RadonSeal Penetrating Sealers - Outdoor Concrete

RadonSeal® deep-seals poured concrete, concrete blocks, cinderblocks, and cementitious materials like mortar or stucco.

  • seals against water seepage
  • seals against water vapor and radon gas
  • stops efflorescence
  • preserves concrete, protects paints and coverings
  • densifies, bonds and strengthens concrete
  • hardens concrete surface, stops concrete dusting
  • leaves no film or color, the surface remains paintable
  • permanent for the life of the concrete.

Waterborne, safe and environment-friendly. Quick and easy spray-on application.

RadonSeal Standard - for poured concrete in good condition.

RadonSeal Plus - for concrete blocks, outdoor concrete over 2 years old, or indoor concrete over 20 years old.

Available in Canada from ECO Buillding Resource, Ontario tel. 905-841-3535

For detailed information visit the product webpage.

Shipped in 5-gallon or 2.5-gallon containers.
Shipping cost by courier $15$0/full pail or $12/2.5-gallon to the lower 48 states.

FREE SHIPPING on all 5-gallon pails of RadonSeal Deep-Penetrating Concrete Sealer!