ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler Kits

ElastiPoxy Crack Filler Kit

$164.00 - $1,289.00

Filling holes and repairing cracks is a necessity for mitigating radon levels in basements and homes.

ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler Kit is a high-strength, two-component epoxy that can be used for a wide variety of concrete repairs in basement and homes.

  • Wide cracks in concrete floors and walls (+ 1/2").
  • Control Joints.
  • Basement Floor-to-Wall Joints.
  • Cracks in Concrete Block Walls.
  • Mortar Joint Repair.
  • Holes in Concrete
  • Wire-Tie repair.

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Joints and Saw Cuts - Mix 50/50. Self-levels in control joints, saw cuts and cove joints. Remains flexible allowing for movement, expansion contraction. Seals against water seepage and radon gas.

Wide Cracks, Cracks in Concrete Blocks, Mortar Joint, Holes - Mix product 50/50 and add dry construction sand to mix for a rigid repair. Trowel into concrete crack, holes and voids.

QUANTITIES: 2-Quarts, 4-Quarts, 2-Gallons, 10-Gallons