BioZap™ for Cleaning Mold and Musty Odors Naturally

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Molds and Musty Odors in Basements, Crawl Spaces, and More


Problem: Damp Basement Smell Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"This is the third time we have ordered BioZap Air Purifier and Deodorizer and we absolutely love this remarkable product. Our basement gets very damp and we have to run dehumidifiers to get rid of the moisture. With the help of BioZap we are able to reduce the use of our dehumidifier and the basement smells so much cleaner. It is truly amazing to go down 24 hours after your product arrives and smell such a difference. We have 3 small children and I can't stand the thought of using harsh chemicals. With BioZap I am confident our family is safe, especially when the heat kicks on and the air smells clean. Thank you for developing such a wonderful product that we use over and over again in our house. I have yet to try your other products, but if they work anything like BioZap I know we will be more than satisified." – Jessica M.

Problem: Musty Odor from Flooded Basement Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"This summer we had a very bad rain and wind storm. It has flooded my basement with over 12 inches of water. After it was pumped out, it left behind a very strong musty odor. I tried using a large fan to blow the smell out of the window, but it did not work. Then, I purchased several containers of BioZap Purifier and after 1 to 2 weeks the terrible odor was completely gone. I thought you would like to know." – Earl F., IL

Problem: Musty Odor in Crawl Space Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I have used BioZap Air Purifier for one year and have just ordered a second jar. Our house was built on property that has a high water table, therefore we could only have a crawl space. The crawl space has been our nightmare for 13 years until my sister ordered the BioZap Air Purifier and told us to try it in the crawl space. We tried many products to get the musty odor out of our house. We had the crawl space sprayed with deodorizer products, we have several vents to circulate air, and also put a fan in one of the vents to keep the air circulating. Nothing we tried worked. The moment my husband put the BioZap Air Purifier in our crawl space the odor dissipated. The next day I walked into the house by the entrance to the crawl space, the odor was gone. Our house had a pleasant aromatic scent, not overbearing, just subtle. We have our second jar of BioZap in the crawl space after one year of use with the first jar. This is an inexpensive way to keep the musty odor out of our home one year at a time." – Gary and Melinda R., MI

Problem: Basement Moisture, Musty Odor Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier and RadonSeal

"Since the Radon Seal Plus worked so well on my 59 year old basement floors to keep out the moisture; I decided to try your Bio Zap Air Purifier & Deodorizer to get the musty smell out. I purchased the "spicy-orange" scent. Now I love going down in the basement because it smells like the "creamsicle" ice cream bars they made when we were kids!! My house is for sale and when the people go down into the basement to look around they say, " smells good down here!!" Sending you this testimonial because I am soooooo pleased with your products. I tell everybody I know, with similar needs to check out your site" – Susan K., NC


Problem: Must Odors in Clothing/Car/Home Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier and BioZap Pre-Soak

"Your BioZap products have given a new and clean sparkle and scent to my condo, my clothes, my car, and everything else I own. Tea tree oil is nature's answer to the assault by mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, and roaches that constantly invade life in Florida. Your products present a practical way of infusing protective tea tree oil into every aspect of living in paradise. I tell all my friends and family about the benefits and the convenience of incorporating the RadonSeal products into their own homes." – Len H., Pompano Beach, Florida


Problem: Musty Smell, Basement Moisture Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier and RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I purchased 3 pails of your RadonSeal Standard and some BioZap. We had low levels of radon detected and there was also a musty smell that I wanted to get rid of before finishing the basement for a bedroom and family room. I found the RadonSeal to be an excellent product to work with and used with the BioZap, it completely eliminated all of the musty odors. Your staff were also very helpful in deciding which products would help resolve these problems. I would recommend your products to anyone. Thank you!" – Scott M., Piedmont, MO


Problem: Moldy Smell after Hurricane Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I live in the New Orleans area and my home was a victim of Hurricane Katrina. Three large trees fell onto my home, and the large holes allowed much rain to get into my attic and flood the floor of my home. I was happy to be one of the fortunate people who was able to have my home repaired within six months, but not happy with the lingering moldy smell. I tried many products, some "professional," but could not rid my home of the moldy odor. I discovered BioZap on line, and thought I would give it a try. Boy, was I glad I did !!! Within a couple of weeks, I could tell that it was working. Within a short time after that, there was no more odor, as BioZap had done the job. Thank you for a product that lives up to its description." – Claire C., New Orleans, LA


Problem: Damp Smell from Crawl Space Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"Thank you for such good service and a wonderful product. I have a crawl space under my Great room that was always smelling of dampness. Since I first purchased your product, BioZap Air Purifier, in May of 2006, I have not had any damp smell. It is a small miracle." – Jane H., NY


Problem: Rank Smell in Porch, Mold in Ducts Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"BioZap is terrific! I live in Florida, known for mold. I had one extremely moldy screened-in porch. The house had been empty for more than a year and the roof had leaked. It was rank! I used Biozap and now it's as sweet as can be. I was amazed! I also used some in my duct work and it worked like a charm. It is so nice to have a mold-free home when I return." – Dana T., FL


Problem: Mold Smell from Crawl Space, Spiders Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"BioZap Air Purifier & Deodorizer does work! I want to tell you. I live in Michigan on a lake and have a crawl space. I been using the BioZap Air Purifier & Deodorizer for 4 years now. I keep one under the house in the winter time after I close my outside vents and I put some in my return side on my heating and air condition. I don't have the moldy smell when I bought this place. I believe that this BioZap Air Purifier & Deodorizer does a beautiful job of keeping air fresh in my house and I don't have a spider problem in my house like my neighbors do. This is a great product!" – Dave F., MI


Problem: Musty Smell from Flooded Basement Product Used: BioZap Mold & Mildew Cleaner

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful BioZap products. We had two major storms here in the Northeast within a two week time period that dumped over 9 inches of water. Our french drains just couldn't keep up and our basement got an inch of standing water. We've used BioZap Cleaner with great results in cleaning the areas that got moldy. Not only that, they smell wonderful! I've just placed another order because I love the scent, and how well it cleans." – Theresa D, Long Island NY


Problem: Mildew Smell, Molds Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the BioZap Air Purifier product. This is our second year using it. During the hot summer months, our basement always has a moldy mildew smell to it, not to mention the mold that is on anything it possibly can, including leather boots and shoes stored down there. Just one of the 16-oz. jars took care of the mold and mildew smell in our basement for the summer and there was no mold on the shoes and boots. I would highly recommend this product to any, especially those who have allergies and asthma like some of my family members. Thank you again!" – Michelle S., NJ


Problem: Unbearable Musty Odor Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about your BioZap Air Purifier. I bought it for my parents basement. Their home is 40 years old and the musty smell was really unbearable. After three days of having one BioZap tub set up in the basement and one in the fan area of the furnace, the smell is almost unnoticeable. I have placed an order for the spray cleaner to clean up the mold that is growing in the corners and I hope that will completely take care of the odor. Thank you!" – Donalda P., IL


Problem: Basement Musty Odor and Mildew Growth Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I have also used BioZap to eliminate the musty odor in my basement. What a great product! I used the Cleaner to get the bulk of the items that had mildew growing on them. Then I placed the Deodorizer throughout the basement to completely freshen up the basement. This is a natural deodorizer that does an awesome job on killing mold and mildew. I've been using your products for years and trust nothing else. I tell everyone who asks what I used to fix my radon and mold problem to visit" – Kevin C., OH


Problem: Musty Smell under Kitchen Sink Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I had a leak under my sink about two months ago that left a musty smell in the cabinet which was very noticeable when you opened the cabinet door. The plumber had told me to keep the door open as much as possible and to place a small fan where it could blow in fresh air to try to get rid of the musty smell. This was taking forever. I don't know how I came upon your product on the internet but I am so glad I did. After reading about your product I decided I would give it a try. I put some of the BioZap air purifier in a small container and placed it in the cabinet. I was amazed when I started to prepare my evening meal and opened the cabinet to get my cookware and there was a big improvement. The musty smell was almost gone. I will order more of your product because your claim is genuine and I want my entire home top smell this fresh and clean." – Gloria C., PA


Problem: Musty Smell in Tug Boat Product Used:BioZap Air Purifier

"I put the Bio-Zap near the intake of the air handler on my tug boat. The musty smell was gone in a few days. I am a believer! Thanks," – Peter B., VA


Problem: Musty Smelling Drapes/Carpets Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"Amazon reviews: I live in a high humidity coastal area where things can get musty smelling quite quickly. A jar of biozap will make musty smokey drapes and carpets smell fresh within hours of opening. The tea tree fragrance is quite pleasant, not overwhelming. Great for a closed camper or vacation cabin that has not been occupied for a while. Have been using this product for years and would recommend it." – E. Bailey, NJ

Problem: Mold Growth in a Car Wash Product Used: BioZap Mold & Mildew Cleaner

"Thanks for your BioZap Mold Cleaner! After years of searching, I have finally found a product to remove unsightly mold from the walls in my car wash. It not only cleans the molds, but also prevents their return for two or three months even though the walls are almost constantly sprayed with water." – Fred B., TN


Problem: Mold on Leather Product Used: BioZap Mold & Mildew Cleaner

"Sirs, I received your BioZap Mold Cleaner right on time as promised and it is doing a great job on eliminating mold on leather. I collect antique gun holsters and until now, could not find the right product that would remove the mold. Thanks," – Jerry B., CO


Relief for Allergies, Asthma, Respiratory Problems


Problem: Moldy Smell in Basement, Mold Allergies Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I have tried everything to rid my home of the musty, moldy smell in the basement. We tried ozone machines, de-humidifiers (really expensive ones), and tore the drywall off to find fuzzy studs. We also replaced the carpet with hardwood and still the smell. There isn't a water leak, just moisture wicking through the concrete. I know about tea tree oil being a natural fungicide so when I found your product it was a happy day. BioZap works like a miracle! My 19-yr old daughter is sensitive to mold (nosebleeds, headaches, nausea) and she's the one who could tell how clean the air is when we use your Bio Zap. She became ill again, that's how I know it was time to order a new supply. Its always a battle. Thanks for your great product! I would be happy to be a reference for you on the West Coast. We have lots of mold and mildew here!" – Dana Heiser, WA

Problem: Musty Odor, Allergies Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I have tried many products (bioworld,odoban,nokout) for my musty odor problem and nothing was working.I then tried BioZap and noticed a difference right away. As an added benefit the tea tree oil doesn't bother my allergies like most synthetic products." – Doug N., FL

Problem: Mold Odor, Allergy Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"Thanks for the follow up about my current order. This is my second time ordering as it was the only product that took the moldy smell out of the basement. We used the citrus and the eucalyptus about 5 years ago and the basement has been odor free until we had water two times in the last three weeks. Now it’s headache and stinging nostrils time if we have to go into the basement -- until we get this next shipment. We have an ionizer that really helps in the interim – it also kills the mold, but the combination with Biozap is literally so much faster. . .awesome. Thanks for a product of such great quality." – Michael C., Orland Park, IL


Problem: Musty Odors, Mold in Ducts, Spiders Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I have been using BioZap Air Purifier and Deodorizer for 9 years now. I live on the water and I have a crawl space. I put jars in the cold air return of my force air heating system. I also use it when I have my air condition running also. It gets rid of all mildew and musty oders. In the winter time I have a can of BioZap in my crawl space. It seems I have less spiders and and bugs in my crawl space. It seems that we do not get colds and flues in the winter time with BioZap air purifier and Deoderizer It a great disinfectant! and it natural! My wife also useses the BoiZap laundry pre - soak. is also a great product ! I now have a few friends that are using it also on regular bases. BIOZAP IS A GREAT PRODUCT!!!" – David F., MI

Problem: Basement Musty Odors, Allergy Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier and BioZap Mold Cleaner

"I am so pleased with my experience with biozap products. I looked for a product online that could help us with a leaky, damp basement. I called and we chatted about my expectations. I was sold when they gave me a money back guarantee to try it. So I ordered 3. I thought one would not be enough (what a surprise I got). So we also ordered the spray and did the walls and floor. We put the 2 in the small 500 square basement and one upstairs. In 2 days I opened the door to our rental property, I could smell this new smell that didn't make me want to throw up and I could breathe. We quickly removed one from the basement, figuring that was overdoing it(finally some reality). Two days later we opened the door again and my eyes no longer felt heavy from the moldy, musty odor. I then closed the one in the upstairs. We only left one open.. I was able to go in and enjoy my small business again. The other 2 we opened as one was gone. I believe it was 1 year between replacements. I am ordering because it is worth every cent to have a clean smelling American made product. I have never given a testimonial before because I thought it was a joke... Well I am not joking IT WORKS !! " – Wanda S., MO


Problem: Mold and Mildew Smell, Asthma Product Used: BioZap Mold & Mildew Cleaner

"Dear RadonSeal, 4 years ago we used your product on our concrete floor in the basement. Our daughter had been on asthma meds for a few years and would cough during the night. After spraying the product she never coughed again through the night and we quit giving her the meds. Also, our house is over 110 years old and had water issues for years. For the past 4 years we have never had a problem with a mold or mildew smell. Thanks so much for Biozap. The only thing I would tell customers is the product does have a strong smell for the first few hours, but within 24 hours there was no longer an odor of Biozap or mildew. Our house smelled clean and fresh." – Renae S., ND


Problem: Moldy Smell, Mold Allergy Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"BioZap is a great natural product to get rid of moldy smell! I had a real bad mold problem this past summer when severe mold odor come out of all of the cold air return vents as well as heat registers of my house, upstairs as well as downstairs. This caused us to have severe respiratory problems. My nose ran almost non stop as long as I was in the house. I searched everywhere for a simple product to combat mold in the duct system. None of them seemed right, until finally I found BioZap. Its description seem to be too good to be true. But I bought one big jar of BioZap for around $50 to just give it a try. I placed the jar without its cover in my downstair cold air return duct. Its smell came out of my upstair heat register a few hours later. I closed or sealed off all cold air return vents and heat registers for the next three days. Then I got curious, so I opened one heat register cover. To my surprise, I could not smell a thing. Then I opened more and more and found only faint smell of tea tree oil from some, otherwise nothing. Later I found out to get rid of moldy smell in small space that is hard to place the whole jar in, a few spoonfuls of BioZap smeared onto its inside wall would do the job also." – Richard T., VA


Problem: Germs & Odors in Classroom Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I just had to share my thoughts on the Biozap product. I have been using it for over a year now and it is GREAT! I am a school teacher being exposed to germs and odors can be sickly– so I use some Biozap in my classroom. I keep it in a safe place, stirring it weekly, and it does a wonderful job. My husband and I use it at home, and when we run the heater/AC, it really helps with the musty/moldy smells. I would recommend this product to others. I plan to continue purchasing the product every time I run low, I place the call for more .... thanks!" – Carol H., VA


Problem: Mustiness, Breathing Problems Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"We first heard of your BioZap product in 2005. Since I have a host of breathing problems, we decided to try your air purifier in our air conditioning vents (we chose the lemon scented). What a difference!! The mustiness is gone, and stays gone for the entire season! Nothing will make my emphysema go away but using BioZap does make it easier to breathe in my house...for everyone. We can't thank you enough." – Linda B., MY


Problem: Ringworm, Fungi Product Used: BioZap Mold & Mildew Cleaner

"Several months ago, I helped rescue two sick and starving kittens. It turns out they had ringworm (which is fungal), but not just any ringworm – a very aggressive strain. Unfortunately, it spread to my other kitties. I was so distraught for a while, wondering how I would ever control it and get my kitties well. I am happy to say that they seem to be on the road to recovery, and I know it is due in part to your excellent products. Not only have I used the BioZap air cleaners, but also your all-natural BioZap Mold Cleaner. Mold and Fungi are so difficult to combat, because you can't see them, and they could be hiding anywhere. I know it has made a difference in my case to have a product that helps to clean the fungi from the air. Thank You for developing a product that I'm sure has been helpful to many people." – Lisa A., Texas

Problem: Musty Odor, Allergies Product Used: BioZap Air Purifier

"I highly recommend BioZap Air Purifier as a very efficient and effective way to CLEAN your air; it doesn’t’ just mask the musty order, but actually seems to disable the mold spores. I know because I’m a stay-at-home mom who is allergic to what I call "everyday molds", that slight musty order  that is prevalent in many of our older buildings, basements, and closets. BioZap cleans the air out in minutes, and I can breathe easier. I even pack a small amount to take with me to hotels, cottages, wherever I may be uncertain of the air quality." – Sherry M., VA