Easy-Peel DIY Crack Repair Kit | Urethane | 10-20 ft.

Easy-Peel DIY Crack Repair Kit | Urethane | 10-20 ft.

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  • 20-ft Kit:  FREE  
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Basement Wall Crack Repair Made Easy! 

Repair 'Em, Like a Pro! 

Repair water leak through poured concrete foundation cracks like a professional waterproofing contractors do! The Easy-Peel DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kits ship complete with all the materials needed to repair 10 to 20 ft., of settling cracks in basement walls. Only a conventional caulking gun is needed to do the job! 

Low-pressure crack injection is suitable for both hairline cracks and wide cracks (up to 1/2"). A single Easy-Peel Kit can seal and waterproof up to 10 ft., of cracks in poured cocnrete walls (not suitable for hollow concrete block walls, use ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler Kit.)

Unlike epoxy injection, these Easy-Peel DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kits use two-component polyurethane foam, that forcefuly expands (20x its volume) to fill the full depth and length of the crack!  The injection foam adheres tenaciously to wet or damp surfaces inside the crack, so there is no need to wait until the crack dries out. 

Easy-Peel Foundation Repair Kit vs DIY Foundation Foundation Repair Kit 

Both kits use the same Polyurethane Injection Foam to fill and seal the crack against water seepage. Unlike the standard DIY Foundation Kit that uses a two-component epoxy surface adhesive (to adhere the surface ports), the Easy-Peel version of the kit uses an adhesive that is easily removable from the surface.

After the injection of polyurethane is completed, the Easy-Peel Surface Adhesive can be pulled off together with the surface injection ports. Leaving behind a clean concrete surface. Use this kit when the aesthetic of the wall matters. If the appearance of the wall is not a concern, simply use the DIY Foundation Kit.

Polyurethane Injection vs Epoxy Injection

If structural strength is needed or the crack is showing signs of externsive crumbling from within, use the Easy-Peel DIY Foundation EPOXY version of this kit. 

For more information and video tutorial, visit our main DIY Crack Injection Kits product webpage. 

Sealing Cracks is not hard, but it also is not always straightforward. If you happen to have any general questons about application or your type of crack, do not hesitate to contact a product service technician for help. We can be reached at 800-472-0603 or sales@radonseal.com

For more information visit the DIY Crack Injection Kits webpage.