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RadonSeal Commercial Applications

Well-Proven Technology

Silicate-based penetrating concrete sealers have been successfully used for several decades in thousands of large buildings, facilities, and structures. Examples: schools, office buildings, skyscrapers, apartment buildings, bridges, dams, water treatment plants, power stations, parking lots, roads (to clean oil spills), the Sydney Opera House, even for strengthening military runways during WWII. It is a well-proven technology for concrete bonding, preservation, waterproofing, and damp-proofing.

The RadonSeal Edge

RadonSeal has improved on the state-of-the-art technology to provide a tighter seal inside the concrete by penetrating deeper and sealing smaller capillaries. This makes it unique and effective even against radon infiltration. RadonSeal is the most advanced penetrating concrete sealer in the marketplace.

Large Buildings and Concrete Facilities

Indoor air quality is a concern in many residential, institutional, or commercial buildings. RadonSeal reduces dampness, molds, and radon, as well as energy losses.
  • schools, universities
  • apartment buildings, hotels
  • churches
  • hospitals, prisons
  • municipal and government buildings.
Protect large outdoor or indoor concrete assets against deterioration:
  • power stations, cooling towers (prevent algae)
  • factories, warehouses
  • bridges, tunnels, aircraft hangars, runways
  • water treatment plants, sewage plants, dams, reservoirs
  • ports, marinas, ships, buoys (algae).
Deep-clean and seal concrete against spills, road salts, acid rain, and most chemicals:
  • parking lots, garages, vehicle service areas, car washes
  • concrete highways (deep-clean oil spills and seal)
  • machine shops
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • kennels, barns, agriculture
  • building facades, monuments.

Added Value for Builders and Contractors

Concrete Contractors
Use RadonSeal as a "cure & seal" to retard water evaporation and strengthen the concrete. Apply one light spray of RadonSeal as soon as the concrete is ready to walk on (usually in 4 – 5 hours after the pour). Replaces temporary wax sealers or hazardous chemical sealers.
Offer RadonSeal to customers as an option. Apply RadonSeal to reduce your warranty costs and increase customer satisfaction. Seal basements or foundation slabs, floors in multiple-story buildings, gypcrete, and outdoor concrete like roofs, driveways, swimming pools, and parking areas. You may avoid passive radon mitigation systems and sump pumps for occasional rainwater seepage. You will avoid warranty call-backs to add a radon fan or waterproofing. RadonSeal bonds the concrete and reduces cracking. (These sealers were originally used to strengthen military runways.)
Basement Remodeling Contractors
Provide additional service to your customers by solving or preventing moisture and radon problems in the finished basement. Use RadonSeal before concrete resurfacing and for radiant floor heat.
Waterproofing Contractors
Add to your arsenal by sealing the concrete permanently against seepage. Extend the life of concrete coatings or membranes. Offer a RadonSeal option to reduce water vapor and radon.
Radon Mitigation Contractors
Enhance your results with RadonSeal. Achieve the lowest possible radon levels and reduce warranty costs. Provide a back-up for grid or fan failures and reduce energy losses in treated air. Use RadonSeal for more complex situations – slab-on-grade construction, buildings unsuitable for multiple floor penetrations, or even radon emanation from concrete in multi-story buildings. Expand your market by sealing concrete against water seepage and vapor.
Mold Remediation Contractors
Prevent the return of molds and mildew by sealing the basement or slab against capillary water seepage and vapor. Purge entrapped biological contaminants from the concrete.
Flooring Contractors
Moisture trapped under floor covering like linoleum, vinyl flooring, floor tiles, carpets, or polyethylene sheets causes molds, musty odors, and warping. Neutralize alkalis, reduce vapor transmission and capillary water seepage. Protect the floor covering or concrete coatings against saponification and stop plasticizer breakdown of flooring.
Painting Contractors
Protect paints against alkalis, capillary water seepage, and vapor transfer. Improve paint adhesion and extend the life of concrete paints or coatings.

Business Opportunities for RadonSeal Application Contractors

Application Contractors are still needed in many areas. RadonSeal offers a very unique product with a large market potential. Many homeowners and builders, as well as schools or large building owners, prefer to have RadonSeal applied. Basement water problems are the most frequent complaint of homeowners. Many homeowners prefer avoiding radon fans in order to protect the house resale value.

The job also involves caulking and sealing openings or cracks. At your option, you may include other work like removing paint or repairing concrete. Past or current experience with radon mitigation, waterproofing, painting, or remodeling is a plus. Price discounts and protected territories are available. There are no franchise or similar fees.

Inquiries from prospective application contractors are welcome.

Foreign Importers and Distributors

We are looking for business partners in many countries. We receive many inquiries but shipping small orders is not economical. There is lots of concrete in need of protection in every country and the business potential for this unique and product is tremendous.