Radon Mitigation Made Easy!

Easy and Reliable Radon Mitigation

RadonSeal concrete sealer penetrates deep inside concrete, reacts with chemicals harmful to the concrete, expands into even microscopic pores, and hardens into a non-reactive, insoluble mineral. The result is a denser concrete that is permanently sealed against radon gas, water seepage, and water vapor. Unlike concrete paints, RadonSeal does not color the concrete and leaves no film that could peel.

This is the most advanced radon mitigation method, yet affordable and user-friendly. The resulting radon reduction is not limited by the size of mechanical equipment, the permeability of soil, or fluctuating moisture in the soil. Unlike mechanical mitigation methods, it does not depend on the reliability of hardware or the grid. The seal cannot deteriorate over time and is permanent!

Quick and Easy Do-It-Yourself Application

RadonSeal is sprayed on bare, unpainted concrete by a common garden sprayer. The application is much faster than painting the concrete and safe. There are no noxious VOC fumes. RadonSeal is an environment-friendly, water-based sealer - nonflammable, non-toxic, and non-hazardous. It works on poured concrete or concrete blocks and mortar, basement floors and walls, foundation slabs, even on wet or leaking surfaces.

Big Savings for Homeowners

Compared to fan-based radon mitigation systems, RadonSeal saves you hundreds of dollars on the initial cost and continues to deliver savings every year:

Typical Savings on Radon Mitigation
Method Mechanical Mitigation RadonSeal Mitigation Savings
Installation Cost EPA: $ 1,200 approx. $ 500 $ 700
Energy Losses
$ 100-225/year
$ 0/year $ 150/year
Operating Expenses over 10 years aver. $ 1,500 $ 0 $ 1,500
10-Year Savings to the Homeowner  $ 2,200

For a more detailed comparison of features, see radon mitigation methods.

RadonSeal Delivers More than Radon Mitigation

At a cost comparable to painting the concrete, RadonSeal delivers much more than radon remediation:

  • waterproofs concrete, neutralizes alkalis, stops efflorescence ("white powder"),
  • damp-proofs concrete against water vapor transmission,
  • prevents molds, mildew, and musty odors,
  • strengthens concrete, reduces cracking, spalling, and dusting,
  • protects paints, tile adhesive, or carpeting against alkalis from the concrete,
  • deep-cleans, purges dirt, and seals the concrete against spills.

Reduce Radon to a Practical Minimum!

There is no "safe" radon level! (EPA) Radon gas decays into minute radioactive particles, which get trapped in our lungs. It is the leading cause of lung cancer deaths among non-smokers and the second leading cause among smokers. (The Surgeon General) Radon in homes causes about 21,000 lung cancer deaths in the U.S. each year.

The danger is proportional to radon concentration: Reducing the radon level in home by 50% (or 90%) lowers the cancer risk to the family by 50% (or 90%). Radon mitigation is particularly important for families with children. Whatever your current radon level, reduce it to a minimum. Provide a healthy home to your family!

Unbeatable Lifetime Guarantee

After applying RadonSeal, make sure to seal any openings, gaps, or cracks. Unlike any other radon reduction system, RadonSeal seals the concrete and keeps on working permanently. It is backed up by a lifetime guarantee.