RadonSeal Penetrating Concrete Sealer for Radon Mitigation

There is no safe level of radon! According to the US EPA, radon gas is second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking. When it comes to mitigating radon in your home, the more you can do the better.

In addition to sealing the paths of least resistance that radon gas easily escapes through; cracks, gaps, holes, open cell blocks, sump pits and openings, sealing porous concrete should not be ignored. RadonSeal Deep-Penetrating Concrete Sealer helps in radon mitigation endeavors by sealing porous concrete to help further retard radon gas transmission.

USES: Basement walls, basement floors, crawlspaces, slab-on-grade, garage slabs, indoor concrete blocks, cinder blocks*.

RadonSeal Standard - Poured concrete walls and slabs, less than 20-years old.

RadonSeal Plus - Poured concrete older than 20-years, concrete blocks, cinder blocks*.

QUANTITIES: 5-gals, 2.5-gals, 55-gal drums, 24-pail pallets (call for bulk ordering)


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