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Repair Cracks in Foundations, Concrete Floors, and Driveways

The Essential Guide To Crack Repair

Concrete Cracks Happen

Leaking cracks in poured or block foundation walls? Cracks in a concrete slab, basement floor, driveway, garage, patio, or sidewalk? Leaky floor-to-wall or control joints? Spalling, pitting, or flaking outdoor concrete? Since 1997, we have been offering professional waterproofing contractors and DIY homeowners the widest selection of the most advanced concrete crack repair materials for permanent repairs of cracks, joints, gaps, pipe protrusions, and spalling indoor or outdoor concrete.

How To Save Yourself Serious Money

Hiring a contractor to repair a foundation crack can be expensive ($500 – $1,200 per 8-10 ft.) but surprisingly anyone can repair concrete foundation cracks. Whether repairing cracks that leak or merely for appearance, our comprehensive line of crack repair kits are designed for permanent concrete repairs! Professional-quality, high-strength materials for contractors, but easy enough to use for a homeowner.

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How To Choose the Right Concrete Crack Repair Kit

The chart and material information below will help you better understand how to select the proper concrete crack repair kit for your problematic crack.

Sealing Cracks is not always Cut-and-Dry – We offer a comprehensive line of concrete repair kits for waterproofing professionals and homeowners alike with no-fuss ease of use. Our expert application consultants will help you make the right product selections to meet your specific requirements. If you wish to discuss an application or have any questions regarding your particular project feel free to contact us to speak with a service technician. Call today, at 1-800-472-0603 or email us your questions.

Our line of crack repair kits is not sold in stores but shipped factory-direct via UPS® and FedEx® Ground Delivery. Orders normally ship the same business day and delivery takes from 1-5 days.

Surface AreaType of Crack, LeakYour DIY Concrete Crack Repair Solution
POURED CONCRETE WALLSCracks (<1/2"), Hairline CracksFill with DIY Crack Injection Kit or PRO Injection Toolkit
 Wide Cracks (>1/2")Fill with ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler
 Gaps around pipes, Wire Ties
Waterproof using PipeTite Gap Filler Kit
 Voids, Holes, HoneycombsWaterproof voids using ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler
CONCRETE BLOCK WALLSCracks, Holes, missing MortarFill crack with ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler
 Deteriorated Concrete Blocks
Trowel on ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler
 leaky Pipe PenetrationsFill void with ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler
CONCRETE FLOOR, SLABleaking Floor-To-Wall JointRepair using ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler
 Hairline CracksFill with CrackWeld Floor Repair Kit
 Cracks (<1/2")Fill with CrackWeld Floor Repair Kit
 leaks around Pipes PenetrationsWaterproof using PipeTite Gap Filler Kit
 Expansion Control JointsFill with ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler
 Wide Gaps (>1/2")Fill with ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler
DRIVEWAY, SIDEWALK, INDUSTRIALCracks (<1/2")Fill with CrackWeld Concrete Floor Repair Kit
 Wide Cracks (>1/2")Fill with ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler
 Control Joints, Saw CutsFill expansion joint with ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler
 Spalls, Pit Marks, HolesRepair concrete with ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler

The Wrong Way To Repair Concrete Cracks

Concrete Caulk Does Not Last Forever – The typical homeowner will attempt a stopgap by filling concrete cracks with silicone caulk, but this is a superficial repair. Water will fill the inside void of the crack can cause efflorescence, which will eventually loosen the caulk. It is not uncommon that years later, the caulk will lose its bond and begin peeling.

Do Not Use Hydraulic Cement – Disappointed, the homeowner will remove the caulk, chisel out the crack, and fill it with hydraulic cement. However, hydraulic cement has a weak bond with concrete, which is the reason the crack needs an inverted V-groove to hold it in. Additionally, hydraulic cement is very rigid. As concrete continuously moves, shrinks, and expands, the rigid “rod” will loosen. Efflorescence (“white powder”) will begin to purge, soon followed by drops of water or signs of moisture. After a couple of years, water will begin to leak around it.

An alternative foundation repair method is to excavate and patch the crack on the exterior. This may not be permanent because all surface repairs will eventually get loose or crack.

DIY Foundation Wall Crack Repair Kits | 8-10′ 

Product Information Page

The Ideal Repair Kit for Homeowners – RadonSeal DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kits are designed for waterproofing common settling cracks in poured concrete walls. Polyurethane foam injection is not recommended for use on concrete block walls (CMU) because of its hollow cores. Successfully repairing basement wall cracks can easily be achieved from the inside/out. This avoids the need to excavate the outside of the foundation, saving homeowners serious money. Our repair kits use a low-viscosity, two-component urethane that is suitable for filling hairline cracks, as well as wide cracks (up to ½”). Low-pressure concrete crack injection works by filling the entire length and depth of the crack with expandable, hydrophobic polyurethane foam (reacts with moisture; expands up to 35x its volume). Once the repair is complete, the crack is filled with a flexible urethane foam that will block groundwater leaks, radon gas, and insects.

  • PRO TIP > If structural strength is required, use the injectable Epoxy version of these kits. Epoxy does not expand and if there is a void, will run out of the back of the crack.

Common Use: hairline cracks, poured concrete walls, leaking foundation cracks, mortar cracks in stone foundations, radon prevention

RadonSeal DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kit | Urethane | 8-10'

PRO Concrete Crack Repair Kits | Urethane/Epoxy | 30-60′

The Complete Kit for Waterproofing Contractors – Like our DIY Kits, the professional toolkits use expandable polyurethane foam and/or a rigid injectable epoxy. Our PRO Crack Repair Kits include a dual-caulking gun, making injection easier and the epoxy surface seal cures much faster in comparison to the surface seal for our DIY Kits (less waiting). The expandable urethane foam adheres tenaciously to dry and wet surfaces, it is suitable for both dry and wet cracks. Its low viscosity (100 cps) and forceful expansion on contact with water make it suitable for both hairline or wide cracks. Replacement kits, materials, and accessories are available, as well as special surface sealers and injection polymers needed by contractors.

Common Use: basements, multiple cracks, dams, commercial buildings, industrial structures, poured concrete, foundation cracks


RadonSeal PRO Foundation Crack Repair Kit | Urethane | 60-ft

CrackWeld DIY & PRO Concrete Floor Crack Repair Kits

No Routing or Drilling Required – CrackWeld DIY & PRO Concrete Floor Repair Kits are designed for flooring contractors, but can be easily used by homeowners. CrackWeld is able to fill the full depth of hairline and wider cracks in indoor or outdoor concrete slabs with a rigid, fast-curing, low-viscosity resin. It cures stronger and harder than the concrete itself (5,000 psi). Ready for paint, epoxy, overlays, vehicular and foot traffic in under 30-minutes.

Common Use: hairline cracks, basement floor, concrete floors, garage floor, concrete driveway, sidewalks, commercial floors

CrackWeld PRO Concrete Floor Crack Repair Kit

ElastiPoxy Control Joint & Crack Filler Kit

Ideal For Repairing Leaking Floor-To-Wall Joints – ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler Kit protects floor-to-wall joints (cold joints) and control joints against heavy vehicular traffic while allowing for the natural movement of concrete. ElastiPoxy is also used to fill cracks in concrete slabs and concrete blocks that require a strong, rigid repair. ElastiPoxy is a self-leveling filling epoxy, but alternatively can be mixed with dry construction sand to provide a super strong and rigid repair. The resin bonds tenaciously and cures stronger than the concrete itself (8,000 psi). 

Common Use: floor-to-wall joints, cracks in concrete blocks, wide cracks, expansion control joints, spalling, warehouse floors, parking garage, cold joints

ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler Kit

PipeTite – Pipe Protrusion and Gap Filler Kit

Product Information Page

Common Use: voids around pipe penetrations through foundation walls, wire ties, short foundation cracks

Foundation Pipe and Protrusion Leak Repair Kit – Similar to our DIY Concrete Crack Injection Kits, PipeTite will permanently prevent water leaks by expanding and filling voids around pipe penetrations and/or through leaking wire ties. The PipeTite Kit reacts with moisture/water and fills the entire void with an expandable, strong-bonding, high-grade, polyurethane foam.

Material(s) Needed: Standard/Single cartridge caulking gun

Coverage: 5-7 wire ties, 3-5 pipe penetrations