CrackWeld Floor Repair Kits


Complete, easy-to-use do-it-yourself floor repair kits. All you need is a standard caulking gun. No grinding or routing needed.

CrackWeld® deep-fills the entire thickness of the slab and hardens for a permanent repair of cracks in concrete floors. Suitable for both hairline or wide cracks. Due to its low viscosity, it penetrates into hairline cracks for a full depth repair.

Fast curing and stronger than concrete itself. The results are permanent. Will not peel, chip or crack like caulk or hydraulic cement.

Provides a strong, rigid repair. Not suitable for joints that require flexibility like expansion control joints (saw cuts) or floor-to-wall joints of basement floating slabs.

For use by contractors or homeowners on basement floors, foundation slabs, factory floors, driveways, pool decks, patios, and parking structures.

The two-component compound bonds with silica sand (included) to form an indestructible, impermeable mass inside cracks, spalls, or holes.

The CrackWeld® 2-pack provides enough material to repair up to 50 linear feet of crack (average 1/16 inch width) in a typical slab 4” thick. The CrackWeld® 4-pack is able to repair up to 100 linear feet of crack (1/16 inch width).

For larger jobs, choose our CrackWeld® Professional Repair Kit. Each kit includes a professional dual-cartridge injection gun. Spend more time repairing cracks and less time changing cartridges!

For more information on the product and its applications visit CrackWeld Product Webpage.