CrackWeld Floor Crack Repair Kits

Radon and soil gases sneak into homes and basements through cracks, gaps and openings in the concrete. Using CrackWeld Floor Crack Repair Kit to fill cracks in slabs and concrete floors, will both seal against water seepage and radon gas intrusion.

CrackWeld is a low-viscosity, two-component, urethane-based filling resin that cures harder, faster, and bonds much more tenaciously compared to self-leveling caulks, hydraulic cement and concrete patching compounds.

DIY KIT - Ideal for homeowners and one-time users. A standard caulking gun is all that is required to inject the two-component resin.

PRO KIT - Ideal for contractors, flooring specialists, warehouses and commercial applications repairing cracks more often. Includes a dual-caulking gun for easier injection.

QUANTITIES: 2-Pack, 4-Pack, PRO Kit (call for bulk ordering)

For more information on the product and its applications visit CrackWeld Product Webpage.