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CrackWeld Floor Repair Kit 4-Pack

CrackWeld Floor Repair Kit 4-Pack


Low viscosity, fast curing, compound that bonds and repairs cracks in concrete floors, garage floors, basements, and driveways. Cures stronger than concrete. Use on hairline or wider cracks. No routing required!

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CrackWeld Concrete Floor Repair Kits make for easy repairs of cracks and defects in concrete slabs, basement floors, slab-on-grade, industrial concrete floors, driveways, garage floors, concrete patios, and parking garages. This two-component rigid polymer cures stronger than the concrete itself within minutes after application. Ideal for use on heavy vehicular and foot traffic areas, driveways, basement floors, factory floors, industrial freezers, and concrete overlays.

No routing of the crack needed! The low viscosity polymer fills and seals hairline or wide cracks in concrete slabs. CrackWeld bonds crumbling concrete, restricts the movement of stress cracks in slabs, fills spalling concrete, holes, and defects with ease. The kits come complete – all you need is a standard caulking gun.


100 linear feet based on a 1/16″ wide crack (estimated).


Instruction (.pdf)


SDS (.pdf)

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Basement Floor Sealer
Oil Repellent Sealer