ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler Kits

ElastiPoxy Crack Filler Kit

$164.00 - $1,289.00

ElastiPoxy is a high-strength, ZERO VOC, commercial-grade, two-component epoxy designed to be virtually indestructible under water pressure and heavy vehicular traffic!

Use for a variety of outdoor concrete repairs such as; concrete spalling, crumbling concrete, stress cracking, mortar joint repair, form ties, cracks in concrete blocks, divots and holes in concrete. Waterproofs and bonds cracks protecting against crumbling, cracking, freeze-thaw and deicing chemicals. UV Resistant. Cures gray.

FLEXIBLE - Use product straight (50/50 mix) for the proper repair of saw cuts and control joints in sidewalks, concrete driveways, warehouse slabs, garage floors, loading docks, and concrete ramps.

RIGID - Alternatively, when mixed with dry construction sand, ElastiPoxy provides a rigid, bonding repair. Use on horizontal and vertical surfaces; mortar joint repair, cracks in concrete blocks, wide cracks in concrete slabs, spalled concrete, divots and defects.

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For common residential and commercial repairs of;

  • Warehouse and Factory Concrete Slabs.
  • Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks.
  • Pool Decks, Patios and Garage Slabs.
  • Ramps, Parking Lots, Runways.
  • Cracks in Concrete Blocks.
  • Saw Cuts.

QUANTITIES: 2-Quarts, 4-Quarts, 2-Gallons, 10-Gallons