Waterproofing Wet Basements, Concrete Floors, and Koi Ponds

Customers' Feedback and Tips



Problem: Wet Concrete Floor Product Used: RadonSeal & Ion-Bond Armor

"I would like to express my sincere Thanks to your company for creating the products listed above that I purchased from you. I applied each product per the simple to use instructions that are attached to each pail.

I had a serious problem that was created by the previous home owner when he poured the concrete floor in the family room. I think he poured it as his money allowed him to as there were (6) different pours in a room that measures 16' X 28' ? Not only were there cracks in the floor from his different pours but biggest problem was that he never used a proper moisture barrier before he poured the concrete. His answer was to cover it with carpet and that's how I found it when I purchased the home.

When I removed the carpet for my remodel project, then I found the disaster. You could set a bucket pail or even a piece of plastic on the floor in this room and just over night when you moved the pail or plastic there would be an actual puddle of water where they had set. I was wanting to install vinyl floor planking but the flooring companies would not do it because they told me that the moisture (in my case,water) would release the vinyl adhesive and the planking would pop up all over my family room. Additionally they would not warrant any of their work because of the moisture problem?

My son in Portland, OR told me about your company so I bought it. Soon after applying the RadonSeal Standard Concrete Sealer, my problems went away as you said they would when I spoke to your company representative, however I went the extra step for my own peace of mind and applied the Ion Bond Armor too that you have.

NO MORE WATER PROBLEMS, PERIOD!!!! To ensure that my problems were solved, I placed a folded piece if plastic on the floor with the remaining amount of the 5 gal of Ion Bond Armor on top of it for 1 week and when I removed it, my floor was DRY!!!

Thank you for your products and solving my HUGE problem. I can now move forward with the vinyl floor planking. With Kind Regards" – Michael M., FL


Problem: Damp Basement Walls Product Used: RadonSeal

"My clients had received a bid to tear out the entire wall, dig out the flower box (which had been retaining the most of the water from the daily watering), then apply a backer board over the outside wall and use some "Yellow Jacket" product... To say the least they gave me a call, I went over to assess the area. There were no serious molding issues, but it wouldn't be long. So I took on the job, cleared out the planter box against the outside wall, wire brushed it, scrubbed it, let it dry for two days then applied several coats over the course of a few days. Before I put the dirt back, I drenched the wall. The results ... seeing was believing! Save them a ton of money!!!! God Bless" – Scott, WI


Problem: Dampness Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I'm wrighting this to let you know that I'm pleased with Radon seal that you advised. Your customer service was very helpful and knowledgeable, a great assistance in choosing the product that I needed. I'm a former building contactor and having been referenced by other contractors to your product. I had some concrete work done earlier this year and had some concerns and your service staff gave me the advice that I was looking for I must have called three or four times and each time gave me a knowledgeable answer to my concerns. I feel your product not only addressed all concerns, it is as advertised. I wish you continued success, as I'm ordering another of your products today" – Paul C., Omaha Nebr.

Problem: Moisture Spots Basement Floor Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"My house is 59 years old. I have lived in it 19 years. It always has had moisture spots show up on the basement floor as well as the garage floor. This year in North Carolina it rained the majority of days in the last 2 months, so the problem got worse. I Googled in hopes of finding a solution, when I found Radon Seal Plus. Being the skeptic I am, I usually want to be shown before I pay, but I couldn't argue with a guaranteed product. I purchased the 5 gallon pail, prepared the surface according the the well-written instructions; and to my delight it covered both the 1000 sq. basement, plus double-car garage floor with 2 coats. By that night I already could "feel" the difference in just how dry the air was in both places where I applied it; because the dampness was no longer coming through the concrete. After checking the next day....and ever since, the floors stay very dry. My garage no longer has condensation problems either. This product proved itself to be 'tried and true'. I am a female, and if I can easily use it with great results, so can anyone else. Thank you Radon Seal Plus, you made me a happy home camper. With appreciation" – Susan K., NC


Problem: Seeping Basement Floor, Leaking Walls Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"We ordered radon seal and applied to the basement walls and floor over 1 1/2 years ago. Up until that point the basement was a mess. The floor seeped and the walls leaked. After finding your product on the Internet, I ordered it and my husband applied it. The application was so easy – just sprayed with a garden sprayer. Snce then, the basement has been dry, the musty smell is gone. Now we have sheetrock up, the walls painted, wiring done, and this is going to be a safe bedroom to sleep in during storms since we are prone to tornados here in Oklahoma. Thank you for such a wonderful product!" – Alice C., OK


Problem: Floor Dampness Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"We live in a home built in 1967 located in Houston, TX. We were having trouble installing new flooring and were very concerned about moisture issues. I did extensive research and talked to many flooring experts. All decided that RadonSeal was the right stuff for our home. The sealer was easy to apply, and within hours you could see it working. On top of the seal we installed a floating laminate wood floor and porcelain tile in the restroom. We feel confident that RadonSeal will protect our floors for many more years to come." – Julie C., TX


Problem: Leaking Concrete Floor Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer



Problem: Leaking Basement Floor Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"You have a customer for Life! I am a contractor and had a property with a water issue in the basement. The water was actually puddling in the middle of the room, coming up from under the concrete floor. I used the Radon seal and to my amazement ... no more water in fact no more moisture! That was 5 years ago and still no problems. Your product does exactly what you claim. Thank you on behalf of my customers and myself." – Tom F., Atlanta, GA


Problem: Leaking Foundation Cracks Product Used: RadonSeal & DIY Foundation Repair Kit

"I want to thank you for your products. i had two big cracks in my poured foundation which I had to fix because we decided to make use of our basement as a living area. But first i want to tell you about some of many companies that came to my house to see the problem.

One company advertises that you will never have water in your basement again. Well that sounded like just what i needed. No more problems ever. So I called, they inspected the two cracks and gave me an estimate of $5,000. They would run a drain thru the middle of my basement and just let the water run thru the walls and this way, I will never have a water problem again! Well, now I said that your ad doesn't state that my basement was going to have a waterfall on the wall!

Then, I saw your site on the Internet and read everything you had on there. I must say you guys know what you are talking about. When you tell me no more water you really mean it. I decided to that two 5 gallon pails of RadonSeal at a $179 each was a whole lot cheaper than the last guys' waterfall project. Ha! Ha! Because I had the two cracks I went a head and also ordered your crack sealer kit. WOW! WHAT A BLESSING IN A TUBE for a $125 each and a total of $429.

Well, I did everything you said to do. When I got done, I thought now we have to wait for a heavy rain to see if we did what we intended to do STOP THE WATER. Well, it started raining here in the spring and it rained for 8 strait days and I mean heavy rains. Everybody's basement was getting wet that normally didn't get wet. But my basement was high and dry! YES! We beat the big company with his waterfall business.

I just want say to you THANK YOU GUYS FOR SUCH A GREAT BUNCH OF PRODUCTS that really do work and the cost is nothing to what the big companies want. Oh well, got to go down and catch a good movie on the big screen. Thanks again." – Everett W. B., NY


Problem: Basement Floor Seepage Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I used the Radon Seal on an 80 year old cement floor in a basement to try and stop ground water seepage. It works great! There is no more water seepage thru the floor. Unfortunately, that water has now found an outlet thru one of the basement walls. If you have any suggestions (that waterproof paint doesn't do diddly!), I'd appreciate it. I've recommended your product to several people as everybody around here has an 80 year old cement basement. It' really works. Thanks!" – Rebecca G., NJ


Problem: Shop Floor Wicking Water Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I constructed a new 5,000 sq foot building and the concrete slab was incorrectly poured with neither a rock base or vapor barrier underneath it. The result was a virtually unusable structure with major wicking of ground water up through the entire slab to the point that puddles formed over the entire surface even in dry weather. After a lot of research we ground off the surface of half of the slab with a diamond grinder to remove an ineffective sealer (put on by the concrete contractor) in order to allow complete penetration of Radon Seal into the slab. We used two coats of Radon Seal which cured the water problem and then put on two coats of whitewash Lastiseal as a finish. The result is a dry beautiful slab. These products are outstanding and have saved my building from being a complete disaster." – Maxine C., California


Problem: Leaking Basement Walls Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I was putting off finishing my basement because of water issues. All of the tie holes were not filled in properly and even after patching them, I still had water puddling up every time we had a big rain storm. I applied a bucket of RadonSeal on two walls to see how well it worked. After several months and multiple heavy down pours no water has appeared. My wife and are very impressed with the product so I just bought another bucket of RadonSeal to seal the other walls. I highly recommend your product and can't wait to get going on finishing the entire basement now that I know there will be no more water issues." – Thomas M., MA


Problem: Curing and Waterproofing Concrete Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I have been very happy with RadonSeal. I used it on the basement floor of a house we have built at Cape Cod, and have found it to be excellent for curing and then, sealing concrete. I have been building houses for years but have never seen or heard of any other product that could compare to it! I would highly recommend it." – Donald N., MA


Problem: Basement Water Infiltration Product Used: RadonSeal & Ion-Bond Armor

"As a general contractor who recently used Radon Seal and Ion Bond Armor to resolve a serious water infiltration problem in a basement, I must say I am 110% impressed with your products. We tried other sealers but they did not do the job and were a pain to remove." – Justin G., MA


Problem: Basement Waterproofing Sealers Failed Product Used: Ion-Bond Armor

"I am selling my house and one of the major points of interest to the buyer is "Does the basement leak"? I have had my house up since last September. Since I put it up for sale, I have tried Drylock, ThoroSeal. Locktite, and Rockite. None of these products worked. I always had to say "Yes, I get water in the basement." I applied your product Ion-Bond Armor on Saturday morning and on Sunday and Monday it rained all day. I was so pleased when I checked Monday morning and found no water, but I said since it is going to rain all Monday, I will check when I get home from work. Well, to my delight there was no water when I got home from work. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your product." – Rose E. K., OH


Problem: Concrete Roof Water Seepage Product Used: Ion-Bond Armor

"I wanted to let you know how great your product is working for our concrete roof here in Texas. We had some small cracks on 1 1/2" concrete roofs, which were poured over a rubber membrane. The rubber membrane had some holes letting small drips of water into the house. We used your Ion-Bond Armor on the concrete and Wow! Not a drip in site! It does what it says it will do and we highly recommend it! After a rain the water just beads up and rolls off the roof. In fact, we are ordering 2 more 5 gallon buckets to use on the other roofs of the house just to be safe. Finally a product worth buying!" – James L., TX


Problem: Leaking Concrete Ponds and Waterfall Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I used radon seal to seal my concrete ponds and a waterfall that I built in my backyard. I had filled it without a seal and it seemed to let the water seep out. I then used Radon Seal and it sealed the ponds and we used the waterfall all summer with no seepage. I think that Radon Seal is a great product and the people that I spoke with before I sealed the ponds were very helpful and knowledgeable about sealing concrete. Thank you for your help and product." – Bill D., CA


Problem: High pH in Koi Pond and Cracks in Patio Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"The PH in my 4,000 gallon koi pond was getting very high and realized that it was the rock bottom embedded in concrete that was causing it. (Concrete leaches lime which raises.PH. Ammonia is much more toxic at higher PH levels.). So I applied Radonseal on the concrete floor of the pond - refilled it and the PH dropped instantly. Been stable for 6 years. I used the leftover RadonSeal on my 15 year old patio that was getting worse every year and that patio has not developed any new cracks in 6 years. Great product!" – Ron S., OH


Problem: High pH in Koi Pond Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"You should know that the RadonSeal worked great on my koi pond several years ago. It's a vinyl lined pond but with a lot of concrete on the bottom (over the liner) to hold rock in place. The leaching lime will raise PH a lot and causes algae problems. I sealed it twice with RadonSeal but could only allow it to dry for 12 hours with fans running. It definitely worked - my PH dropped the next day and remains in normal range for the past 4 years. You should put this application on your website as many pond owners have the same issue. I had a very hard time finding any product that was fish safe." – Mike K., IL