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RadonSeal Penetrating Paver Sealer


Premium-grade penetrating paver sealer designed specifically to deep-seal and protect porous clay, brick, and concrete pavers. A specialized blend of silane & siloxane polymers in a water-based carrier designed to keep your pavers looking their best.

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Product Description

Protect & Preserve Your Pavers! UNBEATABLE PROTECTION and SERVICE LIFE – RadonSeal Penetrating Paver Sealer is specifically formulated for pavers. A unique, water-based, blend of chemically modified silane and siloxane polymers able to penetrate deep into concrete, brick, clay, limestone, sandstone, and other porous pavers. Cures deep inside the capillaries and pores – waterproofing, bonding, and protecting the pavers for years.

The RadonSeal Penetrating Paver Sealer Advantage

  • Excellent Water-Repellency:  Beads/repels surface water. Stain-resistant. Keeps your pavers looking their best.
  • Freeze & Salt Guard:  Protect pavers against damage caused by deicing chemicals, freeze/thaw, and salts.
  • 10-Year Service Life: Frequent reapplications are a thing of the past. Save time and money.
  • Eco-Friendly:  For both indoor/outdoor use. Safe for plants and pets.
  • LOW VOCs:  Water-based, non-flammable, non-toxic, no strong odors or harmful vapors.
  • Invisible Finish:  Non-film forming sealer. No gloss or sheen. Treated surfaces are not slippery.

A Smarter Way to Seal Your Pavers

Don’t be fooled by acrylic sealers, their cheap prices, and empty promises. In the real world, 1-2 years of marginal protection is all you will get from them. The frequent re-applications will quickly add up, costing you more in time and materials. RadonSeal Penetrating Paver Sealer contains no acrylic, does NOT form a film on the surface of the paver, and will not flake, peel, or wear away. It will not leave a gloss or color – the seal is invisible. Penetrates completely. treated surfaces are not be slippery when wet. Perfect for sidewalks, pool decks, patios, paver driveways, shopping centers & malls, BBQ and outdoor eating areas.

PROTECTS AGAINST: Freeze-thaw, spalling, stains, mold, salts, algae, and efflorescence.

PREP: Pavers should be clean, dry, and porous. Remove previously applied sealers, stains, and efflorescence. Mask surfaces not intended to be sealed.

CONDITIONS: The surface and ambient air must be between 45°F – 90°F. Substrate must be dry.

EASY APPLICATION: Using a hand-pump garden sprayer, apply a continuous saturating film on the surface and back-roll any puddles. Ready for foot and vehicle traffic in a few hours.

COVERAGE: 100-250 sq. ft./gal (varies with porosity).

COLOR: Clear/Matte Finish. Non-Yellowing. Natural Finish.

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