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PowerEtch Concrete Etcher & Cleaner

PowerEtch Concrete Etcher & Cleaner


Powerful yet safe concrete etcher and cleaner. PowerEtch Concrete Etcher & Cleaner makes cleaning and profiling concrete a breeze.

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PowerEtch Concrete Etcher & Cleaner is an industrial-strength etcher and cleaning solution for cleaning, profiling, neutralizing, and increasing the porosity of concrete surfaces. Safely clean and effectively etch your concrete surface before applying penetrating sealers, stains, epoxy coatings, or paints.

The advantages to using PowerEtch Concrete Etcher & Cleaner:

  • Clean and Etch in One Simple Step – Removes Efflorescence, Salts, Rust, & Laitance. Opens Pores, Neutralizes Concrete, Roughens Surface Profile.
  • Maximize Adhesion of Paints, Epoxies, Adhesives, and Overlays. Improves Bonding & Coating Performance. Prevents Coatings From Peeling and Delaminating.
  • Increases Porosity – Use Before Applying a Penetrating Sealer to Ensure Proper Sealer Penetration and Improve Results.
  • Industrial-Strength Formula – Outperforms Traditional Acid Etchers & Cleaners. No Phosphoric or Muriatic Acid. Will Not “Burn Concrete”.
  • Safe for Indoor or Outdoor Use. People, Plant & Pet Friendly. No Acid Fumes. No Nasty Orders, or Chemical Burns.
  • Water-Soluble – Skip the Dreaded Neutralization Step. Save Time & Money. Just Rinse Thoroughly with Water.
  • Increases Surface Friction Coefficient – Smooth Troweled Surfaces can be Slippery When Wet. Adding Some “Tooth” Can Reduced Slips and Falls Around Pools, Patios, and Sidewalks.

Prepping surfaces with PowerEtch Concrete Etcher & Cleaner will improve the bond strength of coatings and paints, improving performance and life expectancy. Open pores in smooth-troweled concrete to maximize penetration of penetrating sealers. PowerEtch removes rust stains, efflorescence, and the very common hazing/fogging that makes pavers and bricks look dull. PowerEtch will rejuvenate bricks and pavers making them look like new.

Pro-Tip: Apply a high-quality penetrating sealer after etching to preserve the surface in a “like-new” condition for years.

Use PowerEtch Concrete Etcher and Cleaner on garage floors, warehouse floors, slab-on-grade construction, factory floors, basement slabs, driveways, concrete patios, and sidewalks.

How to determine if your concrete needs etching.




200-250 sq. ft. per/gal

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