Cave). I held off doing the remodeling until I could find a solution that would ensure that the basement would not flood again. Your Hi & Dry HB-1000 Sump Pump was the answer! I installed the unit myself without any issues. Well, guess what? It’s been raining cats and dogs for several hours and I am sitting here in the dark, writing this email by flashlight, because we are without power. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it is to hear the valve on the Hi & Dry Pump activate and hearing the water run, knowing that it is draining the sump crock and keeping my basement from flooding. I have been fortunate in that we have not needed the unit until tonight, which means it has sat dormant and been inactive for 3 years. The extraordinarily good news is – it was there when we needed it! Congratulations on an exceptional product! I highly encourage anyone who is facing a similar situation to spend the money, buy it and install it. This is one product that is a bargain at twice the price. No Joke!" – Chaz B., NY


pump HB-1000

"FYI, I just installed my first HB1000 water-powered backup pump. I have never been impressed with the ones my local plumbing wholesalers carry. I started researching different emergency pumps on line and was impressed when I read about your product. As a professional plumber, I want the best possible product for my customers, so I was willing to try your pump. The basement we installed it in had already flooded 2 times in one month. It had the rinky-dink Zoeller emergency pump. The new installation was very easy! We were very impressed with how fast the HB1000 removed the water in the crock! I feel the extra cost of this pump is worth it for the protection of property and belongings.....not to mention, the stress of a flooded finished basement. We have attached pictures of our installation." – Charlie B., NY

water-powered backup sump pump


Model: Hi & Dry Water Powered Backup Sump Pump CB-1500

"I had a plumber install the CB-1500. with easy install kit. It was really quick, he loved it! And after having it for a few months, so do I. It works great and is very quiet. Attaching couple pictures of the installation. Thanks." – Bob L., IL


"One year our sump pump failed when we were on vacation. This resulted in 12" of water in our finished basement. Then we installed a backup pump with a battery power source. It worked fine until we had an extended power outage. My wife and I had to carry water in buckets up one flight of stairs for two hours. That's hard work when you're over 70 years old. I told my wife, I wish we could find a way to pump water from the sump pit without needing power. I thought that was wishful thinking. Well my wish came true. I found a water-powered back-up sump pump on the Internet – the HB-1000 by RadonSeal. We purchased one and had it installed. It worked GREAT and only requires city water to operate. The other features that enticed us to buy this pump was that only the suction pipe and ball float is located in the sump pit. This lets room to service the primary sump pump.
The RadonSeal HB-1000 water-powered backup sump pump worked perfect when we tried it. The pump will be a stress relieving asset for our defense against flooding. We only wish we would have had this pump five years ago. Thanks RandonSeal for your fine products." – John A., PA


Concrete Cleaners

RadonSeal® Efflorescence Cleaner

Lightning Strip Paint Stripper

Novion Univerals Concrete Cleaner

EasyEtch™ Concrete Etcher


Surface: Basement Wall Problem: Efflorescence Product Used: Efflorescence Cleaner/RadonSeal Plus

"After removing the original wood paneling (36 years old) from my basement walls, I found lots of thick efflorescence and lime build up over the years. After scrapping the the loose efflorescence, I sprayed the walls with the Efflorescence Cleaner and then applied coats of  Radonseal Plus. The drywall contractor was very impressed with the before and after results. The basement walls feel and look dry." – Gregory R., CT


Surface: Basement Floor Problem: Dirt, Grime Product Used: Novion Univeral Concrete Cleaner

"Your Universal Concrete Cleaner is amazing! It has quickly cleaned my old and dirty basement floor including my grimy shop area. Although I used a 5:1 dilution, it has even removed floor paint which I planned to strip later on. And best of all, it is not toxic!" – Glenn H., MA


Surface: Brick Floor Problem: Old Appearance, Dirty Product Used: Novion Univeral Concrete Cleaner

"Just finished scrubbing my large, family room brick floor with your Novion Universal Concrete Cleaner. I usually do this once or twice a year. The bricks are unsealed, cinnamon pavers. The floor is 32 years old. I tried a lot of different products for cleaning bricks. Yours is the best by far. The floor looks like it is brand new again. Both bricks and mortar are absolutely clean. There were no deposits left on top of the bricks as had happened with other products I've tried. Thanks very much for an excellent product." – Don G., PA


Surface: Basement Floor Problem: Asphalt-Based Mastic Product Used: Lightning Strip

"The paint stripper works great! I've been removing asphalt-based mastic from my 48 year old basement floor in preparation to put down ceramic tile. I had tried a different brand mastic remover for the job however the product and all the cleanup is solvent-based, which doesn't make it the easiest, safest or best thing to use indoors, and the mastic wants to soak into the concrete, not exactly what I trying to achieve. I even rented a electric rotary floor scraper to try to remove the mastic. Although it scraped some of it off, I still had a fairly significant amount left to remove. The Lightning Strip is definitely the best product I've found for the job. The mastic just melts with a little scrubbing, and the water cleanup is a real plus since it can be done with a mop and bucket, leaving the concrete relatively clean." – John Z., MD


Surface: Shop Floor Problem: Paint Product Used: Lightning Strip

"Cheryl, Lightning Strip works great! I am removing paint stripes on my shop floors and have tried over 8 other products and they didn't work. Some I left on for 3 days, still didn't work. Within 5 minutes your product started to work with 1 coat." – Bruce W., MI


Surface: Concrete Floor Problem: Carpet Adhesive Product Used: Lightning Strip

"We are a commercial general contractor and had a project that required the carpet adhesive to be removed from the existing concrete floor. This area was previously a bank of offices approximately 2500 SF that was now to be a cleaned sealed concrete floor. We tried sanding and grinding the adhesive away, but this method did not work well. We were concerned about any solvents because of the odor involved and the safety problems associated. We tried the "Lightning Stripper" and it quickly and easily removed the old carpet adhesive completely from the concrete floor. The building was partially occupied with office staff during this process and they were not bothered by the odor. This was the perfect solution for our situation. I would recommend this product for commercial carpet adhesive removal." – R.H., Expedia Construction, IL   


Surface: Basement Floor Problem: Paint Product Used: Lightning Strip/RadonSeal

"I applied the lightning strip to my basement floor last night and I was so happy to be able to peel large sheets of paint off easily. Tonight I'm going to spray it on the walls and I should be able to apply Radon Seal this weekend! Works great. The hardest part was get the cap off the Lightning Strip. Thank you for the excellent product!" – Meigo K., NY


Surface: Concrete Floor Problem: Paint Product Used: Lightning Strip

"I wanted to tell you that you really have a great website, and I've already recommended it to 2 other people. You really did a great job explaining your products, and the Lightning Strip product you recommend also works really well. It actually does remove every bit of paint out of the pores of a concrete floor, which other products I've tried don't come close to accomplishing." – Carolyn S., KS


Customer Service

"I just wanted to write to tell you how nice it was dealing with your company. I ordered online and it was here quickly. Then I opened up the package and found everything, and I mean everything, to do the job. Gloves, goggles, wire brush, etc. It was all there. I did the job and it worked as described. Thanks. It is so rare these days for companies to exceed expectations like that. Thanks. P.S. I recommend your product to anyone who tells me about a leaking basement." – Mark


"I am in materials management with a 5 billion dollar company. I am more than well aware of good and (mostly) bad customer service out there.. Clearly you care and did everything possible to make this happen. Above and beyond....thank you so much. It would have been almost 2 months before I could have gotten back to my floor install. Take the rest of the day off with pay:)" – JABIL CIRCUIT INC, Denny S., FL


"Your products work great, I have fixed leaks in several basements of houses I own. Your service to customers is great and ordering by phone is always pleasant and easy. Thank you for the great customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" – Steve V, IL


"Thank you for your prompt response it is refreshing. I saw some other products but definitely prefer dealing with a company that has great customer service and quick responses. Again thank you!" – Wayne M., FL


"Thanks Cheryl! Just as a note I thought the service I received when I placed my order was just awesome! Congrats" – Dr. Sandy B., Manitoba


"Thanks for all your much needed help during the process in answering all my questions!  Your advice and website was extremely helpful and beneficial with so much information!!! Thanks again!!!" – Cliff H., PA


"I just wanted to send you a note to let you know what a nice experience I had dealing with a company where service to the customer is still a priority. I had ordered the middle size pump and was concerned if it would work ok with my flow rate, called you and you suggested to go down a model. Sent it back on Friday. Next Wednesday I had my new pump and my refund credit to my account. Just great service and I wanted to say thank you. A wonderful experience dealing with you and all made in the USA, for a change." – Steve G., OH


"Several weeks ago I purchased one of your 4 pack CrackWeld kits to repair cracks in my concrete driveway. The kit was excellent. And when one of the mixing nozzles became clogged, you have mailed me a replacement right away free of charge. Thank you. Your products and your service are the best I have ever used." – Dan B., WI


"Received the crack injection kit today. I was very satisfied with this transaction. You guys have your act together and provide great customer service. I would recommend you to others and will do business with you again." – Richard W., KY


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