DryWay Water Repellent Sealer

DryWay™ Water Repellent Concrete Sealer seals and protects concrete driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, patios, bricks, pavers, and masonry against surface water, spills, salts, and chemicals.

DryWay Water Repellent is effective on new or old concrete, brick, and masonry substrates, horizontal or vertical.

Forms a water-repellent barrier deep inside the surface. Beads or sheds water. Spills are easy to wipe off. Lasts for many years.

Protects garage floors and factory floors against spills. Protects driveways against pitting and spalling due to freeze-thaw and road salts. Hinders the growth of moss and molds. Protects concrete block walls and brick walls against rainwater.

Common uses:

  • Concrete driveways, garage floors, shop floors, parking areas.
  • Concrete block walls, lightweight CMU's, split face block.
  • Pavers, limestone, porous veneer, brick walls.

Waterborne, safe and environment-friendly. Quick and easy spray-on application.

For additional information on the product and its applications visit detailed Product Webpage.

Shipped in 5-gallon pails - full (5 gal.) or half-filled (2.5 gal.).
Shipping cost by courier $15$0/full pail or $12/half-filled pail to the lower 48 states.

FREE SHIPPING on 5-gallon pails of DryWay!