Vapor Transmission Test Kits

Vapor Transmission Test Kits

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Test kits for homeowners and contractors include vapor transmission test kits and pH test kits.

Calcium chloride test kits measure the water vapor transmission rate of concrete floors. One pH test kit is included with each vapor test kit to measure the alkalinity of concrete. According to ASTM and flooring manufacturers, a pH test should be performed along with every vapor transmission test.

The small container with calcium chloride is placed on the concrete floor and covered by a plastic dome. After 60-72 hours, the calcium chloride dish is cut out. The vapor transmission rate is calculated from the weight difference of the calcium chloride at the beginning and end of the test. Laboratory weighing of the results and an official report are available at no charge, or you can purchase an electronic digital scale for quick results.

For new construction, ASTM requires 3 kits for the first 1,000 sq. ft. and at least 1 kit for each additional 1,000 sq. ft.

Shipping to the lower 48 states $6/single kit, $8/3-pack, $10/12-pack, $29/100-pack.