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Guide to Sealers for Concrete, Brick, and Masonry

Penetrating Concrete Sealer Guide

RadonSeal Cutting-Edge Products and Service Since 1997

Waterproofing or radon mitigation projects are not always simple but with a little know-how and the right advice, permanent do-it-yourself repairs can be accomplished relatively easily and with great savings. For the past 20 years, we have been dedicated to offering our customers unbiased expertise, unparalleled service, and our professional-quality, ready-to-use, concrete sealers, brick sealers, and concrete repair products.

Whether your intention is to dry out a damp basement, reduce radon levels, waterproof a brick chimney, prevent concrete dusting, or preserve the look of your outdoor pavers, our line of trusted, professional-grade penetrating concrete sealers will more than exceed your expectations! No messy mixing – our sealers are ready to apply on delivery. Superior to anything available in stores that sell film-forming sealers that will break down, peel, discolor, and most have to be reapplied annually.

Review of Concrete, Brick, and Masonry Sealers

When Performance Matters

The RadonSeal pro-line of long-lasting, penetrating, waterproofing sealers has an extensive and well-proven history when quality and performance matter!

  • COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, RESIDENTIAL APPLICATIONS – Easy and safe application for contractors and homeowners.
  • INDOOR or OUTDOORWet basements, patio pavers, concrete driveway, pool deck, sweating garage floor, koi pond, etc.
  • NEW or OLD CONCRETE, BRICK, MASONRY –”Chicago” brick, rat slabs, cinder blocks, concrete blocks, thin concrete, crawl spaces.
  • ABOVE and BELOW GRADE WATERPROOFING – Basement walls and floors, negative side water pressure, stone foundations, retaining walls.

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How To Choose the Best Concrete, Brick, or Masonry Sealers

The chart and product information below will help you better understand how to select the proper penetrating sealer for your specific project. Surface porosity varies greatly and penetration of the sealers is not guaranteed. Testing is recommended to confirm that sealers are properly working. If you wish to discuss your particular project or have any questions regarding our products and their application please feel free to contact us to speak to or email a product technician. (YY = RECOMMENDED) (Y = GOOD CHOICE)(* = TESTING RECOMMENDED).

SEALERS –RadonSealIon-Bond LastiSealLastiSeal StainDryWay
Basement Walls, Basement FloorsYYYYY
Slab-on-grade, Floating slabsYY*Y*YY*Y*
Driveways, Sidewalks, CarportsYYYYYY*YY
Garage Floors (properly profiled)YYYYYYY*YY
Animal kennels, Stables, Pole barnYYYYYYY
Fish ponds, Gunite pools (>3")YYYY
Fiber Reinforced Concrete (outdoors)Y*Y*Y*
Fiber Reinforced Concrete (indoors)Y*Y*Y*
Thin concrete, Rat slabs (<2”)YYYYY
Structural concrete (>5,000 psi)YY*Y*
Precast (>5,000 psi)YY*Y*
Stamped concrete (not sealed)Y*
Acid stain (unsealed)Y*YY*Y*
Integrally colored (unsealed)Y*YY*Y*
Stained concrete (water-based/dye)Y*
Painted concrete (1 layer of latex)Y
Concrete Dusting (indoors)YYYYY
Concrete Dusting (outdoors)YYYYY
Water RepellencyYYYYYYY
Heavyweight Blocks (foundations)YYYYY
Cinder Blocks (foundations)YYYYYY
Concrete Blocks (outdoors)YYYYYYYY
Mortar, Parge Coat (non-polymeric)YYYYYY
Light-Weight CMUs, Retaining WallsYYYYYYY
Split Face Blocks, ColoredYYYYYY
Ground Faced BlocksYYYYY
Brick Walls, Chimneys, Clay BricksYYYY
Brick and Masonry PaversYYYY
Concrete PaversYYYYY
Travertine Pavers, TilesYY
Marble PaversY*
Unglazed Mexican TilesYYYY
Man-Made Stone, AdobeYYYY
Limestone, SandstoneYYYYYYY
Masonry Facades, Monuments, StatuesYYYYYYYY
Flagstone, FieldstoneY*
Lannon StoneYYYYY
ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms)YYYY
Stucco over concrete (unpainted)YYYYYYYY
Stucco over brick (unpainted)YYYYYY
Resurfacing Products, LevelersY*
Overlays, Patching Compounds (without adhesion additives)Y*

RadonSeal Deep-Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Product Information – Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee

The Permanent Solution to Concrete Waterproofing! Silicate-based, internal reactive sealer that penetrates up to 4 inches into concrete and chemically reacts with alkalis and hardens as a mineral. Using RadonSeal® is like injecting more cement into the pores! Once cured the sealer cannot be pushed out regardless of hydrostatic pressure. RadonSeal will provide your concrete the tightest seal against water, vapor, and gases and will also harden the concrete making it more resistant to spalling, cracking, and dusting.

Common Use: Damp basements, foundation walls, concrete blocks, cinder blocks, slab-on-grade, damp concrete floors, concrete blocks, cinder blocks, sweating garage floor, deteriorated outdoor concrete, dusting concrete, limestone, sandstone foundation.

  • WATERPROOFS – Deep seals porous brick, mortar, and masonry waterproofing it against rain and surface water.
  • REPELS – Sheds surface water, oil, chemicals, spills on smoother surfaces.
  • RESTRICTS – Water vapor transmission.
  • REDUCES – efflorescence and concrete dusting.
  • CONCRETE & BRICK PRIMER – Allows for use of paints or coatings like epoxy, urethane, acrylics (but not latex).

LastiSeal Concrete & Brick Sealer 

Product Information – 15-Year Waterproofing Warranty

The best brick and masonry sealer on the market! Polyester/polyurethane-based brick sealer. Penetrates 2 to 4 inches into porous materials, fills up the pores, and hardens. Seals a wide range of porous materials regardless of their cement content or additives. It’s like injecting epoxy into the pores. LastiSeal leaves the surface paintable, except for latex and silicone. LastiSeal will also not change the surface appearance or the friction of the substrate.

Common Use: Bricks, brick walls, brick chimneys, porous brick veneer, pavers, porous stone, man-made stone, colored concrete, stamped concrete, pool decks, slump blocks, Mexican pavers, outdoor concrete, CMUs, retaining walls, fiber-reinforced concrete.

  • WATERPROOFS – Deep seals porous brick, mortar, and masonry waterproofing it against rain and surface water.
  • REPELS – Sheds surface water, oil, chemicals, spills on smoother surfaces.
  • RESTRICTS – Water vapor transmission.
  • REDUCES – efflorescence and concrete dusting.
  • CONCRETE & BRICK PRIMER – Allows for use of paints or coatings like epoxy, urethane, acrylics (but not latex).

LastiSeal Concrete Stain & Sealer

Product Information – 15-Year Waterproofing Warranty

Your One-Step Sealer and Stain! Polyester/polyurethane-based concrete stain and concrete sealant. LastiSeal® Concrete Stain & Sealer combines clear the clear penetrating sealer with UV-resistant pigment stains. Deep-seals and colors the substrate in one simple step. Beats concrete painting and is much safer than acid staining.

Common Use: Porous building materials, concrete floors, patio pavers, concrete driveway, walkways, sidewalks, pool decks, garage floors, properly prepared concrete countertops, statutes, concrete, and brick walls.

  • USE – Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • APPEARANCE – Stains concrete leaving a mottled look similar to acid-staining.
  • SHEDS– Repels surface water. Seals internally. Waterproofs concrete.
  • 37 COLORS – Colors can be mixed to achieve the desired color.
  • FLAT – Leaves a matte or low-gloss finish depending on surface porosity.
  • LASTING SEAL – Seals against rain and surface water. Reduces concrete efflorescence.

DryWay Repellent Concrete Sealer

Product Information – 10-Year Service Life

Your Water-Repellent Barrier for Years To Come! Siloxane/silane based. DryWay penetrates up to 1/2” into concrete and forms an elastomeric water-repellant barrier well below the surface, hidden from UV-rays. Not dependent on cement content. Disappears into concrete and will not change the appearance or friction of your outdoor concrete.

Common Use: Broom finished concrete surfaces, concrete driveways, garage floor, auto body shop, sidewalks, pavers, patios, stucco, blocks.

  • BEADS – Beads surface water, oil, grease, acid, and spills.
  • PROTECTS – Protects concrete against freeze-thaw, road salts, chemical deicers, efflorescence, and contaminants.
  • REDUCES – Ice, snow, paint, and gum do not stick – saves on labor and snow-melting chemicals.
  • EASY CLEANING – Spills wipe or wash off easily. Makes for easy maintenance!
  • DURABLE – Not affected by UV rays, foot traffic, or vehicular traffic.

Ion-Bond Armor Subsurface Elastomeric Sealant

Product Information

The Only Sealer Capable of Penetrating Through a Layer of Latex Paint! Polysiloxane-based. Ion-Bond Armor offers a unique subsurface elastomeric sealer that penetrates up to 1-1/2” into concrete. It’s like injecting silicone caulk into the pores. Only polysiloxane based concrete sealer that waterproofs against both positive and negative side water pressure. Often applied after RadonSeal for the tightest combined seal against vapor and gases. Seals even through a single layer of latex paint (100% latex.)

Common Use: Often used in combination with RadonSeal® to seal very concrete, cinder blocks, concrete blocks, slump blocks, CMUs, or fiber-reinforced concrete, retaining walls, concrete painted with 1 layer of latex paint, smooth finished surfaces, basement floor, thin concrete, sandstone foundations.

  • REPELS – Sheds surface water, easy maintenance.
  • REDUCES – water vapor transmission and efflorescence.
  • CONCRETE PRIMER – Apply before use of paints or adhesives, as well as thinset and overlays.
  • LONG LASTING – Provides a permanent waterproofing seal.
  • STRENGTH – The combination of RadonSeal and Ion-Bond provide the tightest waterproofing seal.

Common State-of-the-Art Features

These are not paints or store bought surface coatings but unique, penetrating, long lasting sealers that deep-seal the substrate internally. Our waterproofing sealers are specifically formulated to be the heaviest and strongest concrete sealers in their class. The common features of the RadonSeal line of concrete sealers, brick sealer, and masonry sealants include:

  1. NO SURFACE FILM – concrete and brick sealers that will not change the appearance or profile of the substrate.
  2. DEEP PENETRATION – absorb deep into substrate (1-4 inches.)
  3. PRESERVES – sealers that will strengthen and preserve the concrete against deterioration due to moisture and chemicals .
  4. UV-RESISTANT – penetrating sealers that cure deep below the surface providing a longer-lasting seal.
  5. DURABLE – waterproofing sealers that last for many years or for the life of the substrate.
  6. BREATHABLE – the smallest of pores remain open allowing concrete and brick to breathe.
  7. SAFE –non-toxic, nonflammable, non-hazardous.
  8. ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY – no solvents, waterborne, either zero or very low VOCs (meets CA/VOC Regs.)
  9. EASY APPLICATION – apply using a low-pressure pump sprayer, paint roller, or brush.
  10. CONCRETE PRIMER – protect surface paints, coatings, and moisture sensitive flooring against negative side water pressure and efflorescence.

Combining the Sealers

“I want to use RadonSeal but I also want to use LastiSeal Concrete Stain to color my concrete as well. Is this possible?” It is possible to combine RadonSeal with any of the other sealers for the utmost protection of your concrete.


Combine: RadonSeal & DryWay

Common Use: concrete driveway, garage floor, sidewalk, concrete patio, shop floors

APPLICATION: Seal the concrete with RadonSeal and after 7 days (or later) apply DryWay Water-Repellent Sealer. RadonSeal will work best at strengthening the concrete and sealing against negative and positive side water pressure. DryWay will create that long-lasting water repellent barrier close to the surface (beads surface water.)


Combine: RadonSeal & Ion-Bond Armor

Common Use: slab-on-grade, basement floors, garage floor, factory floors

APPLICATION: Deep seal the concrete first with RadonSeal and after 10 days (or later) apply Ion-Bond Armor. The combination of RadonSeal and Ion-Bond Armor forms the tightest possible internal seal against water vapor, chemical vapors, and gases, including radon. The surface will remain suitable for paints or adhesives.


Combine: RadonSeal & LastiSeal Concrete Stain & Sealer

Common Use: basement floors, basement walls, garage floor

APPLICATION: Deep seal the concrete first with RadonSeal and after 7 days (or later) apply LastiSeal Concrete Stain & Sealer. For this type of application, surface porosity is key! Please review the LastiSeal Concrete Stain & Sealer Application, Prep, & Tips webpage for detailed information.