LastiSeal Concrete Stain & Sealer

LastiSeal® Concrete Stain & Sealer is a technological breakthrough — it waterproofs, preserves, and beautifies concrete in one step! Use on horizontal or vertical concrete surfaces, indoors or outdoors. Choose from many unique colors to add style and excitement to your dull concrete.

LastiSeal Sealer penetrates deep into the concrete (2” – 4”), fills the pores, and cures as a hard plastic. It’s like injecting epoxy into the pores in concrete! It waterproofs and strengthens the concrete permanently. No other stain or sealer can do that!

LastiSeal Stain carries UV-resistant pigments which stain the surface with an attractive variegated / mottled look. Matte (flat) finish.

Choose from 37 exciting colors, many more than other stains:

LastiSeal® Concrete Stain & Sealer has made acid staining of concrete obsolete! Safe and easy spray-on application. No hazardous acids, harsh chemicals or odors. Water-based and non-toxic.

The concrete must be clean, dry, unpainted, cured, and sufficiently POROUS to allow the stain to penetrate. Testing with a sample bottle is strongly recommended to confirm the stain color and concrete’s porosity!

You can increase the market appeal of your house by staining the concrete driveway, side walks, and pool deck. You can add a stunning design to your hallway floor, living room, and basement.

Stores, restaurants, and hotels benefit from the attractive but low-maintenence floors.

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