Ion-Bond Subsurface Sealer

Ion-Bond™ Armor forms an elastomeric waterproof barrier deep below the surface.

The strongest among all siloxane or silane sealers. Ion-Bond™ Armor penetrates the deepest to form the tightest seal. The only one that seals concrete against negative side water pressure in basements.

Hydrostatic pressure from the “backside” cannot push it out of the pores. Most homeowners are not aware that the common “waterproofing” sealers will get eventually pushed off by negative water pressure.

Ion-Bond seals and preserves indoor or outdoor concrete, blocks, bricks, stones, and masonry against water, spills, and chemicals. Reduces efflorescence, water vapor transmission, and even gas infiltration.

When applied after RadonSeal Concrete Sealer, the combination with Ion-Bond provides the tightest possible internal seal against water, water vapor and radon gas.

Recommended for use on porous concrete blocks or cinder blocks after RadonSeal Plus for a tighter waterproofing seal.

So penetrating that it even waterproofs through a single layer of latex paint.

Permanent. No re-applications needed.

Ion-Bond Armor is a user- and environment-friendly product. Waterborne, nonflammable, and nonhazardous. Easy and safe spray-on application.

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