EasyEtch - Concrete Etcher & Alkalinity Reducer

Why should you Etch Concrete?

Concrete etching is often needed to prepare concrete floors for painting, sealing, or staining:

  • Cleans concrete off efflorescence (white minerals), ground-in clay and dirt, and rust stains.
  • Opens pores in hard-troweled concrete surfaces for penetrating sealers (like our RadonSeal or LastiSeal) or stains (LastiSeal Concrete Stain).
  • Roughens the surface for better adhesion of paints and coatings.
  • pH reducer – reduces high alkalinity of young concrete (up to 2 years old) which would "burn off" paints or stains.

Concrete acid etching is commonly done on indoor and outdoor slabs or floors in basements, garages, factories, warehouses, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, and patios.

Muriatic (hydrochloric) acid and similar acids are effective but present health and environmental risks, including dangerous splashes, toxic fumes, and corrosive run-off.

EasyEtch pail

Acid Etching Concrete Floors without the Fumes and Hazards

RadonSeal EasyEtch™ Concrete Etcher is a waterborne etching solution that is user- and environment-friendly. It is non-corrosive – does not burn skin or the lungs. Based on organic citric acid, it is biodegradable and non-hazardous for handling and shipping. (Other concrete etchers must be shipped in small containers to reduce shipping hazards.)

Safety features:

  • Waterborne, no solvents, zero VOCs.
  • Non-corrosive, non-hazardous, nonflammable.
  • No dangerous fumes, zero (or low) odor.
  • Organic, biodegradable.
  • Cannot "burn" concrete like muriatic acid

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EasyEtch Concrete Etcher
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Based on shipping by courier to the lower 48 states. For expedited shipping or shipping to other states and Canada, please inquire first by telephone or e-mail.

Coverage: 500-1,000 sq. ft. per pail depending on the surface.

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Easy and Safe Application

EasyEtch™ is ready to apply – no mixing needed.

The concrete must be at least 28 days old and dry. The surface should be above 40°F but not hot in direct sunlight.

Remove contaminants like paints, sealers, curing agents, adhesives, oil, and grease. Spray surrounding grass and vegetation with water before and after application as an extra precaution. Best to mask copper, zinc, and aluminum against over-spray or wash off after the application.

Apply EasyEtch™ with a watering can or pump-up garden sprayer. Scrub the surface hard with a stiff bristled broom or brush. Let it work for 15–20 minutes. Do not let dry out! Rinse the surface with water and scrub 2 or 3 times, or use a power washer to remove any residue. If needed, apply a second treatment.

When reducing alkalinity, drip on a few drops of water, wait a few minutes, and check with pH test strips (available in drug stores). Most paints and stains require a pH level below 9.

Check out EasyEtch SDS

Storage: Store sealed containers in a cool, dry location for up to two years. If accidentally frozen, it can be safely thawed out.

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