Efflorescence Cleaner for Basements

Subterranean concrete such as basement walls, basement slabs and mortar joints are susceptible to efflorescence problems due to ground water absorbed by concrete. Removing efflorescence deposits is the first step before preventing it from coming back!

RadonSeal Efflorescence Remover is formulated strong, even for stubborn efflorescence deposits, but provides a safer cleaning alternative to harsh acidic cleaners and bleach. Safe for us indoor and outdoors. Low odor. ZERO VOC. Non-corrosive to skin.

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Use for cleaning and the removal of efflorescence, lime and rust deposits of typical basement cleaning projects:

  • Brick.
  • Concrete Blocks.
  • Mortar Joints.
  • Poured Concrete.
  • Limestone. Sandstone.
  • Stone Foundation Walls.

QUANTITIES: 1-gal, 2-gals, 4-gals, 5-gallon pails (bulk)