Ion-Bond Armor Concrete Sealer for Radon Mitigation

Ion-Bond Armor Subsurface Elastomeric Sealer is formulated to be the strongest among all siloxane and silane sealers! The sealers nano-chemicals are absorbed deep below the surface, forming an elastomeric, waterproofing barrier within the pores and capillaries of porous concrete. When used indoors and basements, the seal is practically permanent!

Concrete is porous, as porous as Swiss cheese! This allows water vapor, liquid water and radon gas to escape through. Ion-Bond Armor - used after the application of RadonSeal Concrete Sealer for the tightest seal possible to concrete. The combination of the two greatly aids in reducing the transmission of radon gas through porous concrete.

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USES: Colored concrete, "rat slabs" or thin concrete (less than 3" in thickness), basement walls, basement slabs, stone foundation walls, cinder blocks, crawlspaces, lightweight blocks, or more challenging concrete projects.

QUANTITIES: 5-gals, 2.5-gals, 24 pail pallets