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How to Restore Acid Stained Floors and Driveways

Deteriorated Acid Stained Concrete

Acid stained concrete floors on grade are attacked by rainwater, ice, and road salts, when outdoors, and by moisture migrating from the ground, which carries dissolved salts and alkalis to the surface (“efflorescence”). This soon degrades the acid stained surface.

Stained concrete is usually coated with a surface sealer but this sometimes aggravates the problem by trapping moisture, which activates more efflorescence inside the concrete and accelerates its deterioration. UV-ray and, heavy traffic, as well as efflorescence and moisture from the concrete will break down the top coating. It has to be re-applied every couple of years.

Why to Use LastiSeal® Concrete Stain & Sealer?

LastiSeal® Concrete Stain is a water-based sealer that stains and waterproofs concrete in one step!

  1. Concrete Waterproofing
    LastiSeal deep-penetrating sealer protects concrete and the stain against water from above or below, ice and road salts, and reduces efflorescence. The stain will last much longer.
  2. Unsurpassed Choice of Colors
    LastiSeal® Stain creates a variegated or mottled looks similar to acid staining but instead of a handful of colors, offers an unsurpassed choice of 37 different colors.

Applying a clear top coating like acrylic, urethane, epoxy or floor wax to the stained surfaces indoors will protect it against wear and spills. It will also add gloss and enhance the colors. The surface sealer will last much longer because the concrete has been deep-sealed against moisture with LastiSeal.

Deteriorated Acid Stained Floor

Remove the remaining coating and the stained concrete floor surface layer by grinding, shot blasting, sand blasting, or similar. If the concrete is not porous enough, the stain will filter out on the surface and will easily wash off.

Old and weathered outdoor concrete may be porous enough for LastiSeal Stain to penetrate but make sure to test first with an eyedropper test and a sample of LastiSeal. However, grinding the surface first is always the safe approach.

The concrete must be clean and thoroughly dry.

LastiSeal® Concrete Stain & Sealer Application

The spray-on application is safe and easy. There are no acids, no VOC, no strong odors.

Do not over-apply LastiSeal® Stain!

Concrete preparation, as well as the application, are the responsibility of the user!

Check the description of LastiSeal® Concrete Stain & Sealer and LastiSeal Stain Application Tips.