Commercial Backup Sump Pump CB1500

Commercial Backup Sump Pump CB1500

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Product Description


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The Hi & Dry™ water-powered pump design features superior performance and reliability.

The CB1500 backup sump pump is mounted high and dry on the ceiling above the sump pit. It is not submerged in the grimy sump water and does not interfere with the primary pump and its float. Ideal for smaller sump pits.

The pumping rate of CB1500 is almost thrice the rate of all the water-powered backup pumps sold in stores.

Nominal capacity 1,500 GPH with a 10-ft. lift and 60 psi municipal water pressure.

The CB1500 is designed for homes with very high seasonal water inflows and for commercial applications like hotels, factories, and churches. However, your have to make sure you have sufficient water pressure and flow for the pump.

Includes a complete do-it-yourself Pump Installation Kit for simple installation by homeowners and plumbers.

No maintenance required. Backed by an unmatched 5-year warranty.