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uPLUG Concrete Crack Repair Kit

uPLUG Concrete Crack Repair Kit


A complete and easy to use concrete crack repair kit. Permanently repairs leaking basement and foundation walls, cracks & seams, seeping form ties, & wet floor-to-wall joints. Basement Crack repair made easy!


uPLUG Concrete Crack Repair Kit permanently repairs cracks in poured concrete walls, foundation and basement walls, leaking form ties, and pipe perforations. Advanced single-component urethane foam that requires no water to expand. Makes the repair quicker and easier. Unbeatable 20x expansion rate rivals the best 2-part foams on the market at a fraction of the cost. uPLUG concrete crack repair kits make basement crack repair easier than ever.

  • CHEMICALLY ADVANCED – Improved expansion rates means more reliable repairs. Expanding foam “chases” the crack to completely fill voids. Let the foam do the work!
  • SAVE MONEY – Repairing cracks, gaps, and holes yourself can save thousands of dollars. No need to dig out your foundation.
  • SAVE TIME – Designed with homeowners and DIY’ers in mind. No special tools, equipment, or training required. No drilling, grinding, or chiseling needed.
  • FLEXIBLE FOAM FILLER – Won’t crack & crumble like hydraulic cement & concrete patches. Won’t peel like caulk. Finally, a quick fix that lasts!
  • PROTECT YOUR HOME – Stops water, musty odors, insect and rodents, soil gases, and radon from entering your home.


5 ft and 10 ft kits available.


uPLUG Concrete Crack Repair Kit | How To Waterproof Foundation Cracks, Pipe Perforations, and Voids

Watch this video to learn more about how to use the uPLUG Concrete Crack Repair Kit

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