Ion-Bond Armor for Basement Waterproofing

Ion-Bond Armor is the Champ among All Silane-Siloxane Sealers!

Did you know that common "waterproofing" sealers will eventually be pushed-out by negative side water pressure? Ion-Bond Armor is formulated to resist hydrostatic pressure and seal concrete against negative side water pressure found in crawlspaces, basement walls and basement floors.

Ion-Bond Armor is often used in combination with RadonSeal Concrete Sealer to provide the tightest possible internal seal against water vapor transmission and soil gas infiltration. The combination of using both sealers is recommended for waterproofing cinder blocks, before installing moisture sensitive flooring (wood floors) and "hard to seal" concrete due to excessive ground moisture.

BASEMENT USES: Cinder blocks, concrete block foundation walls, crawlspaces, thin concrete (less than 3" thick), acid stained concrete.

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