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Sealing Brick Masonry

Customers’ Feedback and Tips

Problem: Leaking Chimney Bricks Product Used: LastiSeal Brick Sealer

“This product worked great. I was pleasantly surprised, as it exceeded my expectations, by enclosing small cracks and fissures in my external chimney bricks. No more leaks and leaching through the bricks below. I would recommend this product everyone with a brick chimney.” – Charles, Trustpilot review

Problem: Paver Patios and Walkways Product Used: LastiSeal Brick Sealer

"Improved appearance and longevity of pavers.
I have applied this two different paver patios the results convinced me to apply it to my paver walkway. it keeps the pavers looking new and clean, is easy to apply, and causes water to bead. II believe it is superior to products offered at the local big box stores. I highly recommend this product. the price is excellent and the free shipping has been very quick." – Dan, Trustpilot review

Problem: Faded Brick Walls Product Used: LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer (Satin)

"I thought I would let you know that I covered half my house with the LastiSeal Satin sealer. It took about 7 gallons to do so. It was TOO windy to finish it Sunday. It actually changed my original red and black brick BACK to its original color. I did not realize it had turned to "orange and black". My wife had been calling it the "Emperor’s New Clothes" as she did NOT think it was worth the cost. She said that she is now impressed! Thus, I hope to use the remaining 3 gallons on the back side of the house. I know that I will be buying another 5 gallons to finish the house completely but I can’t afford it until May. I used a hand pump sprayer. It worked better than I thought. My neighbor even came over to ask my why my house looks so much different. Just thought I would give you an update. Thanks for your advice. I know it will seal for years but getting my original brick color back was SWEEEEEEET! Enjoy" – Weldon, Abilene TX

Problem: Leaking Old Brick Walls Product Used: LastiSeal Brick Sealer

"Excellent product!
Rehabilitating a 121 year old building. Mortar inside and out is basically sand at this point, leaking everywhere in the lower level. Used this stuff on the mortar inside the whole place two coats in the "better" spots, three in the most troublesome areas. The mortar absorbed it quickly and it is now rock hard. Can’t tell how far into the joints it is absorbed but it has stopped the leaking everywhere it has been used. The one wall I used a competitors product, (hadn’t discovered Lastiseal yet), still leaks. I will be using this on the outside of the building in the spring after the tuck pointing is finally complete." – Fred, Trustpilot review

Problem: Faded Stone Floor Product Used: LastiSeal Brick Sealer (Satin)

"I recently purchased Lastiseal Masonry sealer in the satin finish to seal our indoor stone floor. After the 1st application the floor appeared cloudy in spots. We decide to apply a second coat to see if this would fix the problem, and it did. The floor came out BEAUTIFUL, we couldn’t be happier with the results. The Lastiseal brought out the natural colors of the stone as if it were wet, bonded the entire floor together and made it stronger than ever. Once the weather warms up, we also plan on using Lastiseal on our stone chimney. We hope that by sealing the chimney will help eliminate our leaking issues. I can’t wait to see the results. Thank you again for such a great product and for the friendly and helpful staff at RadonSeal!" – Stephanie, PA

Problem: Leaking New Brick Wall Product Used: LastiSeal Brick Sealer

"LastiSeal-Works Exactly as Advertised!
We enclosed a covered 21’x14′ open patio with a 2ft high brick\mortar wall and 6′ tall weather proof vinyl windows, creating a wonderful Sun Room addition. Our concern for water penetration through the double brick wall and mortar was confirmed with the first heavy rain storm. Although there was no standing water intrusion, the very porous clay bricks\mortar quickly acted like a dry sponge and dampened the now living space interior of the sun room’s masonry window foundation…not good. After doing extensive on-line research, I came upon the RadonSeal products and quickly identified their polyester polymer based "LastiSeal" Brick and Masonry Sealer as what we needed to block any moisture\rain intrusions. After speaking with Craig at RadonSeal, he confirmed that their LastiSeal product would be a great solution to our sun room’s moisture issues. As weather became optimum (but winds were strong), I choose to apply the treatments with a brush (very easy and simple). Our bricks and mortar are so porous, the first treatment soaked in with the surface dry-to-the-touch in 5 minutes! As per directions, 24 hours later I reapplied (again with brush) and the second application took 2 hours for surface to dry. Through all of the applications and once dry to the touch, the brick\mortar surfaces returned to their original colors, again matching our home’s brick-veneer facade! Two days after the 2nd application and again twice in the past 3 weeks, thunderstorms soaked the brick\mortar exterior walls of the sun room with absolutely NO moisture intrusion into the interior…WOW! We really love our new sun room addition and understanding that LastiSeal never needs reapplying, I can unequivocally state, "LastiSeal is Worth Every Penny"!!!" – Ted, Trustpilot review

Problem: Fragile Old Brick Walkways Product Used: LastiSeal Brick Sealer

“Easy to apply, bit make sure your surface is dry. Was very easy to apply with a standard low pressure sprayer. I had over 1000 Sq ft of brick walkway and stairs that were very soft and porus, prone to dusting, and fragile. I was able to apply a generous first coat and 2nd coat over the entire surface in one afternoon, and by the next day the brick was measurably harder to scratch and was shedding water vs absorbing it after an unexpected light rain. Did have a few areas that were a bit wet at the time of initial application and there was some milking but the instructions warned me and when it dried it was no problem.” – David, Trustpilot review

Problem: New and Old Brick Walls Product Used: LastiSeal Brick Sealer

"Sealed new and old brick masonry perfectly without any difficulty
New brick mailbox and 55 year old brick wall both needed sealing this fall before cold and wet weather set in… Used this last week and wasn’t sure if it would work or not but this week’s 3 days in a row proved to be telling because brick looks clean and dry! Water beads and rolls away. Thrilled with the result" – Mark, Trustpilot review

Problem: Pavers Product Used: LastiSeal Brick Sealer (Satin)

"lastiseal satin brought out the color, made it look great. my pavers are sealed great. i am glad i used this product." – Jack, Trustpilot review

Problem: Crumbling 230 Years Old Bricks Product Used: LastiSeal Brick Sealer

"Excellent product, great customer support.
I needed to seal a brick warming oven in a 230 year old structure. I found this product online, ordered it, and after consulting with customer support, was able to stop the bricks from crumbling." – Mary, Trustpilot review

Problem: Pitting Concrete Sculptures Product Used: LastiSeal Brick Sealer

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I like your product, Lastiseal Masonry & Brick Sealer. I use it for the final sealer on my concrete sculptures. The best product I have found." – Randall Z., OH

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