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Easy-Peel DIY Crack Repair Kit | Epoxy | 10ft

Easy-Peel DIY Crack Repair Kit | Epoxy | 10ft


Structural epoxy injection kit to repair and stabilize cracks in poured concrete walls. Blocks water, soil gases, and prevents further movement. Specialized surface sealer/port adhesive is easily removed when the repair is complete.


A complete foundation crack injection kit for homeowners or pros – only a conventional caulking gun is needed. You don’t have to grind the crack or drill holes for injection ports.

Two (2) x two-component cartridges of the Easy-Peel surface sealer provide precise mixing of components – no hand mixing. Use when the appearance of the wall counts. After the injection, the surface sealer can be pulled off together with injection ports to leave a clean concrete surface without chiseling or grinding.

Use epoxy for injection when structural strength of the wall is required. Four dual-component epoxy cartridges fill a typical 10-ft. crack.

The results are permanent – fix it and forget it! The crack will never leak again, unlike temporary fixes with caulk or hydraulic cement.

For more information visit the DIY Crack Injection Kits webpage.


One kit provides 60 of injection epoxy. Enough to fill 10-feet of cracks averaging less than 1/16″ wide in a poured concrete wall. Suitable for hairline cracks and up to 1/4-inch wide.


DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kit


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