LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer | FLAT

LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer | FLAT

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LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer is a state-of-the-art, polyester-polymer, waterproofing sealer for concrete, bricks, pavers, porous stone and masonry, grout, and other porous building materials.

LastiSeal penetrates deep into the substrate (up to 4") to seal internally. It fills the pores, encapsulates particles, bonds the substrate, and cures as a hard plastic. It strengthens and permanently waterproofs, reduces water vapor transmission, and protects against deterioration.

Unlike paints or surface sealers, LastiSeal does not leave a film on the surface, color, or gloss. It does not make it slippery. Water-based. Quick and safe spray-on application. Eco-friendly. Matte/flat finish.

Seal and protect your exterior brick walls and veneer, brick chimney, paved patio and pool deck, driveway, fireplace, concrete blocks, splitface blocks, man-made stones, and other porous masonry.


  • Indoor Poured Concrete: 200-250 sq. ft./gallon.
  • Outdoor Poured Concrete: 150-200 sq. ft./gallon.
  • Bricks and Pavers: 150-225 sq. ft./gallon.
  • Concrete Blocks: 100-150 sq. ft./gallon.
  • Cinder Blocks: 75-125 sq. ft./gallon.
  • Shower Grout: 16 sq. ft. per 8-oz. sample.

For additional information on the product and its applications visit detailed Product Webpage.