PRO Crack Repair Kit | Urethane | 30-60 ft.

PRO Crack Repair Kit | Urethane | 30-60 ft.

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Product Description


Complete crack injection toolkits for waterproofing contractors and homeowners with several cracks in poured concrete walls. Each Toolkit seals up to 30 or 60 feet of cracks.

The leading crack injection kits for over 15 years! Superior quality injection polymers and accessories. Professional dual-cartridge injection gun and a carrying case are included.

Use the standard polyurethane injection to repair foundation cracks � hairline or wide (up to 1/2"). The polyurethane expands to reliably fill the entire depth and length of the cracks and bonds to wet surfaces.

If structural strength is required, use the Epoxy Toolkits but the surfaces inside the crack must be dry.

Use the Easy-Peel Toolkit when the finished appearance matters. It includes a special port adhesive and surface sealer that can be easily peeled off after the job to leave a neat bare concrete.

Follow-up technical support is available. When you just need additional materials to repair other cracks, save money by ordering the Consumables Kit.

For more information visit the Professional Injection Toolkits webpage for contractors.

Shipping by courier to the lower 48 states $20/30-ft. kits or $30/60-ft. kits.