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Links on Basement Remodeling, Moisture, Molds, and Radon

Radon in Air or Water

Free Radon Test Kits with RadonSeal
Unbeatable prices for the most popular, EPA-approved radon test kits! And, with a $10 rebate from RadonSeal, you can even get one for free!
The Radon Information Center
Extensive information on radon and the actual radon test results in various regions. Air Chek radon test kits for water and air.

Basement Finishing
Home repair projects and how-to articles.
Basement remodeling, waterproofing and finishing
Innovations in basement remodeling.
Radiant Heat
Your guide to choosing and installing energy-efficient radiant heat systems.

Official Reports on Radon

Risk Assessment of Radon in Water
Summary of the “Risk Assessment of Radon in Drinking Water” report with an update on the health risks of indoor radon. The National Academy of Sciences (1999).
Health Effects of Exposure to Indoor Radon (BEIR VI)
Executive Summary of the Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation VI Report. National Research Council (1999).
EPA Guides on Radon
A Citizen’s Guide to Radon (1992). Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon (1993). A Physician’s Guide to Radon (1993). Consumer’s Guide to Radon Reduction (1992). Radon Mitigation Standards (1994). Radon Resistant New Construction.

Informative Sites on Radon and Radiation

IEM Radon Information
A comprehensive report on radon and its progeny, measurements, and health risks from Integrated Environmental Management.
Cancer Survivors against Radon
Multicenter study of radon-induced lung cancer in never-smokers. National Library of Medicine.  
How Radon Causes Lung Cancer
“It’s Perfectly Safe, But Don’t Breathe Too Deeply” report on lung cancer risks from the Canadian Cancer Society.
Radiation Has Caused Most Cancers and Heart Disease
Dr. John Gofman’s studies show that radiation from medical procedures has played a role in causing over 50% of cancer deaths and coronary heart disease in the US during the twentieth century. (1999)
Low-Level Ionizing Radiation
A site dedicated to providing information about the health costs of man-made low-level ionizing radiation.
Nuclear Information & Resource Service
An information center for issues on nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation, and sustainable energy.
Nuclear Testing and the Downwinders
Information from the website of the Utah State Historical Society.
Uranium: The Deadliest Metal
The deadly legacy of nuclear bomb testing, uranium mining, and radon.

Water Seepage and Moisture

Moisture in basements: causes and solutions
Illustrated guides from the University of Minnesota on the common problems and water drainage systems. Relative humidity above 50% may cause structural and health problems; molds and mildew thrive in relative humidity above 60% to 70%. Dehumidifiers can damage the basement.

Indoor Air Quality, Molds and Mildew

Environmental Hazards in the Home
EPA pamphlet covers radon, asbestos, lead, formaldehyde, and other indoor pollutants.
Make your home a healthy place
Environmental News Network articles on indoor air quality.
Ambient Environment: Biogenic Particles
Viruses, bacteria, and fungi spread around an office via the mechanical ventilation system. Dust mites, insects, animal dander, and pollens. (Cornell University Ergonomics Web)

Complementary Sites
Learn about all kinds of concrete techniques and uses as well as many How to’s for applying concrete finishes.
Do you live close to a nuclear waste route?
State maps of the most likely highway or rail routes for high-level radioactive waste to the Yucca Mountain repository in Nevada.
Find the Polluters in Your ZIP Area
Database of annual pollution releases into the environment as filed by the companies.