Battery Backup Sump Pump RH1400

Battery Backup Sump Pump RH1400

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Unique Hi & Dry™ design — the pump does not sit inside the sump pit like all the other pumps but is placed “high and dry” beside it! It is is designed for superior performance and reliability.

Keeping the pump out of the water avoids continuous exposure to grimy sump water, silt, and gravel, which results in unmatched reliability and service life of the RH1400 pump. Lasts several times longer than other battery-powered pumps.

Ideal for today's smaller sump pits that are just too small for two pumps. For minimal interference, only the suction pipe and a vertical float are inside the pit. This prevents float entanglement in small or busy sump pits.

Installation is a breeze! A complete D-I-Y Pump Installation Kit with High Water Alarm, battery case, and all accessories (except battery) included.

Nominal capacity 1,400 GPH with a 9-ft. lift. Lift up to 15 ft. Double the pumping capacity of most battery pumps sold in stores.

Backed by a 30-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee and Two-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty — double the industry standard..

Shipping by courier to the lower 48 states $20/pump.