LastiSeal Penetrating Brick & Paver Sealer

LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer has been the #1 Brick Sealer on the market since 1999!

Backed by a 15-Year Service Life Warranty, LastiSeal is formulated with a unique blend of nano-chemicals that is absorbed deep within porous brick, paver, concrete and masonry surfaces. This waterborne, polyester based sealer is the ideal choice for deep sealing brick walls and floors, helping to not only waterproof the substrate but strengthen it as well! Preserving your brick, mortar, and pavers for years to come!

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  • Historical Buildings (soft clay brick, Chicago, Adobe brick).
  • Exterior Brick Homes.
  • Interior Brick Walls and Floors.
  • Basement Brick Walls.
  • Brick Walkways, Mudrooms, Patios.
  • Brick and Mortar Fireplace, Chimneys.
  • Brick Pavers.
  • Driveways, Pool Decks, Stair and Ramps,

OTHER USES: - Concrete, pavers, porous stone, concrete blocks, bluestone, grout, porous tile, colored concrete.

LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer | FLAT - The substrate will show no appearance change. Surface friction remains the same (non-film forming sealer).

LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer | SATIN - Enriched with acrylic polymers, LastiSeal Satin leaves behind a low-sheen to enhance the appearance of a dull surface.

QUANTITIES: 5-gals, 2.5-gals, 55-gal drums, 24-pail pallets (call for bulk ordering)