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Radon-in-Water Test Kit

Radon-in-Water Test Kit


For high-precision testing of radon in drinking water and well water. Includes certified lab analysis and results. Approved for use in all 50 States.

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Is your well water contributing to your radon levels? Over 17,000 homeowners may be affected by water-borne radon, whether they rely on private or municipal wells. If you rely on well water, the EPA recommends testing your drinking water for radon. Radon, which ranks as the second leading cause of lung cancer, is emitted into homes through well water during everyday activities like showering, cleaning, brushing teeth, and doing laundry.

Test Kits for Measuring Radon Concentration in Well Water.

Radon-In-Water Test Kit Includes:

  • Sample collection bottle, hose fitting, and instructions
  • Return mailer*
  • Complete written report by mail and email

*Return Shipping NOT Included

No Lab Fees

  • Same-day testing when the kits are received. 
  • Certified laboratory test reports are posted on the web, and sent by e-mail, and First Class Mail.


  • Free Return Mailers are not available for In-Water Radon Test Kits.


More information on Radon In Drinking Water.


Radon-In-Water Test Kits are listed by the AARST NRPP, and NRSB.

Approved for use in all 50 States.

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