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For over 15 years RadonSeal® has been offering both homeowners and contractors expert advice and safe, environment-friendly penetrating concrete sealers, state-of-the-art brick and masonry sealers, DIY concrete repair kits, and reliable basement care products.

Our products are specifically formulated to provide superior strength and permanent repairs to your concrete, brick and masonry needs. Commonly used on residential and larger commercial projects and widely used by waterproofing professionals, flooring contractors, radon mitigation experts, and DIY homeowners like you.

Long lasting, deep-penetrating concrete, brick, and masonry sealers provide the solutions to your waterproofing and radon mitigation needs. Use for sealing basement floors, concrete blocks, foundation walls, crawl spaces, warehouse floors, slabs, garage floors, parking areas, auto-body shops, concrete driveways, pool decks, koi ponds, brick walls, chimneys, and stone facades.

  • UNIQUE – Cutting-edge products beyond anything available in stores. Shipped factory-direct for the lowest possible price.
  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE – Products not just for basement and radon mitigation contractors but also for the do-it-yourself homeowner.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Environment and user friendly products that can be safely used indoors.
  • UNMATCHED WARRANTY – RadonSeal® Permanent Concrete Sealer is the only concrete sealer specifically developed to seal against radon gas and the only one backed up by a Money-Back Lifetime Warranty!

If you have questions regarding our products or your specific project, please contact us to communicate with an product technician.

RadonSeal waterproofing outdoor sealers

RadonSeal Product Guide

SEALERS for Concrete, Brick, Masonry, and Porous building materials

RadonSeal basement sealer
RadonSeal Deep-Penetrating Concrete Sealer

The #1 Concrete Sealer – Penetrates and permanently seals indoor and outdoor poured concrete, and concrete blocks against water vapor, water seepage, efflorescence, and even radon gas! Resists hydrostatic pressure. Strengthens, densifies, prevents spalling, cracking, dusting. Use for sealing basement walls, basement floors, slab-on-grade (before installing flooring or carpeting), crawlspaces, garage floor, warehouse floors, parking areas. Slip-resistant. Paintable. Water-based. Zero VOCs. Permeable. Money-Back Lifetime Guarantee!

LastiSeal Concrete stained floor
LastiSeal - Concrete Stain & Sealer

Concrete Stain and Penetrating Sealer in One – Both waterproofs and stains concrete in one simple step! Preserve and beautify your outdoor or indoor concrete, commercial or residential. Use on driveways, walkways, patios, pavers, garage floor, pool decks. Creates an attractive mottled look like acid staining. 37 unique colors. Water-based. Easy application. Reduces efflorescence. Slip-resistant. Sealer is backed by an aggressive 15-Year Waterproofing Guarantee.

LastiSeal sealed brick wall
LastiSeal - Penetrating Brick & Masonry Sealer

All-Surface Sealer – LastiSeal is commonly used for sealing and strengthening brick and mortar but can be used on a wide variety of cementitious materials, such as stone veneer, porous stone, stucco, plaster, grout, and porous tiles. Penetrates up to 4". Leaves no slippery film on the surface. Vapor-permeable. Use on chimneys, brick walls, fireplaces, pavers, concrete, retaining walls, splitface blocks, and even wood! Low-gloss optional. Water-based. SAFE!

sealed driveway with DryWay
DryWay Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer

Protects Concrete Driveways, Sidewalks, and Paver Patios – DryWay beads and protects your outdoor concrete and masonry against the penetration of surface water, rain, chemical spills, road salts, and de-icing chemicals. Lessens the bond of snow and ice. Spills wipe off easily leading to less maintenance. DryWay will not change the friction or appearance of the surface. Breathable, vapor permeable sealer. Zero fumes and VOCs. Use for sealing driveways, garage floors, autobody repair shops, patios, sidewalks, stadium seating, pool decks, seawalls, and commercial walls, and slabs over living spaces.

sealed factory floor with Ion-Bond Armor
Ion-Bond Armor Subsurface Concrete Sealer

The Industrial Concrete Sealer – Penetrates deep into concrete or masonry. Forms a subsurface waterproof barrier against surface water and negative-side hydrostatic water pressure, road salts, and chemicals. PERMANENT. The sealers small molecules allow it to penetrate into tight surfaces and even through a single layer of latex paint. Great for waterproofing fibercrete and colored concrete. When applied as a secondary sealer after RadonSeal, the combination provides the tightest internal seal against water vapor before installing flooring. "It's like deep-filling the pores in concrete with silicone caulk."

crack repair kits for foundation walls, concrete floors, control joints

crack in basement wall
RadonSeal DIY Foundation Concrete Crack Repair Kits

The Homeowner's Solution To Repairing Foundation Cracks – Permanently repairs cracks in poured concrete walls by filling them with expanding urethane or epoxy. Stops or prevents water seepage. Low-pressure injection eliminates the need for drilling. Fills the full thickness of the wall and any voids behind it, so that water will never find the crack again. For hairline cracks or cracks up to 1/2" wide. Complete crack repair kits – you just need a caulking gun.

repair crack in basement wall
RadonSeal Professional Concrete Crack Repait Kits

Contractor Repair Toolkits – Available in 30-ft. and 60-ft. sizes. For contractors or homeowners with multiple cracks in basement walls. Permanent crack repair. Fills cracks in poured concrete walls with expanding urethane or epoxy. Low-pressure injection eliminates the need for drilling and high-pressure machinery. Complete toolkits, including a dual-cartridge caulking gun.

sealed opening in concrete wall
PipeTite – Pipe and Protrusion Repair Kits

Repair Leaky Wire-Ties and Penetrations – Permanently repairs leaking penetrations through poured concrete walls around pipes or conduits, as well as leaking form wire ties. Similar to crack injection with expanding urethane. Expands through the thickness of the wall and tenaciously adheres to concrete and plastic or metal pipes. Unlike mortar or hydraulic cement, will not get loose and start leaking water.

repair cracks in concrete floor
CrackWeld Concrete Crack Floor Repair Kits

Floor Crack Repair Made Quick and Easy – Quick and easy repair of cracks in concrete slabs, driveways, patios, pool decks, and factory floors. No routing needed! Fast-curing. Rigid repair, stronger than concrete. Will stop the crack from moving, growing wider or longer. A definite must before re-surfacing concrete driveways to avoid the propagation of cracks through the new surface.

expansion control joint in concrete floor
ElastiPoxy – Control Joint & Crack Filler Kits

Flexible Repair for Control and Floor-To-Wall Joints – Use on saw-cut contraction control joints in concrete slabs or leaky floor-to-wall joints in basements. Protects joints against heavy traffic in factories. When mixed with sand, provides a rigid and permanent repair of cracked or leaking concrete blocks, spalled concrete floors or driveways, and large cracks or holes in concrete. Stronger than mortar or hydraulic cement and adheres tenaciously to concrete.


water-powered backup sump pump
Hi & Dry Water-Powered Backup Sump Pumps

Ingenious Design – Why worry about sump pump failures, power outages, or batteries! These water powered pumps work by relying on the pressure of municipal water. The worry free protection to your main pump. Fully automatic – turns on when only needed. Mounted high and dry above the sump pit for superior reliability and service life. No rotating parts. Ideal for small or busy sump pits. Kits ship complete, including alarm, for do-it-yourself installation.

battery backup sump pumps
Hi & Dry Battery-Powered Backup Sump Pumps

When Performance Matters – Protects basement against power outages and sump pump failures. Prevents basement flooding. Fully automatic. Uniquely placed out of the sump water for superior reliability and service life. Outperforms cheap store-sold back-up sump pumps. Ideal for small or busy sump pits. A complete pump kit, including alarm. Very easy do-it-yourself installation.

FloodWatch sump pump kits
FloodWatch High-Performance Sump Pumps

Will Outperform The Rest – FloodWatch 3000 Sump Pump outperforms most primary pumps – 3,000 GPH at 10-ft. lift. High reliability at an unbeatable price. Top-quality vertical float switch and accessories. You can install it as your primary sump pump, secondary sump pump, backup sump pump with batteries, or a combination of two sump pumps for maximum performance and reliability. Complete D-I-Y installation kits, including alarm.


Efflorescence Cleaner
RadonSeal Efflorescence Cleaner

Safe Alternative To Acid – Avoid the use of hazardous acids by simply spraying on our RadonSeal® Efflorescence remover and watch the efflorescence disappear! Use for cleaning concrete outdoor or indoor concrete walls and floors, concrete blocks, and brick walls. Ideal for basements and exterior building walls. Afterwards, ensure that the efflorescence does not come back by deep-sealing the concrete or brick with RadonSeal or LastiSeal.

EasyEtch concrete etcher
EasyEtch Concrete Etcher

Concrete Etching Made Safe and Easy – Prepares concrete surfaces for sealing, painting, or staining without the hazards of muriatic acid. Removes stubborn concrete stains and opens up the surface for penetrating concrete sealers or for epoxy coatings, stains, and paints. Easy and safe application. Organic. Biodegradable.

concrete paint stripper and cleaners
Safe, Eco-Friendly Cleaners For Concrete, Bricks, and Masonry

Clean Oil and Remove Paint from Concrete – Remove paint, adhesive, mastic, or tar with Lightning Strip™ Paint & Mastic Remover. Remove oil stains, grease, and grime with organic and biodegradable Novion™ Universal Concrete Cleaner.


BioZap Air & Mold Cleaner
BioZap All-Natural Air Purifier & Deodorizer

Purifies Musty Basement Odors – The genuine Australian Tea Tree Oil air cleaner. Avoid unhealthy ozone or synthetic scents that just mask odors! BioZap™ thoroughly cleans and deodorizes indoor air by slowly releasing organic vapors that break down musty and organic odor in air and on surfaces, textiles, and furnishings. Hypoallergenic and long-lasting. Use around the home or for basements, bathrooms, boats, duct systems, gyms, locker rooms, and offices.

BioZap Mold & Mildew Cleaner
BioZap All-Natural Mold & Mildew Cleaner

Beats Using Chlorine – Avoid unhealthy chlorine or harsh chemicals. BioZap™ Mold & Mildew Cleaner removes mildew and organic stains from surfaces and textiles. Unlike bleach, BioZap penetrates into pores and provides long-lasting protection. Breaks down odors and is color-fast. Just spray it on the contaminated concrete, carpets, masonry, wood, carpets, beds, and upholstery.

BioZap Laundry Pre-Soak
BioZap All-Natural Laundry Pre-Soak

Remove Musty Smells From Clothing – BioZap™ Laundry Pre-Soak uses the Australian Tea Tree Oil to remove stubborn body or smoke odor and mildew stains from laundry, which even modern detergents cannot handle. Great for towels, athletic gear, sneakers, underwear, smoke-damaged clothing.


vapor transmission test kits
Calcium Chloride Moisture Test Kits

Concrete Moisture Test Kits – Make sure to test moisture vapor transmission and pH of the concrete slab before installing moisture-sensitive flooring on concrete floors or coating floors with epoxy. If needed, seal the concrete with RadonSeal penetrating concrete sealer. For even a tighter seal, follow up with Ion-Bond Armor concrete sealer.

radon test kits
Home Radon Test Kits

Test Your Home For Radon Levels – Healthy home, healthy family! US EPA recommends testing for radon in indoor air every year or two. EPA approved short-term radon in air test kits or long-term test kits for more reliable results. Radon-in-water test kits. Beats store prices – two-way shipping, testing, and official reports by email and mail included in price.


Solutions for Basement Moisture Problems

Did you know that most basements start leaking water within 10 to 15 years?

The telltale signs of basement moisture are efflorescence ("white powder") and musty odors. Finishing the basement traps water vapor seeping through the concrete, which causes molds and musty odors in many basements. Rising basement air then spreads molds and radon gas through the house.

You are not alone! Did you know:

  • OVER 60% OF HOMES have a wet or damp basement.
  • 1 IN 3 HOMES have mold and mildew growth
  • 1 IN 6 HOMES have elevated levels of radon gas
  • 2% OF HOMES have the toxic "black mold"

Be Proactive! Protect your basement remodeling investment by first sealing the walls and floor against water and vapor, molds, and radon.

How To Waste $1,000s on Basement Waterproofing

When trying to repair a wet basement or alleviate a damp one, you might get stuck in an endless cycle of waterproofing “fixes” that consume more time and more money.

Does Money Buy Basement Happiness?

You could hire a contractor to excavate, apply exterior waterproofing coating, and repair footing drains but that may cost you $15,000. And it will do little for water vapor oozing in through the basement floor. If you later install flooring, it will only trap moisture and promote the growth of molds and mildew. Floor tiles will “pop.” Similarly, a “de-watering channel system” that takes water seeping through the walls to a sump pump does nothing to stop moisture coming in through the floor.

So, you may decide on a sub-slab interior perimeter drain system with a sump pump (around $6,000) but it does little for moisture infiltrating through the walls. Humidity will remain high. You might buy a popular “waterproofing paint" sold in stores but as a latex-based paint, it is naturally porous and will let in water vapor. Soon enough, it will peel due to efflorescence and water pressure. And it cannot be used on floors.

Often, homeowners install a couple of dehumidifiers, costing around $90 a month to run. But dehumidifiers pull in more moisture through the concrete, making it more porous. Meanwhile, water increases concrete porosity, which will let in more vapor and radon gas. You might end up with a fan-based radon mitigation system (around $1,200).

Instead of all that, you can save time and money by protecting your investment and your family's health by simply sealing your basement floor and foundation walls with RadonSeal. RadonSeal Penetrating Concrete Selaer chemically reacts and permanently cures inside concrete (cement) both strengthening and sealing your basement against water vapor transmission, water seepage, radon, and soil gases.

There is No Safe Radon Level

As the US Environmental Protection Agency explains, there is no safe level of radon, a radioactive gas which causes lung cancer, the No. 1 cancer killer. Radon causes more deaths than fires, drownings, and airplane crashes combined.

EPA RADON GUIDELINES FOR HOMEOWNERS 2 pCi/L EPA's “Consider Action" Limit ("consider fixing your home") 4 pCi/L EPA's “Action Level” ("fix your home")

People assume that the Action Level is like the safety limits on other carcinogens but the cancer risk from radon at 4 pCi/L is hundred times higher. The mortality risk is three times higher than the risk of dying in a car crash or the equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes a day (US EPA). Among women, it increases the lung cancer risk by 50%.

The vast majority of radon-induced lung cancers occur in homes with radon concentrations below the 4 pCi/L Action Level. Children are particularly susceptible.

How Radon Gets Into Homes

Reduce Your Home's Radon Level to a Minimum – Cancer risk is proportional to the radon level. Reducing radon from your current level by 50% lowers the cancer risk to each member of your family by 50%. Sealing your basement walls and basement floor with RadonSeal and making sure to repair/seal foundation cracks, floor cracks, gaps, and any easy pathways for radon to escape through can go a long way in reducing radon levels.

Get a FREE Short-Term Radon Test Kit: To test your house for radon you can order our EPA-Approved Radon Test Kits (cheaper than sold in stores). If you purchase a 5-gallon pail of RadonSeal at the same time (or within two months), the test kit is on us – we’ll send you a $15 rebate!

Concrete Waterproofing and Radon Mitigation in One Concrete Sealer

The Permanent Concrete Sealing Solution – Concrete paints, waterproofing sealers or cementitious coatings are a temporary fix only. They crack or peel and cannot stop gases or water vapor. Why not tackle the root cause of the problem? Seal those pesky pores inside concrete with RadonSeal and combine waterproofing, damp-proofing, mold remediation, and radon mitigation in one!

RadonSeal is Your Damp Proofing Solution!

Backed by a Lifetime Warranty – RadonSeal offers much more for your concrete than do common surface sealants that can be found in major hardware stores. RadonSeal is a permanent concrete sealer so you will never need to apply the product again! This water-based, clear, penetrating sealer will not leave a film or color on your concrete. RadonSeal works by sealing porous cementitious materials – indoor and outdoor, new and old; concrete, concrete blocks, cinder blocks, mortar, and stucco. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

RadonSeal® Penetrating Concrete Sealer is deep-penetrating reactive concrete sealer that penetrates deep into concrete (up to 4 inches!), reacts with lime and alkalis, forcefully expands inside capillaries, and hardens as an insoluble silicate mineral. (Silicates are the "binders" in concrete.)

The many benefits of sealing your concrete with RadonSeal® Penetrating Concrete Sealer:

  • Seals concrete against water seepage, water vapor.
  • Reduces indoor humidity preventing the growth of molds and mildew, alleviates basement odors.
  • Helps prevent the growth of molds, mildew, and musty odors.
  • Strengthens concrete reducing concrete dusting, spalling, and cracking.
  • Seals against efflorescence.
  • Neutralizes alkalis, protects paint, thinset, epoxy coatings, etc. Acts as a concrete primer.

Safe, Spray or Roll-On Application – Apply RadonSeal to your basement concrete using an airless sprayer, hand-pump "garden" sprayer, roller, or brush. RadonSeal is a waterborne concrete sealer – ZERO VOCs, no noxious fumes, non-toxic, nonflammable, and non-hazardous. The sealer absorbs inside the concrete leaving the surface slip resistant and paintable (does not change the appearance or profile of the concrete).

How to Prevent Basement Mold and Mildew

Here are four top tips to prevent basement mold and mildew:

Reduce Humidity: Mold spores cause allergies, asthma, airways infections, and other health problems, particularly in children. Mold and mildew, fungi, bacteria, and dust mites flourish in high humidity (over 50%). Your basement or foundation slab is by far the single largest source of humidity in your home. The average basement (or slab) lets in over 15 (10) gallons of water each day - several times more than showering and cooking combined!

Use an All-Natural Solution to Cleaning Mold and Mildew: Use BioZap Mold & Mildew Cleaner to get rid of visible molds and place several jars of BioZap Air Purifier & Deodorizer to fight all the invisible molds and spores floating in the air or hiding in porous surfaces.

For long-term mold prevention, make sure to seal your basement walls and floor with RadonSeal Penetrating Sealer to minimize water vapor transmission through the concrete. And repair or seal all cracks, gaps, and openings.