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LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer | SATIN

LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer | SATIN


State-of-the-art penetrating sealer that waterproofs and hardens surfaces. Unmatched performance and durability. A unique blend of polyester and polyurethane polymers. Leaves a subtle, low-gloss sheen.


LastiSeal Brick & Masonry Sealer – SATIN seals, waterproofs and protects concrete, bricks, pavers, and masonry. Indoors and outdoors, new or old.

Penetrates deep into the substrate (up to 4-inches), fills the pores, and hardens. It waterproofs and strengthens to protect against deterioration.

LastiSeal – SATIN leaves a low-gloss finish which enhances the color of the bricks or concrete. Unlike paints or surface sealers, it does not leave a film and does not make the surface slippery.

Seal your brick walls, brick chimney and fireplace, paved pool deck or driveway, sidewalks, man-made stones, concrete, blocks, and other porous masonry.

Easy and safe spray-on application with a pump-up garden sprayer.


  • Non-Forming Film – Leaves a subtle, low-gloss sheen.
  • Long-Lasting – Polyester is the “poor man’s epoxy.” Backed by an unmatched 15-Year Warranty.
  • Breathable – Vapor permeable. Allows substrates to dry out.
  • Strengthens – Hardens surfaces providing superior freeze-thaw road salt protection. Solidifies crumbling brick, mortar, and concrete surfaces.
  • UV Resistant – UV-Resistant. Non-Yellowing.
  • Ultra-Low VOCs – California Complaint. No odor.
  • ECO-Friendly – Non-toxic. Nonflammable. People, Plant, and Pet Friendly.
  • Reduces Maintenance – Prevents dirt, grime, grease, and chemical spills from getting into the pores. Makes cleaning surfaces easier


  • Poured Concrete: 200 sq. ft./gallon.
  • Bricks and Pavers: 150-225 sq. ft./gallon.
  • Concrete Blocks: 100-150 sq. ft./gallon.
  • Cinder Blocks: 75-125 sq. ft./gallon.
  • Shower Grout: 16 sq. ft. per 8-oz. sample.


Please review Detailed Instructions.

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