Vapor Transmission Test Kits

Easy to use Calcium Chloride Test Kits for both contractors and homeowners. Also referred to as “dome test kits.” These Vapor Transmission Kits test moisture vapor transmission rate and alkalinity of concrete floors before painting, coating, or installing flooring. Affordable and complete, including:

  • Alkalinity pH test kits
  • Pre-weighed calcium chloride test dish
  • Vapor transmission calculator (available online)
  • Laboratory weighing of the results available (no charge)
  • Official result reports (no charge)

The Calcium Chloride Test Kits use the Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Vapor Emission Method and conform to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) F-1869 and F1907-04.

One pH test kit is included with each vapor test kit. ASTM and flooring manufacturers require that a pH test be performed along with every vapor transmission test.

Electronic Digital Scale is sold separately. You can either send back the calcium chloride container for weighing and a formal report, or purchase this high-precision pocket scale. The digital scale features a backlit LCD display, stainless steel platform, and multiple units and functions.

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