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LastiSeal Penetrating Brick & Concrete Sealer

LastiSeal Penetrating Brick & Concrete Sealer

Long-Lasting Protection for Brick, Concrete, and Masonry

LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer has been the most unique, state-of-the-art, penetrating waterproofing sealer for commercial and residential applications since 1997. LastiSeal is a clear, nano-chemical penetrating sealer used to waterproof and preserve outdoor and indoor brick, poured concrete, concrete blockspavers, mortar joints, stucco, limestone, sandstone, and other porous masonry. 

LastiSeal is an eco-friendly, low-VOC, breathable, water-based formula designed to penetrate deep below the surface (up to 4″) and plug the pore spaces, capillaries, and micro-fractures internally. Unlike topical sealants (clear coatings) that require frequent reapplication and slip-resistant additives, LastiSeal does not encapsulate the surface. It is inherently slip-resistant and can be applied to high-vehicular surfaces, providing long-lasting protection against water, road salts, freeze-thaw, and surface degradation. It’s like adding liquid plastic into the pores.

Waterproofs & Hardens Surfaces Against Dusting & Efflorescence

Sealing porous brick, concrete, and masonry with LastiSeal will internally protect it against deep water penetration, freeze-thaw, deicing chemicals, efflorescence, and road salts. LastiSeal bonds the substrate, resulting in a harder and stronger surface; which helps to control concrete dusting, and protect against rebar corrosion, crazing, cracking, and surface spalling. Ideal for use on concrete driveways, sidewalks, ramps, parking areas, pool decks, patios, Chicago, adobe, or clay brick chimneys, mortar, and retaining walls.

Hiring a mason or concrete contractor to replace or repair damaged concrete, brick, and masonry is expensive. This is all the more reason why waterproofing and preserving are important! New or old, LastiSeal will help protect and preserve water-permeable building materials against:


  • Wind-Driven Rains – Seals against rainwater intrusion due to “sideways rain” forced by strong winds. Use for sealing the porous masonry and at the top of the chimney crown.
  • Freeze-Thaw – Seals the substrate against deep water penetration improving freeze-thaw resistance.
  • Road Salts – Salt tolerant. Hardens surfaces to protect against corrosion due to road salts and deicing chemicals.
  • Corrosion – Protects reinforcing steel and other embedded metals in concrete.
  • Deterioration – Bonds concrete and brick against surface deterioration; dusting, pitting, spalling, cracking, and crumbling.
  • Chemical Spills – Sheds surface water. Resists stains from surface spills, motor oil, grease, and chemical spills. Improves cleaning maintenance.
  • Efflorescence – Reduces unsightly efflorescence, salt deposits, and mortar hazing.
  • Mold, Algae – Helps to reduce the growth of mold, mildew, lichen, and algae on outdoor surfaces.
  • Humidity – Aids in reducing water vapor transmission through the substrate.

Multi-Surface Penetrating Sealer for Porous Substrates


LastiSeal® Brick & Concrete Sealer is not only for use on brick and concrete. It can be applied to practically any porous surface such as; pavers, concrete blocks, limestone, travertine, grout, and even wood!

LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer | Flat

LastiSeal® Flat

LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer | Satin

LastiSeal® Satin

Choose LastiSeal Flat or Satin Surface Finish


Leaves the natural finish. LastiSeal Flat will not change the appearance or friction profile of the surface. A safe choice before painting, high-vehicular traffic areas and horizontal surfaces such as; ramps, pool decks or pool areas, stairs, decks, warehouse concrete floors, paver sidewalks, concrete curbing, concrete bridges, parking lots, brick walkways, and similar.


Enriched with acrylic-polymers LastiSeal satin slightly enhances the appearance of dull surfaces. Leaves behind an attractive low-luster, low-gloss finish. Particularly suitable for brick walls, building facades, washed-out, and dull smoother surfaces. Commonly used for old clay brick, Chicago brick, Victorian red brick, historical renovations, basement floors, foundation walls, indoor brick floors, integrally colored concrete, acid-stained concrete, and porous masonry surfaces.

Beats Common Silane/Siloxane Sealers

Over-marketed and common water-repellent silane and siloxane sealers, designed to bead surface water, have shorter life spans and do not strengthen the substrate. High-gloss and low-gloss urethane and acrylic-based sealants enhance a surface appearance but require reapplication every 1-2 years because they are soft and wear quickly. In the long run, it will cost you more to continue to use silane/siloxane sealers and topical wet-look sealants compared to using LastiSeal.

Reactive sealers like RadonSeal Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer (the best indoor concrete sealer and outdoor concrete densifier) have some distinct advantages, but they rely upon a chemical reaction with Portland cement (lime and alkali). Most often, they are not suitable for use on brick pavers, porous stone, and less cementitious materials.

LastiSeal’s advantage is that it does not depend on a chemical reaction with the substrate. It simply fills the pores and hardens. This allows it to seal concretes and porous materials that RadonSeal and reactive sealers cannot. Thus making it a more widely used all-purpose sealer.

TIPIf choosing between the two, RadonSeal would be the recommended choice for sealing concrete walls and floors against negative side water vapor and radon gas transmission (basement slabs, crawlspaces, indoor slab-on-grade).

What Makes LastiSeal Special?

LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer is undoubtedly the best penetrating sealer on the market today.

LastiSeal is a penetrating sealer. It is not a high gloss sealer, clear coating, or clear membrane sealant. It is a waterborne, proprietary, polyester-based sealer designed for use in commercial and residential construction, high-vehicular, and foot traffic areas. Manufactured to internally waterproof and strengthen the matrix of water-permeable materials against capillary water seepage and surface corrosion from aggressive elements.

Once cured, you will find that hammering a nail into a sealed substrate will be difficult!

When applied to a sufficiently porous surface, the sealer does not change surface aesthetics or surface friction. It is not intended to bead surface water, but characteristically sheds surface water greatly improving drying time.


  • Non-Forming Film – Safe for use on high vehicular areas, driveways, decks, pool areas.
  • Long-Lasting – Polyester is the “poor man’s epoxy.” Backed by an unmatched 15-Year Warranty.
  • Breathable – Vapor permeable. Will not delaminate or cause blushing. Allows substrates to breathe, dry out.
  • Strengthens – Hardens surfaces providing superior freeze-thaw road salt protection. Solidifies crumbling brick, mortar, and concrete surfaces.
  • UV Resistant – Penetrates below the surface. Not exposed to ultraviolet rays.
  • Paintable – Suitable as a primer before the use of adhesive, epoxy, and acrylic concrete paints. It does much more than the common primers by waterproofing the substrate and reducing water vapor transmission, helping to extend the life of paints and clear coatings.
  • Ultra-Low VOCs – Complies with California VOC regulations. No noxious odor. Safe for applicators and indoor use.
  • Eco-friendly – Non-toxic. Nonflammable. Not harmful to plants and grass.
  • Improves Maintenance – Blocks the build-up of dirt, grime, grease, oil, and chemical spills into the pores. Makes cleaning surfaces less routine and easier.

All Purpose Penetrating Sealer for Porous Building Materials

While LastiSeal is most commonly used for sealing and hardening clay bricks, mortar, and concrete, it can also be used for sealing porous pavers, limestone, porous stone and tiles, grout, and any other porous masonry.

The rule of thumb is, as long as the substrate is porous you can use LastiSeal. You can even use it for sealing fibrous wood!

  • Brick – Brick chimney sealer, brick home sealer, fireplace, fire pit, brick floors, brick patios, indoor brick floors, and backsplash.
  • Pavers – Brick pavers, concrete pavers, stone pavers, paver patio, paver driveway, pool deck pavers, hardscape, paver walkways.
  • Concrete – Indoor and outdoor poured concrete, basement walls, basement floors, garage floors, sidewalks, retaining walls, outdoor concrete blocks, colored concrete, parking lots, ground pools.
  • Historical Renovations – Historic brick sealer for sun-dried or unburnt clay brick, fly ash brick, Chicago brick, Victorian brick, Adobe brick, brownstone apartment buildings.
  • Commercial – Outdoor brick walkways, brick sidewalks, brick roads, bridges, building facades, landscape, parking lots, concrete barriers, warehouse floors, industrial flooring, concrete seawalls, concrete curbs, holding tanks, concrete water features, waterfalls, ponds.
  • Porous Stone – Limestone, bluestone, flagstone, sandstone, brownstone, greystone, Lannon stone.

Ultra-Low VOC, ECO-Friendly Penetrating Brick & Concrete Sealer

ECO-FRIENDLY – Environment-friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-hazardous. Ultra-low VOCs with no noxious odors or fumes. Not harmful to plants, grass, or aquatic life. Safe for use indoors and outdoors.

LONG LASTING – Unsurpassed 15-Year Service Life. Unlike paints or surface sealers, LastiSeal does not form a surface film (membrane coating). It seals the substrate internally and is practically permanent! Concrete sealers and brick sealers sold in stores have to be reapplied every couple of years. In the long run, LastiSeal is an economical solution even before considering all the labor.

UV RESISTANCE – Paints, coatings, and surface sealants are susceptible to delamination, flaking, peeling, cracking, or simply wearing away due to heavy traffic, UV rays, water or vapor pressure, and efflorescence. Eventually, you would need to remove the old coating (or it will start peeling even faster) and recoat the entire surface. Since LastiSeal works by penetrating and sealing deep inside the material, it is not affected by ultraviolet rays or foot and vehicular traffic.

VAPOR PERMEABLE – Breathable. It Waterproofs brick, concrete, and masonry, but still allows the substrate to breathe and dry out. It does not trap moisture and is commercially specced as such, a vapor-permeable sealant.

Cleaning Before Applying LastiSeal

Be sure your surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned before applying a sealer. For optimal results, penetrating sealers like LastiSeal, should be applied to clean surface and dry surfaces. Remove oils, moss and algae, efflorescence, tire marks, leaf stains, and other contaminants that may prevent sealer penetration. The following articles discuss cleaning various surfaces in detail and provide tips on getting your surfaces sparkling clean before sealing. 

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