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ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler Kit

ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler Kit


ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler is a self-leveling, 100% solids, two-component, flexible epoxy for lasting crack repair and filling of contraction/control joints, saw cuts, spalls, and larger cracks in poured concrete, and concrete blocks. Add sand to the epoxy to increase workability.


Uses for straight ElastiPoxy (Semi-Rigid Crack Filler):

  • Protect joint shoulder damage and crumbling caused by vehicles and hard-wheeled carts in warehouses or factories.
  • Repairing settling and shrinkage cracks in concrete slabs.
  • Filling saw cuts in concrete slabs, basement floors, driveways, and garage floors.
  • Sealing floor-to-wall joints or cover joints in basements and buildings.
  • Protect control joints in driveways, sidewalks, parking garages, and runways.

Uses for ElastiPoxy mixed with sand (Rigid Crack Filler):

  • Filling very wide cracks in concrete slabs.
  • Spalls, holes, and defects in concrete driveways, patios, and pool decks.
  • Permanently seal cracks in concrete block or brick foundation walls.
  • Parging to repair and waterproof crumbling or honeycombed concrete.
  • Waterproof leaking form wire ties in poured concrete walls.

Outperforms traditional crack fillers and patching methods. Will not become brittle or peel like urethane and silicone caulk. Will not crack and get loose like hydraulic cement. Permanently waterproofs seeping floor-to-wall joints. A superior crack filler for moving or dynamic joints. Repairs step cracks in concrete block walls. Prevents crumbling on joint shoulders.

ElastiPoxy Kit Contents:
1 x Base Resin (Compound A), 1 x container of Epoxy Hardener (Compound B), 3 x Measuring Cups, 3 x Drill Mixing Attachments.

Prevents Damage to Joint Shoulders/Edges Caused By Vehicles, Heavy Load/Impact, & Hard Wheeled Carts.

Cures Semi-Rigid Repair To Allow For The Natural Movement Of Cracks And Joints.

Moisture-Tolerant – Adheres To Damp Surfaces. Ideal For Basements, Subterranean Construction, and Tunnel Work.

Fast Setting, Pourable & Self-Leveling. Easy-to-Apply – Minimizes Downtime.

Just Add Sand To Increase Workability & Use as a Mortar Alternative, or to Patch Holes in Concrete Walls.


Straight Epoxy: 2-Quart Kit – 75 linear feet / 2-Gallon Kit – 300 linear feet

Sand + Epoxy (4:1 sand to epoxy ratio): 2-Quart Kit – 375 linear feet / 2-Gallon Kit – 1500 linear feet. (Based on a routed joint 1/4″ x 1/2″).


Instruction (.pdf)

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