Crack injection kits for basement walls

Crack repaired using RadonSeal DIY Crack Injection Kit

Complete crack injection kits for homeowners and waterproofing contractors. Low-pressure injection kits for an easy and professional-grade repair of cracks in poured concrete walls. No special tools for DIY kits — just a standard caulking gun.

Stop or prevent water leaks through wide or hairline cracks in poured concrete foundations.

Repair foundation cracks from the inside — no outside excavation needed! No drilling holes or grinding the crack.

The results are permanent — fix it and forget it. The crack will never leak again, unlike temporary fixes with caulk or hydraulic cement.

Your choice of injection materials — polyurethane foam or epoxy.

  • The polyurethane foam forcefully expands to permanently fill the full depth of the crack. It tenaciously bonds even to wet concrete but remains flexible to allow for its natural movement. Suitable for hairline to 1/2” wide cracks.
  • If the repair requires structural strength, use the epoxy injection kits instead of polyurethane.

When finished appearance of the wall matters, use the Easy-Peel Injection Kits.

For small repairs, like leaking wire ties in poured concrete walls or for water seeping around pipe penetrations, use our PipeTite Gap Filler Kit.

For additional information visit the detailed DIY Injection Kits webpage or Pro Injection Kits webpage.