CrackWeld Floor Crack Repair Kits for basements

CrackWeld® Concrete Floor Repair Kit permanently repairs cracks in concrete slabs, basement floors, driveways, and patios. You just need a common caulking gun.

CrackWeld is a two component rigid polymer that cures "rock" hard in minutes! Stronger than concrete. No Routing Needed! Use for sealing hairline cracks or wide cracks, or to fill spalls or holes in concrete slabs. The kits include silica sand.

Bonds crumbling concrete and stops movement of cracks in slabs. Cures in minutes for heavy traffic or concrete overlays.

The CrackWeld® 2-pack provides enough material to repair up to 50 linear feet of crack (average 1/16” width) in a typical 4” thick slab. The CrackWeld® 4-pack is able to repair up to 100 linear feet of crack (1/16” width).

For larger jobs, choose the CrackWeld® Professional Repair Kit. Each Pro kit includes a professional dual-cartridge injection gun. Spend more time repairing cracks and less time changing cartridges!

Shipping by courier to the lower 48 states $9/2-pack and $10/4-pack.

For more information on the product and its applications visit CrackWeld Product Webpage.