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LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer | FLAT

LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer | FLAT


State-of-the-art penetrating sealer that waterproofs and strengthens concrete, brick, pavers, porous stone. Unmatched performance and durability. A unique blend of polyester and polyurethane polymers.


LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer is a state-of-the-art, polyester-polymer, waterproofing sealer for concrete, bricks, pavers, porous stone, grout, and other porous building materials. LastiSeal penetrates deep into the substrate (up to 4″) to seal internally. It fills the pores, encapsulates particles, bonds the substrate, and cures as a hard plastic. It strengthens and waterproofs, reducing water penetration and protecting against deterioration. Outperforms silane & siloxane sealers.

  • 15-YEAR WATERPROOFING WARRANTY – Unsurpassed protection and service life. Last 2 x longer than silane/siloxane sealers & 10 x longer than acrylic sealers.
  • WATERPROOFS & STRENGTHENS – Not only seals, but also hardens and strengthens. Penetrates deep below the surface & cures hard inside the pores to bind bricks, blocks, and pavers. Extend the life of your concrete and masonry surfaces. Great for crumbling brick and dusty concrete.
  • INVISIBLE PROTECTION – Seals below the surface. Does not leave a film or coating. Will not chip, peel, or fade. Natural/matte finish. No gloss or shine.
  • PEOPLE, PLANT, & PET SAFE – Water-based, no offensive odors, eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable. For indoor & outdoors.
  • EASY APPLICATION – No special tools or equipment needed. Simply spray, roll, or brush.
  • INCREDIBLY VERSATILE – Use on interior/exterior brick, concrete, pavers, stamped concrete, concrete blocks, stucco, cultured stone, & even wood!
  • BREATHABLE – Will not trap moisture. Allows surfaces to dry out. Will never yellow or blush.
  • UNSURPASSED PROTECTION – Prevents water seepage and salt damage. Stops dusting and efflorescence. Keeps your bricks looking like new.

Unlike paints or surface sealers, LastiSeal does not leave a film on the surface, color, or gloss. It does not make surfaces slippery. Water-based. Quick and safe spray-on application. Eco-friendly. Matte/flat finish. Seal and protect your exterior brick walls and veneer, brick chimney, paved patio and pool deck, driveway, fireplace, concrete blocks, split-faced blocks, man-made stones, and other porous masonry.



  • Poured Concrete: 200 sq. ft./gallon.
  • Bricks and Pavers: 150-225 sq. ft./gallon.
  • Concrete Blocks: 100-150 sq. ft./gallon.
  • Cinder Blocks: 75-125 sq. ft./gallon.
  • Shower Grout: 16 sq. ft. per 8-oz. sample.
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