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RadonSeal Standard Concrete Sealer

RadonSeal Standard Concrete Sealer


A water-based penetrating sealer that permanently seals, strengthens, and protects concrete floors and walls. Prevents water, water vapor, and radon gas transmission through concrete.

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Concrete’s Porous. Seal It!

RadonSeal Standard Deep-Penetrating Concrete Sealer is a Solvent-Free, Zero VOC, Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, ready-to-use, reactive-based sealer formulated for maximum penetration and sealing of capillaries inside concrete and high-quality cementitious substrates. It works by being absorbed deep into porous concrete (up to 4″), where it chemically reacts with the free lime and alkalis to seal the matrix of the concrete, neutralize, and chemically harden surfaces. RadonSeal is permanent – reapplication is never required.

Waterproofing – Restricts the transmission of water vapor, capillary water seepage, wicking water, radon, and other soil gasses. reduces efflorescence and salt deposits. Protects and improves the lifespan of concrete paints, stains, epoxy & urethane coatings, and concrete levelers against water-induced delimitation and alkali attack.

Strengthens – RadonSeal increases surface hardness (ASTM C 779) which helps protect concrete against cracking, crazing, spalling, and surface deterioration due to vehicular traffic, road salts, freeze-thaw, and deicing chemicals. Use RadonSeal to alleviate concrete surface dusting, before applying paints and epoxy coatings. Penetrates Concrete (up to 4″) – Seals Concrete Internally. Blocks the Pores and Capillaries to Prevent Water Seepage, Water Vapor, and Radon Gas. Ideal For Use on Basement Floors, Interior Basement Walls, Foundation Walls, Slab-On-Grade, Indoor and Outdoor Poured Concrete Slabs, and Walls.

Hardens & Strengthens Concrete – Helps to Protect Against and Reduce Concrete Dusting, Efflorescence, Damage Caused by Salts, De-Icing Chemicals, and Freeze-Thaw. Does Not Trap Moisture.
EARTH-Friendly & Easy to Apply Formula – Zero VOCs, No Odors, No Solvents, Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable. Water-based.

Permanent & Paintable – No Reapplication Needed. Resistant to Hydrostatic Water Pressure. Does Not Form a Surface Film. No Peeling or Fading. Leaves Surface Paintable. Great Primer for Epoxies, Tiles, Adhesives, and Overlay Flooring.

Commercial-Grade Backed by a Money-Back Guarantee – Trusted Since 1997


Indoor Poured Concrete: 200 – 225 sq. ft. per gal

Outdoor Poured Concrete: 175 – 200 sq. ft. per gal


RadonSeal Standard

To learn more, please watch our video about How to seal concrete walls with RadonSeal’s Concrete Sealer.

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