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Unique Backup Sump Pumps Designed to Excel!

Do You Need a Backup Sump Pump?

Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage from groundwater flooding. If your sump pump fails, you are on your own!

Replacing your furnace, hot water heater, washer and dryer, walls, carpeting, furniture, and all the important stored “stuff” would cost you tens of thousands of dollars. (The average cost of a mid-range basement remodeling project was $61,011 in 2008-2009 according to the Remodeling Magazine). Moreover, serious flooding may require professional mold remediation in the basement or even the entire house.

A backup sump pump is inexpensive flood insurance. They are fully automatic and will take over during a power outage or whenever the primary pump fails or cannot keep up for any reason.

Why Has My Sump Pump Failed?

Top 10 Reasons Why Sump Pumps Fail
1) Float switch broken or stuck2) Power outage (usually during a heavy storm)
3) Too much water overwhelming the pump4) Tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse
5) Clogged sump pump intake screen6) Pump tripped against over-heating, or burned out (sump too small)
7) Sump pump humming but not pumping (air-locked)8) Broken pump impeller or drive shaft
9) Sump pump jammed by mud or a stone10) Clogged or frozen sump pump discharge

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Why Choose the Hi & Dry™ Back-Up Sump Pump

Unlike other backup sump pumps, Hi & Dry pumps are located out of the sump water to avoid the grime, debris, and corrosion inside the sump pit and provide superior reliability and service life. No need to replace the pump every five years or so, unlike the pumps sold in stores. Their pumping capacity is much larger than store-sold pumps.

Hi & Dry pumps do not interfere with the primary sump pump or its float inside the sump pit. Particularly suitable for today’s tighter basins. An easy do-it-yourself installation by homeowners or contractors.

You can choose from two completely different design concepts:

  • Battery backup sump pumps
  • Water-powered backup sump pumps

What, in the world, is a water-powered pump? It works on a well-proven high school principal. When municipal water blasts through a Venturi nozzle (“ejector”), the pressure drop inside the nozzle draws in water from the sump like through a giant soda straw. It does not depend on electricity or batteries, and there are no rotating parts to break. The pump is like a permanent fixture, expected to last 25 years or longer.

Hi & Dry™ backup sump pumps
Water-powered backup sump pumpsBattery backup sump pumps
  • Run infinitely during a power outage.
  • No batteries. No moving parts. 5-Year Limited Warranty!
  • Requires basic plumbing skills to connect municipal water supply.
  • Run up to 4 or 8 days depending on the pumping cycles.
  • The easiest installation – place and connect to the discharge piping.
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Water-powered backup sump pumpsBattery backup sump pumps

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Back-Up Sump Pumps Sold in Stores

Cheap but unreliable. Like having a spare tire that may be flat when needed. Installed inside the sump pit. Interference with the primary pump and its float. Low pumping capacity. An unreliable float switch. Short service life 2-3

Any Alternatives to a Backup Sump Pump?

Electric generators Most have no automatic switch and somebody has to be around to turn the generator on. Due to toxic emissions, they have to be located outside but when exposed to rain and snow, they do not last long. Some homeowners have cheated by placing them in a garage but with tragic consequences.