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The All-In-One Concrete Cleaner & Degreaser

Universal Concrete Cleaner & Degreaser by RadonSeal

One Concrete Cleaner, Endless Possibilities

Oil stains. Tire marks. Stubborn mold and algae stains. We’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to concrete stains with a single concrete cleaning solution: Universal Concrete Cleaner. This industrial-grade, multi-purpose powerhouse tackles your toughest concrete challenges. A true all-in-one concrete cleaner that doubles as a powerful degreaser and oil remover. No organic stain is safe. 

Transform your concrete in minutes:

  • Unmatched Stain Coverage: Oil stains on your garage floor? BBQ grease on your patio? From tree sap and tire marks, to leaf tannins and mold stains. If its on your concrete, Universal Concrete Cleaner can remove it.
  • Concentrated Power, Efficient Cleaning: Packaged as a super-charged cleaning concentrate, simply dilute with water for a customized cleaning solution.
  • Cleans & Degreases, One Step Solution: No need for separate products. This cleaner cuts through oil and grease effortlessly.
  • Biodegradable & Earth-Friendly: Clean your concrete without harming yourself or the environment. Non-flammable and non-corrosive.
  • Safe For Concrete: Non-abrasive and acid-free formula will not damage your concrete.
  • Free Rinsing: No streaking or residue to worry about.

Forget harsh chemicals and backbreaking scrubbing. Our concentrated formula lets you dilute with water for customized cleaning, saving you money and reducing waste. Plus, it’s 100% biodegradable and plant safe, so you can feel good about giving your concrete a deep clean without harming the environment.

*If you are looking for the BEST BRICK CLEANER, we’ve got you covered!

Ditch the Danger, Embrace the Easy: The Concrete Cleaning Solution

Let’s face it, cleaning concrete should not put you or your family in danger. Forget flammable solvents and harsh acids, those are relics of the past! Today, a wave of innovation has changed the cleaning world, introducing safer, eco-friendly options like Universal Concrete Cleaner.

No more worries about:

  • Toxic fumes: Breathe easy! Universal Concrete Cleaner is non-hazardous and free of harsh chemical odors. 
  • Acid spills: Say goodbye to corroding surfaces and accidental lawn casualties. This gentle formula is non-corrosive and safe for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Headache triggers: No more battling overpowering or lingering odors. 

Instead, experience:

  • Effortless cleaning: State-of-the-art butyl chemistry cuts through grime without breaking a sweat.
  • Eco-friendly peace of mind: 100% Biodegradable. Universal Concrete Cleaner cares for your surfaces and the planet.
  • Versatility: Use it indoors or outdoors, on driveways, patios, sidewalks, and more!

Upgrade your concrete cleaning game with Universal Concrete Cleaner. It’s the safe, effective, and easy choice for a sparkling clean you can feel good about.

Novion Universal Concrete Cleaner | 2.5 gals | Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly

Universal Concrete Cleaner

Advantages: Earth-friendly, nontoxic, non-abrasive, free-rinsing, low-foaming.  Applicator: Spray, roll, brush, or scrubber. Coverage: 1,200 sq.ft/gal @ 5:1. Coverage varies with dilution.  Shelf Life: 1 year. USDA: A4.  Shipping Terms

   8 oz   $19
   1 gal   $51
   2.5 gals   $111 
   5 gals   $199

SDS (pdf)   •  PDS (pdf)   •   Instruction (pdf)

A Powerful Concrete Cleaner and Much More

How many different cleaners are you storing in your garage? Now you can replace virtually all of them with one safe and powerful multipurpose cleaner. Because not only is our Universal Concrete Cleaner the premier residential and commercial concrete floor cleaner, but it can be safely and effectively used on a wide variety of surfaces like natural and artificial stone, stucco, brick, pavers, stone, vinyl siding, plastic furniture, metal, fiberglass, or wood decks. Countless industrial, commercial, and residential uses. Keep a jug handy around the home or shop. The possibilities are endless.

Residential Applications

Endless applications inside and outside your home. The only concrete cleaner you need.

  • Concrete floor cleaner
  • Foundation wall cleaner
  • Tire mark remover
  • Garage floor degreaser
  • Latex Paint stripper
  • Barbecues and outdoor eating areas
  • Tile and carpet adhesive remover
  • Paver patio cleaner
  • Block and stone cleaner
  • Concrete driveway cleaner
  • Pool deck cleaner

Commercial Applications

Industrial-strength cleaner that is efficient and economical. Reduce resources spent on concrete care. 

  • Graffiti removal
  • Commercial kitchens and eating areas
  • Auto Shops
  • Strip Malls
  • Amusement Parks
  • Pedestrian Sidewalks and Promenades
  • Dumpster Pads
  • Loading Docks
  • Parking Garages
  • Gas Stations
  • Drive-Through Lanes
Efflorescence: Causes, Removal, and Prevention
How To Remove Tire Marks from Concrete Surfaces

Reclaim Your Curb Appeal: The Best Concrete Driveway Cleaner

Does your driveway resemble a neglected battlefield, ravaged by oil spills, tire marks, leaf stains, tree sap, and more? Reclaim your property’s pride with Universal Concrete Cleaner, the powerful solution for pristine outdoor concrete.

Universal Concrete Cleaner conquers:

    • Oil and Grease: Works as a powerful degreaser to effortlessly penetrate and lift oil, restoring your driveway’s original luster.
    • Tire Marks: Black marks vanish under the potent action of Universal Concrete Cleaner, leaving your driveway uniform and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Leaf Stains: No more autumnal artwork marring your driveway! Universal Concrete Cleaner lifts leaf tannins and discoloration with ease.
    • Mold and Algae: Conquer perky green and black mold stains with ease.

Universal Concrete Cleaner’s versatility extends beyond driveways, offering exceptional cleaning for:

    • Patios: Breathe new life into your outdoor haven with a deep clean that eliminates grime and stains, creating a welcoming space for relaxation and entertainment.
    • Garage Floors: Transform your oily garage into a gleaming haven of order and organization.
    • Concrete Walkways: Maintain the welcoming allure of your entry points with effortless cleaning power, ensuring a positive first impression for guests.

Universal Concrete Cleaner:

    • Safe and Effective: Formulated with environmentally conscious ingredients, it tackles tough stains without harming your concrete or the environment.
    • Effortless Application: Simply spray, let the formula work its magic, and rinse away the vanquished foes. No strenuous scrubbing required!
    • Long-lasting Results: Enjoy a sparkling driveway for weeks on end, thanks to Universal Concrete Cleaner’s advanced formula.

Don’t settle for a tarnished facade. Restore your property’s pristine exterior with Universal Concrete Cleaner!

Preparing for Perfection: The Ideal Pre-Sealing Concrete Cleaner

Planning to give your concrete driveway, patio, or floor a stunning makeover with a concrete sealer, stain, epoxy, or overlay? Before you unleash your artistic vision, remember that the foundation is everything. It’s not just about erasing visible grime; you need to ensure a deep-seated clean that eliminates hidden enemies lurking beneath the surface, waiting to sabotage your masterpiece.

That’s where Universal Concrete Cleaner rises as your pre-finishing champion. This powerhouse formula digs deeper than the typical surface cleaner, targeting and conquering stubborn stains that can interfere with adhesion and absorption. 

But the benefits go beyond just removing the bad. By using Universal Concrete Cleaner, you’re actively setting the stage for success:

  • Enhanced Adhesion: With a properly cleaned and prepped surface, your chosen paint, seal, or finish will adhere flawlessly, creating a long-lasting and visually stunning result. No more chipping, peeling, or bubbling down the line.
  • Increased Durability: By removing hidden contaminants that can weaken the concrete from within, Universal Concrete Cleaner ensures your new finish sits upon a strong and stable foundation, extending its lifespan and resilience. 
  • Smoother Application: A perfectly prepped surface allows for a smooth and even application of your chosen finish, eliminating brushstrokes, streaks, or uneven texture. Say hello to a flawless, professionally-inspired look!

Investing in proper concrete preparation with Universal Concrete Cleaner is an investment in your project’s long-term success and visual appeal. Think of it as laying the groundwork for a masterpiece. By ensuring a pristine and contaminant-free starting point, you’re guaranteeing a smoother, more durable, and ultimately more breathtaking final result. So, before you grab your paintbrush or roller, unleash the power of Universal Concrete Cleaner and let it pave the way for a transformation that truly takes your breath away.

Learn more about choosing the best concrete sealer or stain for your concrete. 

One Concrete Cleaner, Countless Concretes 

From the textured elegance of exposed aggregate to the rustic charm of shell top and the artistic flair of stamped finishes, our Universal Cleaner does not discriminate. Its gentle yet powerful formula tackles dirt, grime, and stains without harming delicate textures or intricate patterns. Whether you’re restoring a weathered patio, prepping a newly poured masterpiece, or simply maintaining your outdoor haven, Universal Concrete Cleaner’s versatility ensures a sparkling clean that complements your concrete’s unique character. Ditch the specialized cleaners and experience the magic of a single, powerful solution for a stunningly clean concrete world. 

How Does Universal Concrete Cleaner Work?

Our Universal Cleaner is a butyl-based cleaning solution designed to remove a wide range of contaminants from an even wider variety of surfaces. It penetrates deep into porous surfaces to dissolve and emulsify dirt, stains, and accumulated contaminants. The butyl solvent works by breaking down stain-causing materials into smaller particles that become suspended in the cleaning solution. This allows the contaminants to be easily removed with a water rinse, whether by a garden hose, power washer, or wet mop.

In addition to its butyl component, Universal Cleaner contains a blend of proprietary, eco-friendly, surfactants and detergents to enhance its cleaning power. The surfactants lower the surface tension of the cleaning solution, allowing it to penetrate more deeply into the pores of the concrete, while the detergents help to emulsify grease and oil, making stains even easier to remove. Its high solubility for oils and fats makes it highly effective at dissolving deep grease and oil, making it an ideal solution for removing tough stains from concrete surfaces.

Dilute to Match the Cleaning Job

Universal Concrete Cleaner removes various deposits, contaminants, and even water-based paints:

Dirt and GrimeLatex-based Paints & Adhesives
Oil StainsGrease, and BBQ Stains
Soot, Carbon Stains, & CreosoteGraffiti
Tire MarksTree Sap, Leaf Stains, Fruit Stains
Light Cleaning:  1 oz. cleaner/1 gal of water
Many light cleaning jobs around the home or in the shop.
Normal Cleaning: dilute 10:1
Shop floors and walls, bilges, exhaust stack smoke, rubber clothing, oil-soaked ground or beach sand, vinyl siding, decks, teakwood, exterior mobile homes, air conditioner filters, shower stalls, bathtubs, sinks, carpets, etc.
Heavy Cleaning: dilute 5:1
Ramps, decks, oil platforms, engine rooms, automatic transmission parts, bulkheads, galleys, oil-stained concrete, petroleum-based drilling mud, creosote, etc.
Extra-heavy Cleaning: dilute 1:1 or use straight
Holding tanks, engines, carbon on engine heads, grease traps, oil and grease on concrete, encrusted oil and grease, removing paints and adhesives, graffiti removal, etc.
Stripping Paint: use straight
Once the paint dissolves, pressure wash or wipe it off. If necessary, spray on more cleaner to keep the surface wet and let it work. On rough surfaces, agitate with a stiff nylon brush.
Steam Cleaning/Pressure Washing
A pre-mixed solution of 1:5 to 20 can be drawn from an auxiliary tube or put directly into mixing tank giving up to 1 to 200 dilution at the nozzle.

How to Use Universal Concrete Cleaner

First, wire brush, scrape, or pressure wash loose dirt, adhesives, or peeling paint.

Properly dilute the Universal Cleaner and apply in a thick layer on the concrete surface with a hand-pump sprayer, or just pour the cleaner out and spread with a push broom or wet mop. Grime and dirt will usually soften or liquefy within minutes. It helps to scrub stubborn spots with a stiff bristle brush to make the cleaner penetrate deeper.

Keep the Surface Damp:  As long as the cleaner is wet, it will continue to work. If it is hot, or windy, the concrete surface will dry more quickly. Rewet as often as needed to keep the cleaner working. If cleaning an uneven slab, push the cleaner to higher areas. Heavier paint may need a couple of hours to soften. For tougher jobs, cover the cleaner with a plastic sheet to stop evaporation and let it work overnight.

Dwell time is particularly important when it comes to paint removal. Since the cleaner has to sit on the painted surface to lift it away, it is ideal for painted concrete slabs or paint splatter marks on concrete floors.

Graffiti Removal:  Use Universal Cleaner in concentrated form. An eco-friendly solution that replaces hazardous chemical solvents. Used by graffiti removal professionals.

This cleaner is even effective on latex-based paints and adhesives, as well as water-based acrylics. Great for removing paint over-spray from floors and to remove water-based wet-look or gloss topical sealers.


Q: What is Universal Concrete Cleaner?

A: Universal Concrete Cleaner is a powerful, multipurpose cleaner and degreaser specifically designed to tackle tough concrete stains. It is a safe and eco-friendly concrete cleaning solution that is shipped as a super-concentrate and can be diluted with water on-site to suit the job.

Q: What are the benefits of using Universal Concrete Cleaner?

A: Universal Concrete Cleaner is safe and easy to use as it does not contain dangerous solvents or harsh acid-based cleaners that can be harmful to users and the environment. It is also versatile and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces like brick, pavers, stone, vinyl siding, plastic furniture, metal, fiberglass, or wood decks. It is 100% biodegradable and non-corrosive, making it safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

Q: How does Universal Concrete Cleaner work?

A:: Universal Concrete Cleaner is a butyl-based cleaning solution that penetrates deep into porous surfaces to dissolve and emulsify dirt, stains, and accumulated contaminants. Its butyl solvent breaks down stain-causing materials into smaller particles, which become suspended in the cleaning solution, making them easier to remove with a water rinse.

Q: What are the different dilution ratios for Universal Concrete Cleaner?

A: The dilution ratio for Universal Concrete Cleaner varies depending on the cleaning job. For light cleaning, use 1 oz. cleaner/gallon of water. For normal cleaning, dilute 10:1. For heavy cleaning, dilute 5:1. For extra-heavy cleaning, dilute 1:1 or use straight. For stripping paint, use it straight.

Q: What are the residential and commercial applications of Universal Concrete Cleaner?

A: Universal Concrete Cleaner is suitable for both residential and commercial use. It can be used to clean various surfaces like fireplace brick, vinyl siding, vehicle tire marks, oil and engine fluid stains, latex paint, barbecue and outdoor eating areas, tile adhesive, paver and brick, masonry and stone, carpet adhesive, and patio furniture. It is also ideal for commercial applications such as graffiti removal, outdoor restaurants, box stores, strip malls, commercial retail storefronts, pedestrian sidewalks and promenades, dumpster pads, loading docks, parking garages, gas stations, and drive-through lanes.