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Sealing Outdoor Concrete

Customers’ Feedback and Tips

Surface: Driveway, Front Walkways, Slabs Products Used: DryWay Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer

“I just applied Dryway to the concrete slabs on the side of my house. I am a repeat customer having used Dryway on my driveway and front walks last month. This is easy to apply with no odor just a pleasant scent. It only took 2 hours to apply 5 gallons using a small pump sprayer and roller. I was so impressed with the water repellency after I did the driveway that I decided to do the side also. I have slabs in the rear of the house that need some color, so, I intended to order LastiSeal Stain since it will also act as a stain for the concrete! This is a very good product!” – Len C., CA

Surface: Campus Sidewalks, Stairways, Parking Lot Products Used: DryWay Water-Repellent Sealer

"Ice melt costs us $1,000.00 per pallet (40 boxes @$25.00). We easily saved $4,000.00 this year – DryWay sealer paid for itself in the first year (not including the savings in labor)! We used a quarter of our normal amount of ice melt to treat our “bad spots” – concrete stairways and sidewalks through our campus that are shaded during the winter months (no melting assistance from the sun). Those areas were always the worst to clear and, by far, required the most ice melt and were the most labor intensive to handle. As they are our main walkways, they require our complete attention to cut down on the slip hazards for our students and faculty. Because of the DryWay, we were able to breeze through them and suddenly had “extra” time to focus on our parking areas. We were actually able to use our riding 6’ sweeper (attachment for one of our mowing units) to clear our walkways this year. The snow and ice didn’t bind to the concrete as in years past. We merely hit it with a light dose of ice melt and our work was done. It’s a good thing, because the snow/ice accumulations packed tight on the parking areas and we had all we could do to get those areas ready for pedestrians." – Property Mgr., Tarrant County College, TX

Surface: Driveway Problem: Crumbled Concrete, Cracks Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Last winter we had some heavier than normal ice storms and my concrete driveway paid the price. There were divots almost everywhere. One section was particularly bad with two large areas (2 to 3 feet in diameter) in which the top 1/2 inch or so of the concrete had crumbled away. This process had also started a crack. Radonseal completely solved the problem – no further erosion, chipping, flaking, etc has taken place since applying Radonseal – – NONE! So, I am sold on the strengthening properties of RS and that is mostly why I want to put it in my new building." – Gary C., PA

Surface: Driveway Products Used: DryWay Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer

"This is the 2nd time I’ve used this product. First time in 2010. And now in 2016. I used a 3/4" roller for complete and thrall coverage. 2 Coats. Excellent coverage. Dries in about 4 hrs. Seems to last for 5 to 6 years. I would definitely recommend this product. Living in Western New York with Snow, Ice, and salt, the Dryway does take a beating. I will use it again next time." – William, Trustpilot review

Surface: Garage Floor, Driveway Problem: Concrete Erosion & Flaking Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Last year I bought some of your RadonSeal and applied it to my concrete garage floor and driveway. The garage floor is at least 50 years old and I put the driveway in about 20 years ago. I had a 4 foot by 6 foot area in the garage that was flaking and basically turning to powder. The driveway showed signs of minor erosion in different spots. Well, I finally had a chance to clean out my garage this spring and noticed that the floor didn’t have any more flaking or peeling like before. It was solid and showed no sign of any more deterioration and there is no further damage to the driveway. Thanks for the great product." – Rick G., PA

Surface:Patio Products Used:DryWay Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer

"I used on my concrete patio to prevent mold & mildew. Also I pressure washed my vinyl siding & sponged your sealer on after it dried, it appears to be working, no mold after several months." – David Briggs, Trustpilot review

Surface: Campus Sidewalks Problem: Chewing Gum Products Used: DryWay Water-Repellent Sealer

"DryWay prevents chewing gum from bonding to concrete and cleanup of those black, cancerous spots is a much simpler process. The gum lifts right off with very little residue left behind. Before the sealer, we could only chip away tiny fragments at a time and there was always a significant (unsightly) amount that we’d have to leave in the pores because we just couldn’t justify spending that much time per gum wad. Now it’s just a matter of spending about 10 seconds or so per piece to clean each spot and move on. It’s certainly not 100%, but the manpower savings are significant and it’s turned a dreaded chore into a much more productive operation." – Property Mgr., Tarrant County College, TX

Surface: Concrete Driveway Products Used: RadonSeal and DryWay

"Applied RadonSeal on new driveway. Went on easy, dried without streaking (which was a problem my neighbor had with a sealer he used), clean-up was easy, and most importantly, the driveway looks great! I liked the fact that this strengthens and extends the life of the concrete and that it is a permanent bond! I plan to order the DryWay sealer to further protect the surface from oil spills and road salts. Thanks for a great product!" – Donna K., IL

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